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Twilight's tutoring of the Crusaders is proving rather too effective when they manage to build a moon rocket. Will Twilight be able to save them from their lunar misadventures?

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Three little fillies, a potion, a spark of magic, and a home made rocket ship is all it takes to get to the moon... Nasa needs to contract out to Equestria. I can totally see Luna taking a bit of interest in the Crusader's next project.

Only these three could build a semi-usable space rocket by accident and then think it was safe to try it out with no previous experience. Still, at least they're in one piece and something tells me that Luna will be giggling over the latest addition to her Moon for several months.

No doubt, they will grow up to be steely-eyed missile mares!

*Snerk* Weird but amusing. Sort of had to turn my brain off for this one but it was still funny.

“I realize this may be a bit of a difficult subject matter for you, but you can send ponies to the moon, right?” Twilight said.

Celestia raised an eyebrow.

“Maybe I should explain why I’m asking this,” Twilight said.

Best part.

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