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Most ponies consider Maud Pie to be little more than a slightly extremely boring rock farmer. Little do they know that she's the most capable agent in the Equestrian Secret Intelligence Service. Hot on the trail of a dangerous nationalist movement, she now has to stop the Princess-napping attempt of the century!

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She left the premises, hid inside a small pile of rocks that had been placed there for that very purpose, and waited.


Well, that was an odd story. That was 20% footnotes. That's probably a record.

“Vodka martini,” she said. “On the rocks.”

I completely lost it here, it's like James Bond, only Maud-ed.:rainbowlaugh:

The footnotes were at least as funny as the rest of the story, if not more so. :rainbowlaugh:img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101214224745/creepypasta/images/9/91/BRILLIANT.jpg

Not bad at all, though it does strike me as odd how the NF seriously thought they'd be able to capture and detain an Alicorn Princess who could simply melt their faces off. Still, just shows what a bunch of twats they are.

Funny, I have my own 'Equestrian National Front', a far-right nationalist organisation in my story Citizen Weevil, who are opposed to all non-pony immigration, especially from the Changeling Kingdom (surprised they weren't mentioned here since they're pretty much the equivalent of the 'Evil Empire' in Equestria).

Also, Maud was awesome. I think that goes without saying.

The NF are not really the brightest of ponies either, no.

I'd marry footnotes if I could.

Very few things made me quite as happy as writing down that line.

Footnotes are a powerful tool of comedy. Proven fact. :twilightsmile:

I honestly didn't even consider Changelings. :derpyderp2:

In their defence, kidnapping the Princess of the Sun probably counts as taking steps towards becoming brighter. :trollestia:

I haven't even finished reading it, but the sheer brilliance of every line and footnote is applaudable. Bravo! Bravo! :pinkiehappy:

Odd but fun, nicely done.

Exquisite and to the point :twilightsmile:

That was a great deal of fun.

Vodka martini,” she said. “On the rocks.”

Of course that's the way she'd order it.

Did anyone ever tell Maude no real rocks are involved?

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