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My Little Mane Six - JusSonic

A story inspired by 'My Little Dashie'. Two humans' lives on Earth are changed forever with the arrival of six little foals.

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Chapter 6: The Mane Six's Departure

Chapter 6: The Mane Six's Departure

Justin sighs as he looks at what is the Royal Sisters, a huge Dragon version of Twilight's brother/assistant Spike, and the grown up mares known as Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. Deep down, he knew that this day would come...but never thought that it would happen on the anniversary of when Justin brought the Mane Six into his home.

"Perhaps you didn't hear my sister, sir." Luna said sternly. "She said..."

"Princess Luna, I know what she said. Yes, I know who you are and the rest." Justin said suddenly, much to the interest of the newcomers. "We have been waiting for you for some time now."

"Really; Wow, you must be psychic!" Sweetie giggles a bit.

"In a way; come on into my home."

"Thank you." Celestia said as the newcomers come into the house, making sure not to bump into anything on the way in. Justin closes the door as the princess asks, "So you have been waiting for us?"

"Yes. I read a fan-fiction that is simpler to this." Justin answers with a sigh. He knew what this means: the man must let his daughters go but Justin must be brave. "You came looking for Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy...to bring them back home to Equestria."

"Wow. He is good." Scootaloo said in amazement. "So is Rainbow Dash here?"

"Yes, she is...madame, if you wish to know, I can explain that I found them as fillies when they first came to live here."

"Really," Princess Luna asks Justin curiously. "Explain."

So Justin explains the details from when he first found them on his doorstep as fillies. The newcomers listen as the adopted father explains how he and Hayley took care of them all, how their friends help out in keeping them safe from those who could wish them hard, the cutie marks, the trip to the fair, even the revelation parts.

After the explanation is done, Celestia did some thinking then say, "That explains how you knew we were coming. You did a good job in taking care of my student and her friends."

"So any chance we can see them?" Spike asks Justin hopefully. "I wanted so much to see Twilight...and Rarity..."

"They're in the bathroom right now, getting cleanup for their birthday party." Justin adds with a chuckle, much to the surprise of the newcomers. "You must excuse me. We were having a party that celebrate them coming into my and Hayley's home. They have no idea that you are here."

"Shucks, Ah done guess we came wit'out warning." Apple Bloom said in concern. "Ah mean, would it be right 'ta take them home wit'out them celebrating their last party here?"

"We will see what happens first." Luna said with a nod before turning to Justin, "Sir?"

"You can call me Justin, your highness." Justin said, bowing in respect to the Goddess of the Night. Turning to the bathroom, he calls out, "Hayley, girls! You got some visitors."

"Really; who could it be?" Pinkie is heard asking eagerly.

"Just come into the living room. You're all going to be surprised."

Hayley and the Mane Six came into the living room, curiously as to who is visiting. Upon entering the room, they stop and look surprised upon seeing the new visitors. Princess Celestia notes the surprised looks on Twilight and her friends' faces. It's obvious that they knew who the newcomers are...and what the princess and her group are here for.

"Twilight Sparkle...do you know who I am?" Celestia ask Twilight in concern.

"Yeah, I know..." Twilight said with a nod. "You...are my teacher, Princess Celestia...we knew that this day would come; Right?"

"Yes." Fluttershy said with a nod. Twilight smiles as she trots over to Spike who smiles eagerly, happy to see his big 'sister' again.

"Spike, you're big and mature. And I don't mean the greedy and beastly one."

Spike chuckle, "Oh Twilight. I'd miss that worry of yours so much. I'd never get tired of that one." The Dragon hug the pony gently, "I'm so glad to see you alright. You had no idea how much worried I, Ben, Nyx and our family can be. We miss you so much."

"I miss you too, Spike. I'm glad I watch everything from the show to recall you and the events." Twilight said. But what Spike said confuses her a bit. "Wait a minute! Did you say 'Ben' and 'Nyx'? Who's 'Ben'? How did you know 'Nyx'? I mean it's impossible! Everything from the show doesn't have 'Ben' or 'Nyx'. They're all fiction. They all can't be real, can they?"

Spike, shocked and disbelief, ask, "What are you talking about? Ben is your colt-friend since your fillyhood. I have known Nyx since you brought her to our home and family. Twilight, are you alright? It's like you have lost your memories or something. Did Discord or King Sombra do this to you? I'd swear that I'll make them pay, maybe just King Sombra. Discord has already reform since Fluttershy had changed him."

"I believe I know the reason. Twilight and her friends are having amnesia." Celestia said thoughtfully. Everyone is shocked. "Do you remember when you first came to this world?"

Twilight answers, "We were fillies, Princess Celestia."

"I believe I have the answer. Twilight, what you saw from the 'show' is the 'prime' and 'original' world. As for this, you, your friends and us are from one of alternative dimensions. Once the 'original' is created, then copies of them appeared but in different ways such as different stories, events and different fictional ponies like Ben and Nyx. I can't blame you for not remembering my son."

"Wait! Ben is your son! Oh my gosh! Then, that means - I'm one of royalties, other than my older brother, Shining Armor. Oh no, this is bad! How could I forget the stallion I love before Flash Sentry? Oh no! This is not good! What will Ben say? What will Nyx say? Or even worst: what if Ben and Flash Sentry have to fight over me? I'm in a terrible situation! They will hate me!"

Princess Celestia holds up a hoof to calm her student down, "Twilight Sparkle. Worrying and panic will not solve the problems in explaining to Ben and Nyx about you being amnesia. But as long you had me to explain it, Ben will understand it. He knows it. After all, he loves you ever since you became not only his best friend, but his true love. Nyx loves you as her close mother. You raise her well."

Spike adds, "Yeah, you shouldn't worry too much about it. I'm sure Ben and Nyx will understand. After all, they and me love you, because you're the best and great pony in our family."

"One more thing, Twilight, Flash Sentry is an old friend of Ben before you. He's been helping and training Ben to be a good 'fighter' just before he left with his father, a lieutenant, for the mission General Steel had given him. There isn't an argument between them over you. So you should not worry about it. Flash has always support Ben's relationship with you, not because of royalty, but his friendship and bonding with him."

"Besides, Flash wants to be friends with you, not want you to be his filly-friend. Flash is friendly, nice, kind, loyal and understanding pony. Ever since you met him, Flash is willing to help you to get back on your feet as princess, as well as staying with Ben, no matter what happens."

Twilight sighs in relief, "Thank you, Princess and Spike. I'm so glad to meet you in pony. You're a wonderful teacher. And Spike, you're the best brother."

"My goodness, Spike," Rarity said, blushing to Spike. "You have indeed grown into a huge handsome Dragon. I don't know what to say."

"Gee, thanks for saying that, Rarity." Spike said with a blush of his own.

Apple Bloom smiles as she trots up to her sister, exclaiming, "Applejack! It's really yew!"

Applejack looks at Apple Bloom oddly as she ask, "Do Ah know yew?"

"It's me. Apple Bloom; Yer best and hardworking sister; Yew couldn't forget about me, could yew?"

"Apple Bloom; Oh mah herd! It's really yew! Yew really is real. An' yew had your cutie mark."

Apple Bloom smiles as she show her cutie mark proudly, saying, "Yeah. Mah talent is making arts an' crafts. Who would have thought 'dat mah arts are so great and fantastic? Many ponies wanted them so badly. 'Ta be honest, Cutie Mark Crusaders an' Ah really should have use our talents in 'de first place. Coz it is our real talent an' cutie marks. It took us very long 'ta figure 'dat out. Ah even help Big Mac an' Granny Smith at 'de farm."

Applejack smile as she hugs her sister, saying, "Ah'm so glad 'ta hear it. An' Ah'm so glad 'ta see yew fer real."

Sweetie Belle spoke to her real sister Rarity, "Do you remember me, Rarity? You hate mud but you willingly support me like at the Sisterhooves Social."

Rarity, shocked, gasps as she hugs her real sister, "Sweetie Belle! Oh my! Darling, you're a mare. I like your mane. It's so dashing and beautiful. Like Apple Bloom, you had a cutie mark too. Does this mean..."

"Yup; I sing. Can you believe that? I use to be afraid of going onto the stage. But for couple of days, months or maybe even a year, it took me to have courage and confident to sing. Guess what? I really did it. You should have listened and seen what I could do."

"I knew one day or someday that I would like to hear what you can do. Even better, I would meet you in pony for my very first life."

Rainbow Dash looks at Scootaloo, smirking as she said, "Let me guess. You're Scootaloo; My best fan and sister? And you had a cutie mark too? What is that about? Can you fly? How much you miss me? Oh my gosh. I can't wait to find out."

Scootaloo giggle, "Oh Rainbow Dash, you really are an excited pony, aren't you? Yeah, the one and only admirer and sister you had since the day we met. My cutie mark is doing dangerous and amazing stunts as you are with my scooter. Yeah, about that; I can fly. But I'd prefer the ground. Coz it's so awesome. I'd really miss you so much, Rainbow Dash."

Rainbow smile, hugging Scootaloo as she adds, "You'll always awesome to me, Scootaloo, even if you can't fly. I'm so happy and cite to see you in pony."

Apple Bloom adds, "We're so glad 'ta see yew alright. Ah don't want yew 'ta leave me again, Applejack coz yer're 'de only pony an' sister Ah love 'de most, other than Big Mac and Granny Smith."

Sweetie Belle said to Rarity, "You had no idea how much I miss you since you disappeared. I'm so happy to see you again. Now we're together again. You can listen to my singing."

Scootaloo laughs to Rainbow, "Yeah, it wouldn't be fun or cool of not having you with me. But now, we found you. Both you and me can have some coolest moves and tricks. It's time for us to shine."

The CMC adds together, "We miss you so much, even you're in amnesia."

Applejack pauses a bit then grins, saying to Apple Bloom, "'Ta be honest. Seeing an' wondering about yew fro' 'de show makes me miss yew so much. Guess what, Apple Bloom. Ah didn't want 'ta leave yew too."

Rarity smiles to her real sister, saying, "Looking at you from the show makes me guilty and upset. I'm truly happy and grateful to see you, Sweetie Bell. I'll listen to your singing. On other hoof, we can both sing together."

Rainbow rubs Scootaloo's mane as she say, "Now you're with me, Scootaloo. I'm so glad that you found me. I'm so cite to know about you from the show. Now we'll shine the world of what we made of."

Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow said at once, "We're so happy to have wonderful sisters."

Both elder and younger sisters sobbed and hugged. Justin and Hayley grins, a bit happy and sad to see this reunion; The human girl then ask puzzled, "Still, how is it that the Mane Six ended up here in the first place? Dad found them on the doorstep as foals."

"Yeah, what did happen?" Pinkie asks a bit puzzled, wondering how it is that she and her friends/'sisters' came to this universe.

Spike comment, "Many years ago, the evil version of Discord, Doctor Lizardo and Nightmare Moon II changed all six of you back to fillies with most of your memories gone and then sent you into another dimension that it took us more than a decade and a half to find. Fortunately, the Crusaders (they dropped the "Cutie Mark" portion of their club name after they all earned their Cutie Marks), the Wonderbolts, Trixie, the good Discord, Zecora, Big Mac, Shining Armor, Cadance Celestia, Luna and I were able to stop the villains from conquering Equestria in your absence - just barely. You have NO idea how many Equestrias AND Earths there actually ARE."

Twilight puts in, "Actually, we DO have a pretty good idea how many Equestrias and Earths there are. We read A LOT of Pony fan fictions while we were here and I also read a Silver Age Flash comic that suggests that just because something is fiction in ONE word doesn't mean it's not real in another universe. And, yes, there WERE, indeed, A LOT of Equestrias AND Earths to search. We just appreciate the fact you cared enough to keep searching despite that."

"Oh, well, that sums it up."

"Justin, your adopted father, told us how well he and Hayley has taken care of you all." Luna said with a nod.

"Yeah, they may not be our real family...but they are still family to us." Rainbow remarks with a chuckle.

"Do...do we really have to go now? I mean, can't they come with us?" Rarity asks the princesses sadly.

"Sadly, no; they have their place in this world; you got your place in ours." Celestia said then got a thoughtful look. "But...we don't have to go right now, right Luna?"

"Yes, there is a party waiting for us six outside right now." Luna said in agreement, "Would be a shame if you all miss out by leaving so soon."

"So we can have one more party before leaving?" Applejack asks hopefully.

"It shall be done."

"Can we attend too?" Spike asks eagerly to the Mane Six and their adopted family. "We may not have met these guests before...but it would be great to introduce ourselves until then."

"I don't see why not." Justin said with a grin, making most of the ponies, Spike and Hayley cheer on wildly. Turning to the princesses, he said, "If you wish to attend, Princess Celestia..."

"I believe we can make that happen as well." Celestia said with a giggle. The princess shall attend the Mane Six's final party here in this place before they can go home...for good or for now.

Before Justin could say anything, a rift of some kind opens as two voices are heard as they come out of the rift.

"Big brother, next time, leave the AU travel stuff to me." A pink pony that looks like Pinkie except with a flat tail and mane, "Last thing we wish is to end up in another world that had dinosaurs trying to eat us."

"Indeed little sister but anyway I see the human right now." Golden Heart, the alicorn, said as he saw Justin.

"Oh goodie and looks like there a party going on. But let's see how are pony friends been doing."

Justin blinks as Pinkie grins, saying, "Cameos. You gotta love them."


The guests are waiting for the ponies to come out. They are a bit excited. Justin came out with a smile, "All right, everyone. I got good news and some bad news."

"There isn't going to be any cake?!" Kenny calls out frantically.

"No, there will be cake, Kenny. Let me start the good news first." Justin said sternly then grins. "First off, we got some special guests for the ponies' party. I believe you all know them, they are different but make them feel welcome anyway: the Princesses Celestia and Luna, Spike the Dragon, and the now grown-up Cutie Mark Crusaders!"

Then, the special guests revealed themselves with smiles on their faces, much to the surprise of Kenny and the other guests.

"Whoa, it's them, truly them!" Kenny exclaims excitedly. The Mane Six and Hayley came out, getting a bit uneasy.

"Kenny, didn't we talk about this?" Justin asks Kenny in annoyance. "No pervert remarks!"

"Sorry." Kenny said with a sheepish chuckle. Regardless, the guests cheer and welcome the newcomers.

"We thank you all for welcoming us here." Luna said with a smile."

"Wow." Spike chuckles as some of the kids come over to him, looking the big Dragon over. "I betcha they've never saw a big Dragon before."

"Not one from the show anyway." Rarity giggles to Spike in amusement.

"Is that really your cutie mark?" A kid named Michelle ask as she looks at Sweetie's cutie mark. "It looks cute!"

"It's as cute as you, Sweetie!" Another girl named Jenny exclaimed.

"Aw, stop it. Not true." Sweetie giggles, almost lying down into a cute position.

"And now, I got some bad news." Justin said seriously, hating to give out the bad news but he must. "This sadly will be Twilight and the ponies' last party here on Earth."

"What," A girl named May asked in shock while she was petting Apple Bloom.

"Sad but true. Celestia has come to take Twilight and her friends back to Equestria." Justin explains, getting a sad 'awww' from the guests, "But no worries. Let's not let that ruin this party. Let us celebrate our times with the Mane Six up to now!"

The crowd cheers on. The humans knew that they probably won't see the Mane Six again after this party is over...but as long as they remember them or the ponies keep them in their hearts, true friendship will never be forgotten.

"So who wants cake?" Justin asks as he motions to a big cake.

Celestia licks her lips eagerly at the cake. Luna rolls her eyes as she said, "Tia, the birthday fillies get the first pieces."

"Oh. Silly me," Celestia said with a giggle.

Big Al helps serves the cake, the ponies got the first few pieces. Twilight gives a piece to the princess who eats it happily.

"Princess, although we have make amends after the wedding, one thing I am concerned about." Twilight said to her mentor in concern.

"Which is?" Celestia ask Twilight, wondering what her student is talking about.

"I know Applejack apologize for doubting me...but did you, my other friends and Shining apologize?" Twilight ask Celestia hopefully.

Celestia pauses then smiles as she said, "Twilight, I assure you. We did apologize for our behavior. Just because you didn't see us do so on the show, doesn't mean we didn't really."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. It's just my friends and I read this crossover story with me and Sonic." Twilight said, almost biting her lip. "It shows what happened if that off-screen stuff didn't happen. I guess I was worried."

"No need to worry. Those stories are AU like those awful grimdark fics." Celestia remarks, a hint of disgust is seen on her voice.

"Yeah, you're right." Twilight said with a sigh. She looks at her back while bringing up another subject, "So I am an alicorn. How would I get my wings back?"

"Well, it will take time but I will see to it that you will get your wings back." Celestia assures Twilight while nuzzling her a bit. "A princess isn't a princess without a pair of wings."

The humans are playing hit the piñata. Spike smirks as he grabs a stick, puts on a blindfold and calls out, "All right, I'm ready to start swinging!"

"Go get him, dragon dude!" A teenage boy cheered Spike on.

Spike swings...and hit the piñata right now, sending candy right out. The kids, Pinkie and Crusaders rush to get some candy. The pink pony cheers on, "Munch, munch, munch!"

"All right, Spike, you rule!" Scootaloo cheers on wildly.

"So out of curiosity, can you raise the sun and moon here?" Ben asks the presents curiously.

"We would but we don't wish to make a panic or ruin the order." Luna explains to Ben seriously.

"Besides, we only do stuff like that back in Equestria." Celestia adds in agreement with her sister.

"Yeah, I see." Ben said in understanding.

"Look, Karaoke!" Sweetie exclaims, pointing to a karaoke stand nearby, "Hey, sis! This is your chance to sing with me. Come on!"

"Oh, it is so on!" Rarity giggles as she and Sweetie rush over. They took turns with the mike while singing to the crowd.

"Can't believe that Sweetie Belle would sing so wonderfully," Fluttershy said while petting Angel. "Isn't that right, Angel?"

Angel nodded happily in agreement and reply. Meanwhile, Pinkie plays a game of 'Pin the Tail on the Pony'. When she removes her blindfold, the mare saw that she put her own tail onto the pony drawing...with the fake tail on her own hand, much to her surprise.

"Pinkie Pie, you are so random." Rainbow giggles a bit while giving a drink to Scootaloo. "You know, Scoots, shame that you weren't here when I was a filly. We would've been awesome pals."

"We still are awesome pals now, Rainbow Dash." Scootaloo points out to her idol/sister with a wide grin.

"Too true," Rainbow said, seeing her point.

"An' so Rainbow once again got us our darn cutie marks an' at 'de same time too." Applejack explains how she and her friends got their cutie marks in this world.

"Wowie, nothing stays 'de same, eh AJ?" Apple Bloom ask her big sister with a grin.

"Nnope," Applejack remarks with a light chuckle.

"All right, everyone. It's time for presents." Justin calls out as the Mane Six heads over to where the presents are at. "On the count of three...

"1, 2...3; Go crazy!" Hayley exclaims to her adopted sisters with a smirk

"PRESENTS!!!" The ponies cheered eagerly as they all jumped to the presents.

The humans and newcomers laugh as the Mane Six tear through the presents. Rainbow smirks as she held out some baseball cards, exclaiming, "Cool cards!"

"Oh, wowie, wow, wow!" Pinkie giggles as she held up a handheld game. "I haven't seen these babies in months!"

"'The Elements of Harmony'," Twilight said in amazement as she held up a book with a familiar title then looks through it. "But this isn't the one like on the show."

"Oh, it's rather a guidebook on you ponies and your show." Kenny remarks to Twilight with a delightful chuckle. "Help ya catch up if need be."

"Oh my...look at all these dolls." Fluttershy said as she and her pals took out the stuffed animals and dolls that they got so far. "That's too much for us."

"Right...hmm, I know!" Rarity said thoughtfully as she uses her magic to levitate a teddy bear to Sweetie. "Sweetie, dear, would you want this?"

"Oh, yes, yes!" Sweetie squealed as she takes the teddy bear and hugs it happily.

"Yeah, I think we should give some of our dolls and teddy bears to Nyx and some of the dolls back at Equestria." Rainbow remarks with a shrug while giving a panda bear toy to Scootaloo.

"Princess," Applejack ask the princess hopefully.

"You got our permission." Celestia said thoughtfully. "I believe that it will be wonderful to give gifts of your time here in Equestria."

"This I am giving to Nyx." Twilight said as she uses her magic to show the custom-made Nyx doll. "What do you think? Does it look like her?"

"Why, Twilight, it certainly does look like your daughter." Celestia said thoughtfully after looking at the doll.

The party went on for a few more minutes or so, until the time had finally come.

"Everyone, attention, please." Celestia said with a nod, getting everyone's attention. "This has been a wonderful party and you all have been very kind and nice to us."

"Yes, but sadly, now is the time to say the final goodbyes." Luna said in concern. Everyone knew what this meant. It's time for the Mane Six to leave and head on back to their true world.

"Justin, Hayley...my sister and I both like to thank you both for taking good care of Twilight and her friends while they were here." Celestia said to Justin and Hayley. "We know how important they are to you two."

"Yeah, sure do." The man said with a nod. Justin grins as he gave a sad smile to the ponies, the same ones that he first met when they were fillies. The man said, "I guess this is goodbye. But I'm happy to be with you."

Hayley, shedding tears which she wiped off her face, adds, "I'm going to miss you six, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie."

Pinkie, shedding tears of her own, adds, "Me too, Hayley. We'll going to miss you a lot, a lot and A LOT."

Fluttershy adds gently and sadly, "We won't forget of your kindness and gentle."

Rarity pauses then said with a nod, "This is the end for both of us, but in our hearts, we will not forget you and it will never be the end."

"We've made 20% cooler and awesomeness in our family." Rainbow remarked, remembering the great times that the ponies have with their adopted family.

Applejack tips her hat to Justin and Hayley, saying, "We'd really appreciate yew. Thank yew all."

Twilight clears her throat as she explains, "Our 'real' home and family is waiting. We are grateful of you being a good family. We really wish to stay, but our home and family needs us. I know it's selfish, but it is our responsible as holders of 'Elements of Harmony'. We have so much to catch up with them. We have no idea of who are we dealing with, so we have to be prepared."

"I understand. After all, you are the heroines of Equestria." Justin said, knowing how important the Mane Six are with their home world. "And they need you more than we need you. But like I said before: we maybe apart from each other, but we will never forget of each other in our hearts."

"We'll always be family, even if you're far away from here. We'll always love you." Hayley said as Justin, the girl and the Mane Six hugged together.

"Awww, so cute," Spike said with a sigh, "Sad that we have to take them home."

"I know, but it's for the best." Luna said with a nod.

Once the family lets go, Justin then ask the princesses, "So...you aren't going to be planning on wiping our memories clean or erase evidence that my girls were here, right?"

"Of course not; this isn't like one of your fan-fictions." Celestia giggles to Justin, waving the worry off. "You and those here are trust worthy enough. You all kept my student and her friends safe and for that, we thank you again."

"We will have to erase the memories of those who wish them harm however...if that's the case." Luna said to Justin seriously.

"So be it, then." Justin confirmed with a nod.

"As a matter of fact, we got something to repay you." Celestia said with a smile as she float some sort of device over to Justin who takes it.

"What's that?" Hayley ask curiously.

"It's a very useful device that will allow you to teleport from here to our world to back. I think you both have the right to visit us as often as you like." Celestia said with a giggle. "I think your family members would enjoy that."

"Really; Cool! Can we be allowed to visit Justin and Hayley as often as we want?" Rainbow asks the princess hopefully.

"Of course," Luna said with a nod. The adopted ponies grin as they hug Justin and Hayley some more. Looks like this isn't goodbye forever after all!

"Looks like this will be a start of a renew relationship." Fluttershy said with a smile.

"Oh, Hayley and I got some two more presents, secret ones." Justin said with a smile.

Hayley pass out a small box, giving it to Twilight while saying, "I saved enough just to get that. Hopefully your magic can let you check it out."

Twilight opens the box and grins as she and her friends saw a picture of the Mane Six as fillies with Justin and Hayley. Pinkie said in amazement, "Wow."

"Looks great, Hayley," Applejack said with a sniff.

"And here's one more." Justin said, giving out one more gift to Twilight which is in a large box. "Don't open it until you get to Equestria, okay?"

"Okay, Daddy." Twilight said with a nod.

"Well, time for us to be going." Celestia said with a nod. The Mane Six, the Crusaders, Spike and Luna gather around her. "Again, we thank you all for a great time as well as your taking care of the Mane Six."

"Until we meet again, later," Luna exclaims, giving a wave to the humans as her and Celestia's horns glow.

The humans cover their eyes as a flash appears. A few seconds later, the ponies and Dragon are now gone, heading back to Equestria.

"Well, they're home now." Justin said to Hayley with a smile on his face.


An hour later, the guests had left, leaving Justin and Hayley like before they met their newest family members...alone in their home. It was sad. When the day became, the house has six ponies living here and now...they are back in Equestria where they themselves truly belong.

Justin finishes cleaning up the last of the trash, throwing it away. He looks thoughtful and head upstairs to a familiar room: the Mane Six's one. The man smiles in sadness. The ponies love this room...it used to be such a useless room and now...Justin is not sure what to do with it now.

Justin knew that Celestia didn't erase evidence of his adopted daughters' presence here on Earth like in 'My Little Dashie'. She kept things the same as they themselves are, stuff and all. So far, the only ones who remember the Mane Six are himself, Hayley and their friends.

Justin sighs as he cleans up the room; Ironic. The Mane Six are gone and he gotta clean up after them. As the father kept on cleaning, he found a familiar item that put tears in his eyes...

A basket and not just any; It's the same one where Justin has found the Mane Six when they were fillies years ago, on that rainy day. The cards AKA the foster note and the one that ask him to give the ponies a good home are still there. He hugs the basket gently. It's the only thing that Justin has left of his daughter. Twilight has taken her Miss Smarty Pants doll with her, including the Nyx one, and even Fluttershy talked the princess in taking Angel with her.

Since Justin is not sure if the original Angel is alive during Fluttershy's absence, perhaps doing so is a right idea.

"Dad," Hayley ask Justin. He turns to see her, the girl sighs while having tears in her eyes, "Dad."

"I know, Hayley, I know." Justin signs as he hugs Hayley a bit. "I miss them already, but they are here in our hearts."

"You think...maybe we could use the device to..."

"Let's give Twilight and your other Sisters time to settle in, get their memories of old back before we decide to come visit. We don't want to sound desperate, do we?"

Hayley sniffs some tears, then hugs Justin some more. The man hugs her back, sighing a bit. He wonders if what his adopted daughter, well former at least, are doing now...


The Mane Six can only blink and they find themselves in Equestria, back home at last. The mares are startled as they find themselves be welcomed back by the ponies of Ponyville, excited to see their heroes who was missing for so long.

As her friends are being hugged and welcomed by friends and family, Twilight is being to led to the library by Celestia and Spike. The purple unicorn is relieved to be back in familiar grounds...and being greeted by two ponies: an Earth brown pony with a Triforce on his flank and a familiar black filly from 'Past Sins'.

"Twilight; you're back!" Ben exclaims eagerly as he hugs Twilight, making her yelp and giggle in surprise. "It's really you! I miss you!"

Nyx nuzzles Twilight, saying, "Mommy! You're home. I miss you so much too!"

Twilight blinks before recognizing the two ponies, asking, "Ben? Nyx; I don't believe this. I'm actually meeting the 'OC' ponies for real. Both of you are real. I'm glad I finally meet you." The mare sobs while hugging the two happily.

Ben and Nyx confused at how Twilight sobbed and behave. Princess Celestia explains, "Twilight Sparkle and her friends suffered the amnesia when they appeared in another world as fillies." Ben and Nyx were shocked. "But do not worry, Ben and Nyx. A good family had taken care of them. But for now, let's help and keep Twilight remembering all the things you've done and love for her, Twilight will regain the rest slowly."

Spike nods as he adds, "Not to worry, you had me to help. That will be awesome."

Ben nods as he said, "I understand. Even though she's amnesia, I'm just glad to see her alright. That's important enough for me. I don't care how long it takes to get Twilight to remember all the things we had done. I always love her."

Nyx said, "Yeah. Mommy's back. We're together. That's important for me enough. I'll help too. Like daddy said, I always love you too, Mommy."

Twilight, shocked, ask her loved ones. "You really mean that much, even when I have forgotten about you two?" Ben and Nyx smile and nod before she cries. Twilight hugs them both. "I must be the luckiest pony to have you both. Both of you are great family. I can't wait to tell you about my adoptive dad and sister. I'd really wish them to meet you in person sooner. They'll be crazy of meeting you for real like my friends and I." Ben and Nyx confused about her adoptive 'dad' and 'sister'. "I'll tell you everything. But first, you tell me about my relationship and past with you two and everything that has happen."

Ben smile as he said in agreement, "With pleasure, Twiley. I'm so glad to be with you."

"Yeah! We're family again." Nyx said playfully.

Spike smiles as he said, "Just like the old times."

A year later

An year has passed since the Mane Six's return to Equestria. The ponies' memories has been restored to them, along with their times on Earth as Justin and Hayley's family. With Celestia and her friends' help, Twilight was able to get her wings back and continues her role as heroine/princess of Equestria.

But regardless, the Mane Six has never forgotten of the times they spent with their family of their adopted years. They all wonder when Justin and Hayley will come to visit...until now.

The Mane Six were of course having some good times with Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, Twilight's brother and sister in-law, all of them are listening to a joke by Pinkie who ends it, "...and then she say 'don't look now, but you're spending life in the can!"

The other ponies laugh a bit, Rainbow comments, "As usual, Pinkie, you are so random."

"Yes, but that joke is a bit hilarious." Cadance remarked, making a cheeky giggle.

Suddenly a weird ringing noise is heard, getting everyone's attention. Shining ask puzzled, "What is that?"

"He's calling! He's calling!" Applejack exclaims excitedly. She and the rest of the Mane Six know what this mean. Shining and Cadance looks puzzled as Twilight quickly digs through her saddlebags.

"Who's calling?"

Twilight smiles as she pulls out the source of ringing: a phone, which is Justin's birthday to her and her 'sisters'. The mare has opened the present from him after things calm down and with Celestia's help made it so that the Mane Six and Justin can call back and forth between the dimensional boundaries. Now they can keep in touch no matter what!

"Hi dad," Twilight giggles through the cellphone, since her adopted father is the only one who knows this number. "Is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me." Justin's voice is heard on the other end. "Hey, guess what? Hayley and I are going to be visiting soon."

"Really; Great! When will you be here?"

"How about now? Turn around."

The Mane Six turns around and saw a sight that made him smile happily and fill their hearts with joy: there's Justin, holding his cellphone to his head with Hayley, wearing her backpack, and holding a skateboard, smiling.

"Hey girls," Justin said to his adopted daughters after hanging up.

"Daddy; Hayley," The Mane Six cheers on happily as they rush over and pounce towards Justin, almost knocking him down.

"Whoa, whoa, easy; I am not young as I was back then and you aren't little anymore!"

"Hey, girls. I miss you." Hayley said as he hugs the Mane Six. Shining and Cadance couldn't help but smile at this sight. While the Mane Six aren't truly related to these humans, they are happy to know that the Mane Six themselves are reunited with the same ones who took care of them during this amnesia moments.

"Yeah, we miss you too, darling." Rarity comments, tears in her eyes. She misses her adopted father and sister so much.

"Are you going to be staying long?" Pinkie asks Justin and Hayley hopefully while bouncing up and down. "This means we got a lot of parties and LOTS of parties that we need to catch up on!"

"Yeah, we figure a few days to catch up will work." Justin said with a chuckle. "I hope you don't mind. Hayley and I brought some old pals who are on vacation here in Equestria."

Justin points to behind himself. Sure enough, the Mane Six's human friends, some of them includes Big Al, Missy C, Ben and Kenny, are in Ponyville, checking out the sights and taking photo shots, especially Kenny.

"Kenny, leave those two ponies alone!" Missy C scowls to Kenny who is getting a closer look at Lyra Heartstrings and Bon-Bon, making the two fillies a bit nervous.

"Come on, I want to see if the stories I've heard about them is true!" Kenny exclaims to Missy C innocently.

"Well, we are here on vacation, not an expedition trip!"

"Eeyup and Nnope," Big Al said, agreeing with his love ten times fold.

The humans with the Mane Six laugh a bit. Cadance came over, smiling while saying, "So you are Justin and Hayley. I like to thank you for watching Twilight and her friends."

"Yeah, my sister can be a hoof-full especially at her age." Shining laughs a bit, making Twilight frowns as she punches him in the back.

"You are lucky that I came home at all, Smart Colt!" Twilight snaps to her real brother in irritation. She smiles to Justin and Hayley, saying, "Come on! We gotta show you around."

"Yeah, Equestria is the home 'ta everyone, ponies an' humans." Applejack chuckles as she and the ponies begin to lead their foster family on a tour.

Justin and Hayley smile, hugging their adopted ones as they continue onward. After a year apart, the family is reunited again...and this time, they will to it that they themselves will hang out together as best as the humans and ponies can ever last.

The End

Cast list
John Goodman: Justin Exitor
Dakota Fanning: Hayley Exitor
Tara Strong: Twilight Sparkle
Ashleigh Ball: Applejack, Rainbow Dash
Tabitha St. Germain: Rarity, Princess Luna
Andrea Libman: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Pinkamena Diane Pie
Rob Paulsen: Uncle Kenny, Game Operator
Peter New: Big Al
Nicole Oliver: Missy C, Princess Celestia
Maurice LaMarche: Ben Chase V
Cathy Weseluck: Spike the Dragon
Michelle Creber: Apple Bloom
Claire Corlett: Sweetie Belle, May
Madeline Peters: Scootaloo
Orlando Bloom: Golden Heart
Kath Soucie: Michelle
Amy Palant: Jenny
Jason Marsden: Ben Mare
Daveigh Chase: Nyx
Andrew Francis: Shining Armor
Britt McKillip: Princess Cadance

Author's Note:

After a while, this fic is finally done. Whatcha think, folks? It's cute and something to remember for some time now. I hope you all enjoy this AU fic as I did making it. All right, time for the next fic in a line of MLP: FIM fics...

"A Princess needs her Prince: (short story/takes place after Magical Mystery Cure) Everypony is proud of Twilight becoming an Alicorn but Ben Mare is worried about what the future will hold for him and Twilight. Can Twilight reassure him that everything will be just fine?"

That's all for now, folks. Until next time, read, review and suggest.

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