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Hah, you think my heart beats as warm as that?


Twilight Sparkle isn't known to put anything less than her all into magic development. It's only natural she tried her best when Rarity asked her to make an anti-wrinkling re-vitalizing de-aging spell to help smooth some stray laugh lines.

Turns out her best is a little too good.

Now it's up to Shining Armor and Cadence to take care of their little sister, with an emphasis on the "little". Assuming her Royal Canterlot Voice temper tantrum doesn't cause the Crystal Empire to shatter first, that is.

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Fuck this looks good, you better be good with detail dammit because I really don't want to be disappointed.

i love that ending.

That was fantastic! Twilight's antics were adorable. I also think shining and cadence were written very well!:twilightsmile::yay::moustache:

Love the ending, but this is adorable all the way!

De-aged Twily was cute.:twilightsmile:

Re-aged Twily in ripped sleeper and stretched diaper was funny.:rainbowlaugh: (And also cute.:twilightsmile:)

That was fucking awesome!

I´m not dissapointed :pinkiesmile:

Good job!

That age up at the end was quite a twist.

Hehehe! This was awesome! I wouldn't mind more like this :twilightsmile:

This was a-goddamn-dorable, but:

His wife nodded. “Thank you, honey. I'll give her a bath in the meantime, then we can decide on what to do next.” She picked up Twilight. “Come on, Twily, let's get you cleaned up before you—”

“—splash me...” a sopping wet Cadence grumbled as another wave of water washed over her.

PLEASE go back and put a page break in there. I get the gag, like you see in the movies, but without a break, this was so jarring that I had to re-read it like five times. To make it appear like this:

His wife nodded. “Thank you, honey. I'll give her a bath in the meantime, then we can decide on what to do next.” She picked up Twilight. “Come on, Twily, let's get you cleaned up before you—”

“—splash me...” a sopping wet Cadence grumbled as another wave of water washed over her.

Simply put the letters "hr" in between two brackets: [ hr ] but without the spaces.

Other than that, I loved this. :ajsmug:

Loved every minute of it! So cute and funny!

Thanks for all the support, people! Please remember to like it and watch me so you'll know when new work (or a sequel) is posted!

You're the second person to mention that. I suppose I will, although it ruins the consistency of the other time I did it.

And I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless of that quibble ^_^

So, did I deliver the goods?

So do I :P

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! Cadence and Shining Armor make for great married couple dynamics.

Now I just need to think of a story where Twilight is adorkable instead...

Indeed. Funny how she didn't ask for it to be taken off. I guess she just loves her stories so much she couldn't stand any more delays.

I'm fucking glad you liked it!

Well, if you're not Disappointed, then who are you?
/dad jokes


I'll see what I can cook up for something similar. My story Not Exactly a Shining Moment might also tickle your fancy if you haven't already read it.

Thanks! Only every minute, though? I was aiming for every second, but I guess you can't win 'em all.

I will take your recommendations! Thank you :twilightsmile:
I especially liked the dialogue between cadence and shining. You don't really see that kind of playful teasing without it being out of character or half assed.

“Just read me the damn book.”

The whole thing had me chuckling, but that right there? I lost it!

Okay, that was FUNNY.

Poor Twilight. She's not going to hear end of this for a while, especially considering how much oomph she put into that spell...

By which I mean they'll be poking fun at her over poor practices when casting a major spell.

"Just read me the damn book"

:rainbowlaugh:And that's Twilight for ya!

3787345 Quite the same here.

Oh now THAT was funny! I can "see" all of that. :rainbowlaugh: :twilightoops:

Lost what? Everyone stand back, we have to find the thing he lost!

You're welcome : )
Yeah, I love good banter between characters. Really brings a story together, y'know?

Bold and italicized? I must have done something right. Now if only I could get underlining too...

I'm sure Shining is kicking himself for not taking some pictures before she turned back. Take about Grade-A sibling teasing material.

Never get between an almighty alicorn goddess and her reading material.


Quite the same here.

Your downplayed reaction is making me think of some British lord now. "What ho, that was quite droll, wasn't it old chap?"

I'm sure Twilight would prefer if you hadn't seen it ; )

3788357 Sorry, mustn't have put enough emphasis on it. Let me try again. *clears throat*

Okay, that was FUNNY.

Fantastic story. As others have mentioned, the ending was an obvious stand out moment but I also particularly enjoyed the exchanges between Shining and Cadance.

Well done good sir, well done :moustache:

Much better.

Much obliged ^_^

The last line was Hilarious:rainbowlaugh:

Best ending line ever.:rainbowlaugh:

Another italacized bolded underlined Large Font Coloured comment! I must be doing something right.

Well, I wouldn't know about best, but I shall take it as a grand compliment nevertheless.

3788460 Your welcome, good sir.

Congrats on the front page dude :pinkiehappy:

Too cute. I loved the colorful, almost embarrassed descriptions at the beginning. :twilightblush:

3788474 I'm sorry to say but you are mistaken, I did Very Large not measily Large

I hate to say it, but I have before, this made me laugh, especially the last line. I try not to piss people off, but this isn't exactly my main priority(this being fimfiction) so I don't worry about it as much. But otherwise this was good, and I do look forward to more from you. Blessed Be And Merry Meet Darkentrophy.

“Just read me the damn book.”

Yus. :rainbowkiss: Just... yus.


Glad you enjoyed it!

By George you're right. A thousand apologies, oh Extra Large one.

I accept your praise.

Great success!

Think that I saw this on the new stories page not long ago... Congrats on making it onto the featured page!:twilightsmile:

3788977 I was implying that you were downgrading the humor found within your story, then again ones sense of humor is but a piece to the puzzle of the mind.

3788977 Lulz.... Darken.... You might be turning into a discord... Lulz, but yes I do apologize for my arguing in the past, I regret saying nothing nor will I take anything I said back, but all I'm trying to get here, is you don't have to bish and moan about a story, could have just told me what was going wrong... ;) I would have gladly fixed it given the time. But yes I do hope to see more from you.

After that little escapade, it's probably the only thing that can calm her down.

Well Rarity, you're fucked... :rainbowlaugh: I kind of would like to see a picture of the ending, that would be awesome.

Entertainingly silly all throughout... and then the last line puts the exclamation mark on it!

A wonderful little story, although I half expected it to end with Shining Armor turning to Cadence and saying, "let's have another".:derpytongue2:


Eh, it wasn't as funny as reading the ending. Thanks though.

Always something good. Never something rushed.

as good as that was somehow I still found your picture almost funnier. I dunno why.
On a serious note I like the characterization, everything just kinda feels right.

Hah! Take that Very Large Bold Italicized Colored text.

adorable and fluffy...like Fluffle Puff! 10 out of 10!

Also a valid option for the ending ;)

Oh well. At least you enjoyed the story.

Quality is my middle name! As well as Danger. Danger is my other middle name.

Holy large print, Batman!

Hah! Take that Very Large Bold Italicized Colored text.

Thought you could slip that by me, did you?

I say, good sir, it is twice as fluffy as that unshaven creature!

“Just read me the damn book.”

I lost it. :rainbowlaugh:

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