• Published 19th Feb 2014
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My Little Mane Six - JusSonic

A story inspired by 'My Little Dashie'. Two humans' lives on Earth are changed forever with the arrival of six little foals.

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Chapter 2: Fun and Games with the Mane Six

Chapter 2: Fun and Games with the Mane Six

Justin, Hayley and the little fillies sat on the couch or chairs, watching the first season of 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'. Some parts amazed the little ones, though some scary parts (like Nightmare Moon's entrance, the storm in the sleepover episode, the Staremaster episode, and Pinkie's party episode) made Fluttershy yelp and hid under the blanket, whimpering while pretending that the world doesn't exist out there.

"Awww, come on, Flutter." Rainbow said, lifting up the blanket on a previous time that Fluttershy hid herself. "It's just a TV show...that seems to have us in them."

" Yes...but did those lives has to have anything scary and ironic?" Fluttershy ask Rainbow with a whimper.

"Come on, we're right here."

"Right, Fluttershy. We will be here to support you, little sister." Hayley assures her adopted her new sister, petting the little filly. Fluttershy calms down, smiling as she came out of hiding.

Soon the last of the Season 1 DVDs are done. Twilight blinks while asking her daddy, "Daddy? Why is it that those ponies in the DVDs look like us?"

"Well, you see, Twilight dear, that's because they are you." Justin said, beginning to explain as to why Twilight and her 'sisters' are on the DVDs.

"Are those ponies us?"


Applejack did some thinking then she asked, "Are we those there ponies?"

Justin pauses then sighs a bit, "Yes. Listen, I know this maybe a shock to you six..."

"A shock; why, it's interesting." Rarity said much to Justin's surprise. The white filly unicorn smiles while saying, "I am thinking that these ponies are fiction on TV but we're real right here. Don't you think?"

"Yeah, I mean, I would never be friends with a mean griffin with an attitude problem." Rainbow remarks with a scoff of amusement.

"Well, yew would but not here." Applejack said to Rainbow making her glare at the pony.

"Still, I wish I was brave like I was in the Staremaster episode." Fluttershy said, shuttling her hooves together. "I mean...she can Stare and get rid of the bad guys...I am a shy little pony..."

"It's okay, Fluttershy. You can be brave someday. It just takes time and courage." Hayley assures while hugging Fluttershy, making her smile happily.

"I am interested in that teacher that older me got. I wish I can meet her." Twilight remarks with a sigh. "But being as that is fictional..."

"I'm sure that if you keep hoping, your wish may come true, little sister."

Justin, hearing that, felt a bit more worst. That day may come true if what he's feeling is correct. But the man must be brave for he himself wants his moments with his new family to last a lifetime...


Once the family is done watching TV, they head outside to play. Since the house is away from the city, there is barely anyone who could see talking ponies around. The little fillies play a game of tag with Hayley while Justin was watching.

"Daddy, wanna play?" Pinkie giggles as she bounces up and down to her daddy.

"Sorry, but I can't. I gotta..." Justin said as he looks over some bills that he himself wanna take care of. But then a mischievous Rarity grabs them with her mouth. "Hey!"

"Come get them, darling!" Rarity, her mouth mumbled, taunts as she runs off. Justin gave out a mischievous smirk.

"Oh, it is so on as you would say!"

Justin laughs as he chases Pinkie and Rarity who giggles while playing keep away from the man, with Hayley and the rest of the fillies joining in. The chase goes on for a while until Justin grabs the six ponies whose giggles while his hold before falling.

"You six little scamps!" Justin laughs as he kisses the ponies on the forehead each, "You...Kenny?"

Justin looks surprised as he saw a man with black hair and a trucker cap that said 'I Love Ponies' nearby, looking amused. Kenny Uramso was a friend of Justin who visited the place often and is also a fan of the show...so you can imagine his surprise when he sees talking ponies of all things in his friend's hands.

"Hiya Uncle Kenny," Hayley exclaims, grinning towards her honorable uncle. "What are you doing?"

"Just visiting, kiddo," Kenny chuckles then smiles at the scene. "So, Justin, are those ponies you're holding or you're happy to see me?"

The six ponies looks puzzled by the comment though Justin just groans, "Kenny, please, not in the front of the girls."

"Sorry, can't resist, buddy!"


Later, back in his house, Justin told Kenny how the fillies arrived at his home.

"Sooooo, you thinking that these fillies are the Mane Six," Kenny ask Justin as he glances at the fillies now eating some apples that their new father has cut for them.

"Yeah, I know." Justin said with a nod. "It's surprising...and adorable too."

"Sounds awesome, dude," Kenny comments as he drinks a Pepsi in his hands.

"Kenny, don't tell anyone, okay? Because if anyone nasty were to find out about the idea that these ponies can talk, fly, use magic...and could be the ponies from the show...who knows what would happen?" Justin asks his friend seriously. He fears the worst should anyone who would wish harm to his new daughters find out about this.

"I totally understand, man. I won't tell anyone, I promise." Kenny said with a nod.

"Make it a Pinkie Promise!" Pinkie said, popping up with a grin. "I don't know why but I just thought it up. Pinkie Promise, Uncle Kenny!"

Kenny chuckled in amusement, but nonetheless, he said, "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."

"Goody!" Pinkie giggles as she hugs Kenny.

"So Kenny...how are you an uncle?" Twilight ask Kenny curiously after chewing an apple.

"Oh, I am not really an uncle, just a friend who is honorable." Kenny explains to Twilight clearly. "I am good pals with Justin here with the same show. Have you seen Season 2 yet?"

"No, Kenny...and I don't plan on doing so until they are ready to deal with some of the pain...or do I need to remind you of the Mare Do Well episode or the Cadenza rehearsal scene?" Justin points out to Kenny sternly, referring to the episode where Rainbow was overshadowed by her friends as the Mare Do Well and that nasty bit near the end of the first part of 'A Canterlot Wedding'.

"Ohhh, right," Kenny said with a slow nod of agreement, realizing what Justin meant.

"Cadenza; who's Cadenza," Fluttershy ask puzzled.

"I will tell ya when you're ready." Justin assures Fluttershy. He then spots his good friend taking out a box. "What do you got there?"

"A present for Hayley; Here you go, kiddo." Kenny said as he gave a box to Hayley who opens it. Inside are some jewels.

"Jewels, thanks Uncle Kenny," Hayley giggle a bit.

"My goodness, look at all of those gems!" Rarity exclaims eagerly, her eyes are shining, "Uh, Hayley? I know that they're yours...but any chance I can use them to make some dresses for us girls?"

"Sure!" Hayley exclaims. Rarity squeals as the human gave gems to her. The white filly can't wait to make some dresses.

"No cutie marks...but they are sure to appear, right?" Kenny asks, noting how the fillies don't seem to have their cutie marks.

"It's probably a slow progress but it can be done." Justin assures Kenny with a chuckle.

"I can hardly wait to see that." Kenny said.


Justin left for a few hours to get some fabric for Hayley and Rarity who wants to make dresses for themselves and the other fillies. During this time, Kenny was introducing some sort of game to some of the girls.

"Okay, in Chutes and Ladders, you gotta get to the top. If you reach a ladder, you go up the ladder to a few spaces. If you land on chutes, you go down." Kenny explains the game to Applejack and Rainbow. "Think you got that?"

"Sure do, sugar cube." Applejack remarks with a smile, "Rainbow?"

"You're going down, cowpony!" Rainbow laughs as she begins to play the game with Kenny.

Twilight meanwhile is going through some fan-fiction on the internet that Justin and has agreed to allow the fillies to read. Of course, it is strictly supervised and only the much more light-hearted, family friendly fics; no grimdark or clopfics (no responsible parent would allow little kids or fillies to read that stuff).

Twilight read something called 'Past Sins' and look a bit curious. Justin chose that time to come home with the fabric, saying, "All right, I'm back. How..." He notices Twilight on the computer, "Twiley? What are you reading?"

"Something called 'Past Sins'...I'm a bit puzzled." Twilight said in concern. "Who's Nyx?"

This brought a look of intrigue on Justin's face. He never thought Twilight would find and read a fic like 'Past Sins'. To him, it's a really great fic.

"Well...Nyx is...your daughter." Justin explains to Twilight. The filly gave a look of confusion. "Well, let me put it this way: you remember Nightmare Moon, right?"

"Princess Luna's former evil self from the season 1 premiere?" Twilight ask, recalling that episode, "Yeah?"

"Well, to put it in the way you understand, a bunch of bad ponies under a spell tries to bring her back but a filly version of her was born." Justin explains Twilight clearly. "Your older self brought her in like how I brought you and your 'sisters' in last night."

Twilight blinks while asking, "Is she real?"

"Sadly, no, it was an OC made for the fan-fic. Nyx doesn't exist on the show." Justin said, hating to give the bad news to Twilight.

"But we probably don't exist here but exist on the show." Twilight points out to her adopted father. "Would it be the same thing for Nyxie?"

Justin pauses to think then smiles while hugging Twilight, "You know...sometimes, I forget how lucky I have a smart filly like you."

Suddenly a crash is heard, the two turn to see that Rainbow has knocked over the game board in frustration. The filly groans, "I hate losing."

"Dang, no need 'ta be a sore loser, Rainbow." Applejack said with a frown. "It's just a board game."

"Rematch, now," Rainbow demands to Applejack sternly.

"Come on, Rainbow. It's a fair game, no need to make a trial out of it." Kenny assures Rainbow with a chuckle. "Did you see that episode of the Iron Pony Competition?"

"Yeah...getting too much into competition can ruin friendships." Rainbow said with a sigh, remembering that episode, "Sorry, AJ."

"Shucks, it’s okay, Rainbow Dash." Applejack said with a smile, "Ah wouldn't wanna get too competitive on yew either."

"Look, daddy!" Hayley giggles as she and Rarity shows off some new dresses. "What do you think?"

"Very good, you two," Justin said in approval. "Rarity, you are indeed a fashion maker."

"Well, if I have a cutie mark, making dresses would be my destiny." Rarity said with a sigh. Justin wonders why the filly's cutie mark didn't show up. The man recalls the flashback episodes where the Mane Six's cutie mark shows up when Rainbow did the Sonic Rainboom. Perhaps it's best to wait.

"Daddy, look what I found!" Fluttershy giggles as she came into through the door with a bunny on her back. "A bunny, can I keep him?"

"I don't know. He isn't going to bite is he?" Kenny ask with an amusing look at the bunny who looks white and similar to a certain bunny on MLP: FIM.

"I hope not." Justin remarks with a chuckle. "Yeah, you can keep him, Fluttershy, as long as you can take care of him."

"Oh, thank you, thank you!" Fluttershy said happily as she jumped to Justin and nuzzled his cheek.

"Are you going to call him Angel?" Hayley ask Fluttershy in amusement.

"Yes, Angel. Good name." Fluttershy giggles while nuzzling Angel.

Justin can only hope that this bunny is better behaved than the one on the show.


A while later after the fun cease down, Kenny went back home. Justin was relieved, knowing that one of his good pals has sworn to keep the fillies a secret.

The family spend the day reading fan-fiction of 'MLP: FIM' online, making sure that it's family-friendly for the fillies to watch. No need for the grimdark and clopfics just yet. Rainbow read one called 'My Little Dashie', there are moments in that one, especially the end that brought tears to her eyes especially when the father has to let his own Rainbow Dash go.

Justin ponders how Rainbow would feel when he has to do the same thing in this lifetime.

Dinner came around and the family was eating what they eat, with the fillies eating either apples or salads. Fluttershy was happily feeding Angel, Applejack eating some apples, Rainbow was eating like a pig though it took Hayley a few minutes for her to eat right, Twilight was reading a book while eating, Rarity eats properly and Pinkie...eats while upside down for some reason.

"Pinkie, sit right up, you're at the table." Justin said to Pinkie.

"And miss eating like this? Never," Pinkie exclaims anxiously. Justin rolls his eyes in amusement. Rainbow is right, Pinkie can be random.

"Amazing, simply amazing,." Twilight said with a smile, while putting down the book that she was reading. The mare was giving an encyclopedia of all things.

"Did yew like it?" Applejack asks Twilight, her mouth full with apple slices, much to Rarity's dismay.

"Well, I am learning more about the world than I am about...well, whatever we came from."

"Daddy, any chance we can go out?" Fluttershy ask her adopted father with a cute look on her face.

"Well, Hayley and I are scheduled to visit some friends who live on a farm. Maybe we can bring you along. They live away from the city so you won't worry about being seen out there." Justin assures his little fillies, giving some grapes to Rarity, "Some grapes?"

"Thanks, daddy," Rarity said with a grin. "You know, watching that first season, I wish I got a cutie mark like my older counterpart."

"Yeah, me too," Pinkie giggles as she bounce up right into place. "I want some balloons!"

"Yeah, it would be awesome if I got a rainbow cutie mark!" Rainbow laughs as she smash her salad, sending cucumbers right at Rarity.

"Watch it!" Rarity scowls, making the rest of her family laughs merrily at this. Even young, she is acting like her older self.


Once dinner is done, the family clean themselves off, with Justin giving his daughters a bubble bath. Pinkie splash around playfully, Hayley laughs while having a bit of fun with her new adopted sister. Fluttershy had trouble, getting scared of the water but Justin calms the filly down, assuring her that she won't be hurt. The yellow filly got into the water, seeing that her daddy was right.

Once bath time is over, Justin put Hayley into PJs and put her to bed, making a make-shift bed for the fillies to sleep in the living room. He makes a point to rearrange that room that doesn't have any use in the house into an extra bedroom for the Mane Six fillies to sleep in.

"Goodnight, girls," Justin said, kissing each of his daughters goodnight before heading off to bed. The man smiles as he gets ready to sleep. Justin is so darn lucky to have those cute fillies in his home.

Justin was only sleeping for an hour when he felt something nuzzling near him. He woke up to see a scared Fluttershy near his bed.

"Fluttershy," Justin asks, blinking a bit sleepily.

"I got a bad dream...can I sleep in here with you?" Fluttershy ask Justin with a whimper. The daddy looks at her daughter, it reminds him of when Hayley has bad dreams and she wants to sleep with her parents at nights.

How Justin longs for those times with his wife back.

"Sure, go ahead." Justin said with a nod as he motions to the top of his blanket. "Just be careful not to fall."

Fluttershy smiles as she crawls on top of the blanket, moving around a bit then lay down. The filly sighs as she goes to sleep, relieved to be near her new father who grins and goes to sleep a while later.

Author's Note:

And thus another chapter is done. What do you think? In the next chapter, it's cutie mark time! Read, review and suggest!