• Published 19th Feb 2014
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My Little Mane Six - JusSonic

A story inspired by 'My Little Dashie'. Two humans' lives on Earth are changed forever with the arrival of six little foals.

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Chapter 3: Cutie Mark Destiny

Chapter 3: Cutie Mark Destiny

A week has passed since that fateful day. Justin of course is taking the family to visit a farm where some friends of his live at. The fillies sat in the back in baby seats, though Rainbow in boredom kept annoying Applejack, by poking her.

"Quit it, quit it!" Applejack snaps as Rainbow picks with her at.

"Come on, Rainbow, stop picking on AJ." Hayley said to Rainbow with a sigh of annoyance.

"But I'm bored, are we there yet?" Rainbow whines a bit.

"We're almost there." Justin sighs in the front. Geez, even the Rainbow wasn't like this in the story...but then again, maybe not all of her life in 'My Little Dashie' is shown.

"So are we really going to a farm?" Fluttershy ask hopefully. "Are we going to see animals?"

"Oh yes, Fluttershy, lots of them. Big Al and Missy C run a tight ship but they are willing to have fun every now and again."

"Huh. Those names you mentioned sound familiar." Twilight said thoughtfully. "The names sound comparison to Big Mac and Cheerilee on that show we saw. First season..."

"Yeah, I can't wait to miss them!" Pinkie giggles, bouncing up and down in her seat. "Oh, I am so nervictied!"

Applejack gave her 'sister' a bored look, while asking, "Yew do know 'dat's not a real word, right?"

Eventually, the family arrives at a farm, with a red barn, a blue house and of course your farm animals here and there. As everyone got out, they are greeted by a blonde haired man in a green shirt and blue overalls along with a pink haired woman in a blue shirt and an orange skirt.

"Justin, it's wonderful to see you, especially you Hayley." Missy C said while hugging Hayley gently. "I hope you have a great summer.

"Yes, Missy C," Hayley giggles as she turns to her filly sisters. "Missy C is my teacher at my school. She is taking the summer off."

"Wow." The fillies said in amazement.

"Oh my, talking fillies." Missy C said in amazement as she looks at the talking fillies. "I have never seen anything like them, right Big Al?"

"Eeyup," Big Al remarks with a nod. Amazing, his nature and behavior are similar to Big Macintosh. Come to think about it, one may think that he is kinda like the stallion of this world.

"How were you able to..."

"Long story short, I found them outside my porch and took them in." Justin said as Twilight jumps up into Missy's arms, nuzzling her a bit. "Looks like Twilight like you, but you are a teacher so that may have something to do with it."

"Daddy, can I attend classes with Missy C when school starts?" Twilight ask Justin hopefully.

"Not sure, there will be a lot of questions."

"Well, I can stop by and give home school classes to the ponies...and maybe get some of my friends to help as well when I'm teaching classes at Hayley's school." Missy C said thoughtfully.

"That would be great! My little sisters won't be exposed to any problems and they can still learn some classes." Hayley exclaims eagerly.

"Hey, Big Al; Do those trees need a-bucking?" Applejack asks thoughtfully as she saw some apple trees with apples still in them."

"Eeyup; if you wanna help, I would be happy to let ya." Big Al said with a grin as he leads Applejack on to the trees.

"Hoo doggy!"

"Uh, Missy C; All right if I help with the animals...I just got a bunny and..." Fluttershy said shyly. Missy C just smiles and motions her to go ahead. The filly giggles a bit as she heads on to the animals.

"Okay, I think I will try to fly while I'm here." Rainbow said, trying to jump up into the sky but fell down, "Ugh; why can't I fly yet?!"

"I think I will help you out, Rainbow." Justin said as he helps Rainbow to her hooves. "You may be a young filly but one is never too young to learn how to fly. Hayley, watch over your sisters."

"Sure, come on, girls, we got a lot to do!" Hayley exclaims to Rarity, Twilight and Pinkie who grins excitedly. They are going to have so much fun.


The time on the farm passes by. Applejack was helping Big Al knocks down some apples off of trees, dropping them into apples. The little filly grins at her progress so far. It's like hanging out with a big brother that she remembered having all of the sudden.

Fluttershy meanwhile is helping out with the animals, giggling a bit as she tends to them, helping Missy C out. The teacher is impressed. She has never seen a little filly take so much interest in this kind of thing...well, any filly who can talk anyway!

Rarity meanwhile helps out with Hayley on some dresses. The white unicorn frowns as she looks into a bucket, saying, "Oh dear, I ran out of diamonds. And I doubt daddy would want to leave to get some more right now."

"Well, you can find diamonds under rocks if it helps." Hayley suggests to Rarity, recalling how the white filly found diamonds on her show.

"Odd way of finding gems...but Rarity will take your suggestion. Rarity must try..."

Twilight meanwhile was looking through some books that she brought along, involving magic, fake or otherwise. The unicorn grins as she prepares to use magic to lift up a rock...but it fell each time. The mare feels a bit frustrated. Her older self can do magic...so when can she?

Justin was out in the field, away from any prying eyes while helping Rainbow learn how to fly. The man may not be a Pegasus pony but if the character in 'My Little Dashie' can help his daughter Rainbow fly, then Justin can with his own.

"All right, Rainbow, let's do this again." Justin suggests as he picks up Rainbow, holding her into the air. The filly is wearing a helmet and some body guards so she won't get hit should the flying attempts fail.

Justin lets go once more...Rainbow's wings can only flap but she hit the ground anyway.

"Aww, man; this is weak, I can never fly." Rainbow sighs as she took the helmet and body guards off. "Maybe if I were to get rid of this stuff..."

"I know you're frustrated, Rainbow, but I can't risk you getting hurt should the attempts fail." Justin said, patting her on the head to comfort Rainbow. "We will take a break for a snack before trying again."

Justin heads back to the house to get some snacks. Rainbow saw a huge tree nearby, then narrows her eyes as she gallops off to it.

If Rainbow wants to fly, she got to do it herself and the right way!

Justin was arriving at the farm house as Missy C and Fluttershy were herding rabbits. The woman asks, "Justin, weren't you helping Rainbow how to fly?"

"Yeah, we stopped for a snack, speaking of..." Justin stops as he saw that Rainbow is nowhere in sight, "Rainbow? Where is she?"

"Uh-oh; Daddy, I think Rainbow is about to do something bad." Fluttershy said nervously as she points to a familiar tree. Justin gasps as she saw Rainbow who somehow climb up a tree...and is about to jump off!

"Rainbow," Justin yelled out in shock.

Justin rushed quickly in hopes to catch her in time but it's too late, Rainbow jumps off the tree. As she falls down, the human rush over to catch her...

But to his surprise, Rainbow suddenly flew over him with her wings spread. She can finally fly! Justin looks amazed.

"Oh yeah; Look at me, ponies and everyone else!" Rainbow laughs eagerly.

"She can fly!" Justin exclaim in amazement.

"She can fly!" Missy C exclaims with a smile.

"She flew." Fluttershy said meekly.

"Rainbow, be careful up there." Justin said to his adopted daughter in concern. He doesn't want Rainbow to hit something...or worst, be seen by anyone who could do her harm!

"I will be fine, dad!" Rainbow laughs as she flew on into the air. Justin sighs a bit; his filly daughter can be so arrogant.

During this time, Rarity was looking for gems underneath rocks...so far, nothing so far. But then her horn glows, dragging her away.

"Oh my, I think I found some gems." Rarity said with a sigh. Suddenly the mare knocks into a gate, causing it to open, "Dumb gate!"

Unknown to Rarity, the gate is to a bull pen...and a bull snorts as he runs out, escaping. The big guy is on the loose!

Big Al and Applejack heard him, gasping as they saw the bull heading towards Twilight who is trying to use magic, big time, and wasn't seeing him coming.

"Twilight," Applejack exclaims as she and Big Al goes after the big guy, "Big Al! Throw me on 'de big fellow!"

"Are yew crazy?! You'll get hurt badly!" Big Al exclaimed in shock and concern.

"Ah gotta try! Mah sister is in trouble!" Applejack exclaims to Big Al in concern.

Big Al hesitates then he grabs Applejack and throws her right to the bull. The little filly got on his back and take out some rope.

"Yee-haw," Applejack exclaims, tying the rope around the bull's neck. The big guy snorts as he tries to buck the filly off of him. "Ride 'em, cowpony!"

Pinkie was nearby, watching, cheering, "Yay, Applejack! Wow, this looks neat!"

During this same time, Rarity continues floating and hit a big rock. She lands and looks at it, frowning in irritation.

"Ugh! How am I supposed to get diamonds under this big...UGH! Dumb rock," Rarity exclaims angrily and in annoyance.

Rainbow was flying around in the sky, apparently unaware of what's going on below. She is really enjoying this!

Of course that is until Rainbow looks down to see Hayley rushing over to Rarity, smiling as she calls out, "Rarity, good news! I found some gems so you don't have to look for more!"

Rainbow gasps as the bull that Applejack is trying to tame is heading towards her. The cyan filly calls out, "Hayley! Gotta do something, got...no time for words; Gotta go fast, fast, fast, FAST!"

Rainbow flew down very fast. She is high in the sky but the filly needs all the speed that she can get to save her older sister.

Justin gasps as he saw the bull heading towards Hayley. The man was about to scream out but saw Rainbow heading towards her sister from the sky...and is doing so very fast and preparing...could it be?

It is! Suddenly, a big explosion occurs as Rainbow went down faster: she did it, the Sonic Rainboom! The mare grabs Hayley, pulling her out of the way in time.

At the same time, the Sonic Rainboom sail across the sky...and causing the rock that Rarity ram into to break into two, making her gasps. To her amazement, there is a bunch of diamonds inside the rock.

"Diamonds," Rarity giggles happily. Now she can continue making dresses!

At the same time, the animals that Fluttershy and Missy C were helping and attending got scared and run off. The human gasps though the filly flies in, saying, "Oh, please don't run away."

"Come back!" Missy C cried.

The magic blast startles Twilight, making her gasps as her magic suddenly begins to work up, causing some rocks to be lifted and some plants to grow big. Justin looks amazed. It's just like what happened in the Cutie Mark Chronicles episode...but a bit different!

Twilight's magic continues going out of control as he turns some dogs nearby into plants and causing the rocks to be lifted higher. Justin knows what to do, he came over and put a hand on Twilight's shoulder. The filly saw her father watching...and calms down.

Soon things go back to normal, especially the plants, as Twilight lands onto the ground. She looks worried and said, "Daddy! I'm sorry! I..."

"Twilight, you were amazing." Justin remarks with a chuckle. "Just like in the show, too!"

"Really," Twilight ask Justin hopefully.

"Yeah...and look," Justin exclaims as he points to something flashing on Twilight's flank. The filly looks down and gasps in surprise to see a star like symbol on her flank.

"My cutie mark, daddy, daddy, I got my cutie mark, see?" Twilight giggles as she hops up and down, showing off her new cutie mark to Justin.

"Yeah, Twiley, you got your magic cutie mark, and it looks just like the one from the show!"

"Hoo doggy," Applejack exclaims as she and Big Al came to the two, the human is pulling the bull whose has calmed down with a rope. "Ah gotta tell ya! Ah was born 'ta be a farmer! Ah wanna come back here every weekend!"

"Applejack, look, I got my cutie mark!" Twilight exclaims as she points to her cutie mark on her flank. "Isn't it amazing?"

"Eeyup," Big Al exclaims with a nod then looks downward before grinning. "And it looks like Applejack got one too!"

Applejack looks at her flank then smiles as she saw three apples on her flank...just like on the show. The Earth pony filly cheers wildly, "HEEHAW! Daddy, Ah done got mah cutie mark!"

"Wow, you two...you made me so proud." Justin chuckles as he hugs both his adopted daughters. So far, two of his fillies got cutie marks. That leaves only Rarity, Rainbow, Fluttershy and Pinkie.

Fluttershy and Missy C walk/flew around a nearby forest, looking for the animals. The yellow filly smiles as she saw some of them hiding in bushes, calling out gently, "Come out, it’s okay." Fluttershy flew towards some trees to find some more hiding. "It's okay; everything is going to just fine."

Fluttershy's gentle voice calms the animals down, enough as they came over to her. Missy C looks amazed at this. Normally it would take a while for the animals to get used to strangers...but they begin to like Fluttershy as if they could trust her.

"There, there, I am a friend; I want to help you feel better." Fluttershy said kindly.

"My, you are indeed a natural when it comes to animals, Fluttershy." Missy C said in approval, making Fluttershy smile at this. Just then a flash appears on her flank, making the woman gasp. "Is that...?"

Fluttershy looks down and smiles as she saw a cutie mark: butterflies like on the show. It has arrived atn last.

Back with Justin's group, Rarity came back with a wagon of diamonds, smiling as she said, "I found some diamonds, daddy! Oh, these will do wonderfully on the dresses."

"Daddy, look up here!" Hayley giggles as everyone saw Rainbow flying down before putting her big sister down gently. "Did you see that?"

"Yeah, great work, Rainbow Dash." Justin said, rubbing the mane on Rainbow's head gently.

"Hey, I am loyal to everyone, including my own family. What can I say? I rule." Rainbow remarks with a chuckle.

"And you got a cutie mark too, look!" Twilight exclaims in approval. Rainbow looks down at her own flank and saw it: a rainbow in some clouds.

"Oh yeah! Looks like an awesome cutie mark to me!"

Justin then saw Fluttershy and Missy C coming back with the animals, now calm down. Big Al asks in concern, "Missy C, Fluttershy, are the animals all right?"

"They are safe and sound; Fluttershy brought them out of hiding." Missy C said as she picks up Fluttershy gently, revealing the filly’s new cutie mark, "And Justin? You will be happy to know that your daughter has a cutie mark."

"That's wonderful!" Justin exclaims thoughtfully then he spots something flashing on Rarity's side.

"Rarity, look," Hayley exclaims eagerly as she points at Rarity's cutie mark, making the white unicorn see it and smile. "You got 3 diamonds as a cutie mark!"

"I know! Isn't it fabulous?" Rarity asks happily to her big sister.

"Well, everypony here has a cutie mark..." Applejack remarks with a smile, then realizes something. "Except...where's Pinkie Pie?" The others also note that Pinkie appears to be missing. Where is that random pink pony?

Suddenly everyone heard noises coming from a barn, much to their notice. Out of curiosity, they head over with Big Al opening the doors. The humans and ponies gasps as the inside of the barn has been decorated to look like a party, tables decorated, banners set up, streamers and such put up all.

"Do you like it, do you like it?" Pinkie asks excitedly as she bounces in, smiling. "I predict that my sisters would get their cutie marks today so I decided to throw a 'Cutie Mark Party'. Do you like it???"

Everyone looks speechless...then they all laugh excitedly. Rainbow exclaims, "Oh yeah! We like it!" Pinkie giggles as she jumps over to hug the blue pony.

"You like it, you like it!"

"Pinkie, look," Hayley exclaims as she points to a cutie mark appearing on Pinkie's flank: three familiar balloons.

"Yay; I got my cutie mark! Now this party is for all of us!" Pinkie laughs as everyone begins to dance, eat cake and have fun.

Justin smiles proudly and happily to his little filly daughter. Big Al was near his friend, drinking some Apple Cider that Pinkie has found. The farmer man said, "You must be proud of them."

"Yeah...they gain their cutie marks at the same time, just like on the show." Justin remarks with a delightful chuckle. "Have you ever thought that it could happen in real life like this?"

"Nnope! But I done don't mind it. It's great being around those little fillies...especially Applejack. It's like having her as a little sister."



It was almost dark as the family prepares to leave. Justin has buckle Hayley and the fillies into the backseat while preparing to go home. Missy C said, "I will make sure to make arrangements for special teachers to come over and home-school. I know of a few who can keep a vow of silence about your children. You must be proud of them."

"Yeah, I am." Justin remarks with a chuckle, "And Big Al? I will make sure to bring Applejack over so she can help on the farm. Being a farmer is her natural talent after all."

"Eeyup," Big Al exclaims with a smile of approval. The big man can't wait to see little Applejack again.

Justin say his final goodbyes to his friends before getting back into the car and drove off. The man looks back into the backseat area, smiling at Hayley and the fillies. The little ones has cutie marks, they are so growing up.

Which worries him; As the fillies go up, they will grow up into mares, probably wish to head out on their own...and what worries him is that the day will most likely come when Celestia comes to bring them all home. Justin promised himself to be brave when the day comes.

Justin just hopes that the day doesn't come right this minute.

Author's Note:

All the girls got cutie marks! Cute, eh; Read, review and suggest!