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Queen Chrysalis just wants to feed her family. Okay, so a few ponies are enslaved, no biggie, and what's a city or two burned to the ground? More than that, though, she wants a mate. Maybe treating Shining Armor like her personal slave wasn't the best idea to form a lasting relationship, but when you're the centrepiece of a hivemind it's not like you know too many other ways to go about it. However, fate can can deliver good fortune in all manners of guises, and when it knocks on her door with three candidates (whether they want to be or not), surely one of them must be the perfect stallion for her... right?

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I have to finish this when I get home form later tonight but this is great stuff! :pinkiehappy:

What have you done?!




I am buying you, a pizza!

Pizza is good. I like pizza.

Glad you're enjoying it so far!

'then again, chocolate.' all I had to read to like it XD

Start off with a bang, that's how you do it.

Quite a good fic, but the transitions were entirely too jarring without any visual indicator they were there. :twilightoops:

Well, Fat Stacks does lampshade the transition when he mentions how sudden it is.

And I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Comment posted by Jake The Army Guy deleted Mar 4th, 2014

Ugh. UGH. UGH!

This was horrible! Simply the most godawful mess of tripe I have ever read!

“Hmm... yes, a replacement for that two-timing pea-brained jock, that’s perfect!”

Have you never read the comics?! Shining Armor wasn't a jock! He was a table-top gaming nerd! This is simply the single biggest betrayal of canon I have ever seen! :twilightangry2:

Oh, but the rest of it was goofy, silly, ridiculous, hilarious, and a whole bunch of other positive adjectives. :ajsmug:

Well, Chrysalis wouldn't know that, she's only had the muscle-bound Captain of the Royal Guard to light up her nights. And I did indirectly reference his nerdy past; Poin-Dex-terous was Poindexter, the comrade-in-arms that wore the dress for Shining's plan. The original plot idea was Chrysalis would hook up with him and use her transformation powers to moonlight as a cosplayer so she could feed on the pimply teenage lust. I dropped that for obvious reasons.

I suppose the big question is how hilarious it was, since things like "lol" get bandied about so much they're lost all meaning. Is that a belly-laugh "hilarious" or a proper British gentleman chuckle, followed by "Ho ho, very droll, good sir."

This was hilarious!

She browsed the list, running past Trottington, Vanhoover and Canterlot until her eyes found the city in question.

I'm a gonna say The Crystal Empire.

Glad you enjoyed it so much!

Huh, it's actually supposed to say that. Wonder how that slipped past me.


I did chuckle a few times. Not full-on belly laugh, but then only a handful of fics have ever gotten that reaction from me. Comedy is about the hardest emotion to invoke in words, next to genuine horror, and I think you pulled it off nicely.

The comedy, not the horror. Though I do think an Equestrian Justin Bieber is about the damn scariest thing I've ever seen.

And yeah, I knew about the Poindexter gag. I was just yanking your chain. :derpytongue2:

Even worse would be a breezie Bieber. As if their high-pitched voices weren't bad enough...

I did enjoy this. The humor was entertaining. I do have to agree that the transitions were a bit hard to follow. That did not ruin the story though.


Good sir, might I borrow an ice pick to jam in my ears?

I'm afraid I don't have one handy. However, there might be a rectal thermometer hanging around here somewhere that you could use...

Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Yes, transitions tend to be a sticking point for readers in my stories, but I try to avoid line breaks where possible since, to me, they're unsightly.

It's funny, and well written. As are all of your stories. Well written I mean, they aren't all funny. Anyway. I liked it. It was a fun read and I enjoy reading more of your work.

Author Interviewer

Drone number boobies.

The infinite white whale.


Don't take it the wrong way when I say this story is really dumb, because I enjoyed every minute of it. Maybe needs a Random tag.

Seriously, though, "fedaura"? That's kind of brilliant.

Ah hah, someone noticed it!

I think any doubts of it being dumb are thrown out the window with the Justin Bieber knockoff.

Alas, I cannot take credit for Fedaura; it's from a Tumblr post I've see. Good artists imitate, great artists steal, or so the saying goes. Mobius Dick was all me, though.

I considered the random tag, but beyond the digression for Twilight I didn't feel there was anything too divergent about it. However, you're the second person to mention something along those lines, so perhaps I might change it to that yet.

Author Interviewer


Good artists imitate, great artists steal, or so the saying goes.

I highly approve. :D Considering I do this myself for a story series and all...

Great minds think alike.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to favourite and even watch me! Maybe you'll like Teeny Tiny Twilight as well?

This was pretty damn funny to read :rainbowlaugh:

I mean, it's awesome, but...
Wat? :rainbowderp: :rainbowhuh:

Welcome to Insanity, enjoy your stay.


Stop making such good stories. Seriously, stop.....

Funny story. But not really sure I get the ending.

I'm not quite sure I get it myself, and I wrote it :P

Well THAT was a hell of a read. Ending threw me for a loop lol.

Glad it was such a rollercoaster for you! That's two of my stories you've favourited thus far. Might I be so bold as to extend a limited-time offer of a watch at a 100% discount?

4412721 Well that's a bargain if I ever saw one!

Excellent choice, good sir!

:rainbowderp:....What did I just read!?

Something that was good enough to favourite, I imagine~
If you liked that, then I'm sure you'll enjoy the possible sequels I'll be making. Watching is the best way to know when they arrive, aye?

4552966 I'll be keeping three eyes out for more stories. Have a Pinkie

But I prefer Twilight...
Oh well.

4553519 Then have all Twilights you deserve it.

Not only did you put in Queen and Bieber parodies, the title is a play on an ABBA song!

Yep! Glad you noticed it ;P

The dancing queen by ABBA

By Jove, because of my lack of emotions, it's rare for me to smile, much less laugh at anything that is appropriate to laugh at... But this is beyond words... Except for the fact it is words... You have made my day, good sir.

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much ^_^

My god.... I have never laughed so hard at a fan fiction. I loved the Bieber and Queen references. 15/10:heart:

High praise indeed ^_^
Might I interest you in my other work and a watch as well, on the off chance I make a sequel to this particularly offbeat idea?

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