• Published 24th Feb 2014
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A creature watches the daily goings on of Ponyville from a small hole far above.

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The Explanation

Since this is a bit of a cryptic piece, I've written a blog post to explain it.
If you prefer it cryptic and unexplained, don't read the blog! I don't want anyone complaining because it was 'ruined' for them! It's a choice!

Comments ( 11 )

I'm glad you didn't not like it!:derpytongue2:

Unique, interesting read. Have a ribbon, a thumb, and a feature recommendation. Well done :twilightsmile:


You're very welcome

That's the point. :twilightsmile:
And thank you.

Stand By for a review from the PCaRG!


*I Enjoyed It!*

YaY! Your story has been reviewed by the PCaRG!

Thread can be found here.

~Make Life an Adventure~
Mr. Flare

This was certainly different! I'm not sure it would bear re-reading, since the mystery is such an integral part of the story, but I did enjoy getting to grips with something original. A good short story, certainly. :twilightsmile:

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