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Status update · 8:59pm Last Monday

I’ve been... strangely calm and at ease lately (not that such a feeling is unwelcome). I say strangely because of the whole coronavirus thing, but it actually hasn’t affected me all that much, probably because I’ve been unemployed and out of college since before it started.

All of my incomplete stories are going on indefinite hiatus. I hope to come back to them eventually, but for the time being, I can’t get excited for them.

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Weird thing happening · 5:01am May 3rd

A story that I put in my Tracking bookshelf has vanished from the face of the site; searching for it by title yields nothing (and I do not remember the name of the author, anyway). However, I keep getting notified about new chapters of said story being posted, but the links lead to a dead end.

Does anyone know why this is happening, and if so, if there’s anything I can do about it?

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I’ve never had such a realization about my writing... · 7:16pm April 7th

So while recently reading a magazine that has zero relevance to this site and fandom, I read an article that included a picture that coincidentally described my writing process:

1. “Innovation trigger”: I get an idea for a story’s premise

2. “Peak of inflated expectations”: I’m excited and start writing out the basic structure and any background lore

3. “Trough of disillusionment”: I hit a wall, ideas run low, and my motivation plummets

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An important update · 11:10pm January 26th

I’ll cut right to the chase: for now, I’m taking a step back from writing. I’ve more or less puttered out, and need to take time off. I don’t like sounding selfish, but it will be better for my mental well-being if I don’t run myself into the ground trying to think up a couple of paragraphs.

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Notice · 5:24am Aug 4th, 2019

I’ve deleted all but my previous blog post. I’ve also deleted all of my stories that I have zero motivation of any kind to finish; everything that’s still up and incomplete is on indefinite hiatus.

I’m glad to have written anything over the years, but I started too many large projects at once for me to manage, especially since I often had vague outlines when I started them.

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Ramblings · 9:41am May 27th, 2019

Lengthy post about nothing in particular; just want to talk to anyone who decides to listen to this.

It’s also a window into what’s going through my mind’s background every moment I’m awake.

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