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My Little Mane Six - JusSonic

A story inspired by 'My Little Dashie'. Two humans' lives on Earth are changed forever with the arrival of six little foals.

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Chapter 5: Close to the Big Goodbye

Chapter 5: Close to the Big Goodbye

Time has passed since the fair. Over time, the ponies begin to grow up and be less childish. Even Hayley has grown, thanks to some help from her pals. She has gotten along very well for most of them. The Filly Mane Six has fill in the void left by the departure of Justin's wife.

The Mane Six surprisingly grow up fast but maybe it's because ponies grew a bit older than humans do. Although they have different holidays in Equestria, they also celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas like Justin and Hayley does. The Mane Six even took up making fan-fiction themselves, though kept it at rated G or PG to avoid problems.

At one point, the next year, Justin allows the Filly Mane Six to see Season 2. He knows that it's time for them to see the next season. The ponies saw themselves going through some major problems like Discord, Rainbow's ego problem that made her 'sisters' make the Mare Do Well, Fluttershy acting like a jerk temporarily, Applejack running off, Pinkie and the Cake Twins and the classic two parter wedding.

After the Season 2 episodes were done, Filly Twilight comment, "I suppose I can understand why my older self wasn't easily believed in the first part of the season finale; she didn't have hard evidence before making her accusations and she, while not a deliberate liar, DID believe things to be a lot worse than they actually were in the past."

Filly Rainbow Dash admit, "And, if your older selves tried simply taking MY older self quietly aside and talk to me when I had my ego problems, the odds are I would have ignored you and wrote you off as just jealous, which would have made it necessary to teach me an embarrassing lesson anyway."

"Yeah, you can see why those hard episodes were a bit difficult to me." Justin sighs a bit while hugging the two fillies. "I didn't like how most of you trot out on Twilight like that...and even I was upset to see Rainbow be ignored for the Mare Do Well. And you saw the Ponyville Confidential one, right?"

"Yes, I am appalled that my sister and her friends would look into my diary and invade our privacy." Rarity sighs a bit. "But I suppose we were harsh on them; Right to be angry, but harsh."

"We should remember those lessons and not be meanie harshie pants!" Pinkie remarks while eating a cupcake, "How about Season 3?"

"Well...maybe...in a few weeks." Justin assures his daughters with a chuckle. "You need to know these parts one thing at a time."

Justin of course wants to make sure that the fillies are ready to see Season 3, where Twilight became an alicorn princess at the end; One that cause some problems alongside the Brony community. Also, would they be ready to see the 'Equestria Girls' one?

Only time will tell.


It was March of one year when the big moment happened. Justin has decided to leave his fillies, who are now older and almost to their mare years, alone for the day. Hayley is about to graduate from middle school to high school and he wishes to attend it. Justin promises to give camera footage of the moment to the Mane Six, since they are still ponies and it wouldn't be good to make a fuss should Twilight and her 'sisters' were to attend.

Kenny was given charge of the ponies and is showing them some fan-fiction called 'Sonic Generations : Friendship is Timeless'. The Mane Six laughs, enjoying themselves while Rainbow comments, "Oh yeah! That Sonic guy is 20% awesome."

"Yes, and Tails is kinda...cute." Fluttershy giggles a bit.

Twilight blinks as she recalls some chapters. The mare asks, "Me with Sonic? I thought it would make sense to pair him with Rainbow Dash!"

"Well, that would be cool...but you and the hedgehog are opposite like you and Mordecai." Rainbow points out to Twilight with a shrug.

"Don't even go there. I am curious...what's this Crystal Empire, other duel and Discord reforming and stuff? Did that happen in the series?"

"Not sure, we haven't seen season 3 yet, darling." Rarity said in concern. "Daddy wants to wait to see it...come to think about it. The more I think about it, the more we are wondering if we are related to those ponies on the show or..."

"Let's find out!" Pinkie giggles as she bounces in with the season 3 DVDs. "I know how to work that DVD player! We can play this and watch!"

"Oh, I don't know." Twilight said in hesitation. "Daddy wants to wait until we're ready to see it...unless there are some moments in the third season that..."

"Well, horse feathers, Twilight! We're grown mares by now! Ah done say we go ahead an' watch it." Applejack insists to Twilight in determination. "Daddy an' Hayley won't be back for a while an' 'dis here is our chance! Come on."

"Well...all right, fine. But if anything bad happens, we're turning this DVD off."

"Yay," Pinkie cheers as she puts the DVD into the player. The mare turns the thing on as the ponies get snacks, ready to watch the whole thing.


"Sorry that I slip up, daddy," Hayley apologizes as she and Justin got some groceries out of the back. "My graduation was supposed to be perfect."

"It can happen to everyone, Hayley. You did fine." Justin assures as he hugs Hayley a bit before they head inside. "Things are a bit quiet in here, don't you think?"

"Yeah, I think I heard the TV on...and some singing."

Justin looks concerned as he heard some words from Celestia on the TV, "We are gathered here today in celebration of a momentous occasion. My most faithful student, Twilight Sparkle, has done many extraordinary things since she's lived in Ponyville. She even helped reunite me with my sister, Princess Luna. But today, Twilight Sparkle did something extraordinary. She created new magic, proving without a doubt that she is ready to be crowned Equestria's newest princess! Fillies and gentlecolts, may I present for the very first time...Princess Twilight Sparkle!"

Justin and Hayley put the groceries down as they rush into the Living Room. Sure enough, there's the ponies finishing watching the rest of the season 3 finale and Kenny still sleeping. The two didn't say a word as they watch the rest of the episode, up to Twilight flying to the camera at the end.

Once it's done, Rainbow turns and saw Justin and Hayley, the Pegasus pony spoke up, "Oh! Dad, Hayley...didn't see ya come in."

"Yeah," Justin said, scratching the back of his head. His daughters look at him in concern, having deep thoughts. It's like what happened in 'My Little Dashie' all over again; Hoo boy.

"Soooo....daddy; what's the big deal of Twilight being an alicorn?" Pinkie asks Justin curiously.

"Well, it's kinda...okay, the whole thing may sound rushed to you but it should make sense in the movie as well as the 4th season." Justin said to Pinkie in concern.

"We have a movie, too?" Rainbow asked in surprise.

"Yep...hey, listen...do you know how everything you saw in those seasons so far felt familiar to you?" Hayley ask her sisters seriously.

"Yeah," Fluttershy said in concern.

"Yeah...you see...dad and I suspected that...you are really them." Hayley explains seriously, much to the fillies' surprise.

"We're... the actual ponies?" Twilight asked in shock.

"Yeah..." Justin said with a nod.

Twilight said to her father seriously, “So everything we saw from the show was actually real. We really are them? We really are from 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'?”

Justin sighs as he admits the truth, "I'm afraid so." He knew that his day would come and was worried for the results before then.

Applejack pause a bit before speaking, "Gee, Ah don't know what 'ta say. But why did yew want 'ta tell us about 'dis now? Ah mean honest is important, but most parents are kinda worry 'dat kids or foals like us are not ready until we're old enough 'ta understand 'dis."

Justin decides that it’s time to come out with the explanation. He explains, "Because I don't 'want' any of you or us to face the same problem as 'My Little Dashie'. I don't want to hurt your feelings and trusts. Besides, all of you deserve to know the truth."

Hayley nods as she adds, “Daddy's right. Because of that, we are family. All of 'you' need to know the truth like this.”

For a moment, the ponies pause. Justin is fearing for the worst. But then Rainbow Dash said, "We get it. To be honest, we couldn't have a better family than you guys. You guys are the best. You really are generous, honesty, laughter, kindness and loyalty. But best of all awesomeness, you guys are magical."

Rarity giggles as she adds, "I agree with Rainbow. Even though we really came from real 'Equestria', but you, darlings are indeed a good family that we ever had."

"Now wait a sec. If I recall correctly from 'My Little Dashie', we learn the truth sooner or later, then that means-!" Pinkie's eyes widen in shock. She then scream and panicked, "Oh my gosh! Oh my goodness! And OMG! Princess Celestia will come to get us home, and I mean the real Equestria!"

"What," Fluttershy gasps in alarm and sadness. She turns to Justin and Hayley while continuing, "Then, that means we won't be staying here. But we want to be with you. I don't want to forget about you too. It's too much to bear."

"Me too; this is too much pain for me to think bad things." Rainbow said as she looks down in sadness. The other mares look sad, knowing that someday, they will have to leave Justin and Hayley to return to Equestria.

Pinkie’s mane flattens as she said sadly, "Me three. I don't wanna leave you guys behind. You are my Super Duper and goody and best family we ever had."

"I'm afraid that's fate. We cannot escape from it. This... IS...THE…WORST...POSSIBLE...THING…EVER!" Rarity groans before fainting right onto the couch.

"Ah can't tell a lie!" Applejack cries a bit to her human family. "Ah don't want 'ta go home without yew. Cuz we're apple pie. "There's no way Ah'm gonna go home without any o' yew."

"We are truly grateful for you, Justin and Harley, for raising, thinking and caring for us as your daughters. Thank you so much, daddy and Hayley. You guys are the BFF." Twilight explains to Justin and Hayley with a sad smile on her face. Everyone looked at her as if she's referring to 'friends'. "Not 'Best Friend Forever', as in 'Best Family Forever'." Justin, Hayley and 5 of Mane Six nodded their heads in understanding of Twilight's BFF. "I don't know what we can do. I doubt Princess Celestia will allow us to stay here or to be bringing them to Equestria. We'll be missing you but we belong in Equestria as well as our own family: my family, Applejack's, Pinkie's, Rarity's, Rainbow's and Fluttershy's. I guess this may be goodbye to both of us and you."

"We're going to miss you. You're the best sisters I ever had. Thank you." Hayley said sadly. The Mane Six and Hayley sobbed while they hugged together.

Justin looks thoughtfully as he said, "Maybe we should try. Maybe Princess Celestia may let you or us to visit each other. Who knows? Our Lord and Nature works in mysterious ways. But let me tell you something important: we maybe apart from each other, but we will never forget of each other in our hearts. I'm really proud to be your father, Mane Six, so as Hayley."

Justin hugged his daughter and Mane Six. They all say in unison, "We'll always be together no matter what."

"But until Celestia does come here, I want you all to be brave...as we will spend the best times together as best as we can." Justin assures his adopted daughters with a grin.

"Right; we may belong to Equestria, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun until then." Rarity giggles playfully.

Twilight pauses as she looks at her back, asking, "So dad...when do I get wings again?"

"I don't know. When you got them, you made new magic via Star-Swirl the Bearded's journal. Not sure how it will work now." Justin said thoughtfully. "But mark my words; you will be an alicorn again someday."

"I sure hope so!" Twilight said.

"Well, since you're caught up...who wanna watch 'Equestria Girts'?" Justin asks the family. They all cheer wildly.

Just then, Kenny woke up, looking a bit confused as he asks, "The heck? What did I miss?"

"Uncle Kenny, we know the truth about us." Fluttershy said.

"Hey, come on! You have to spread the idea that they're 'happy with other fillies'?" Kenny asks Justin in alarm.

"No, no, not that; who they are," Justin said to Kenny, wanting to assure his pal that what he's thinking...isn't THAT at all.

"Oh. Sorry." Kenny said sheepishly.


The family and Kenny spend a few minutes or so watching a DVD release of 'Equestria Girls'. Applejack cheers on, "Hoo doggy; never thought we would see 'de day when we look like humans."

"Right; I look awesome kicking that soccer ball around." Rainbow remarks with a grin.

Twilight looks at the movie in concern. Hayley, noticing, ask, "Is there a problem?"

"Oh, I don't know...it's about that Flash Sentry. He's cute...but I felt like I feel like being with another stallion." Twilight explains with a sigh. "I don't understand why."

"Sounds like one of Daddy's fanfics." Hayley remarked.

"Oooh, I adore Spike even when he's a little puppy." Rarity giggles happily. "I just wish I could one day meet him."

"Well, when the princess comes to take us back, you may." Fluttershy giggles to Rarity playfully. "Though I don't know if you should be with Spike or another unicorn."

"There is a debate about that." Kenny remarks while eating some peanuts.

Justin looks thoughtfully as he said to Twilight, "Twilight. Remember when you mentioned wanting to meet Nyx?"

"Yeah. Why?" Twilight asked in confusion.

"Well, I manage to have a pony doll that is custom-made and...well, I got a surprise for you." Justin then goes over to a closet and opens it. He came back with a custom-made doll that looks like Nyx, "Ta-da."

Twilight gasped happily as she sees the Nyx doll. "Oh, daddy, it's beautiful!" She exclaimed happily.

"See? I have it made just for you." Justin said proudly.

"Yay," Fluttershy giggles as she looks at the Nyx doll. "I wish I met the real one but this works too."

"Yeah...some half of me wishes we can bring something to life." Hayley said with a sigh. Justin pauses to think.

Is it possible for unicorn and alicorns to bring something to life with magic? Someday, when Celestia arrives, he got to ask her if that's possible.


Once the film is over, Kenny heads on phone so that the family can clean the house up. Rarity hums while dusting up some parts, Applejack uses her lassoing skills to pull some stuff into places; Rainbow helps Fluttershy out with Angel, while Twilight and Pinkie did the laundry.

"You know, watching the show, I wonder why Spike did the chores while we just not do much." Twilight said in concern as she activates the washing machine. "I feel like just a slave driver."

"Ooooh, come on. You don't feel like one on purpose." Pinkie assures her 'sister' with a smile. "There are just some complicated things; that's all. Why I betcha you care for Spike like a little brother."

"Yeah, I hope so." Twilight said with a smile of hope. Who knows? Maybe Pinkie is right. "But one thing I'm still worried about."

"Yeah," Pinkie ask curiously while folding the laundry.

"That whole 'Cupcakes' thing...it isn't real, is it?"

"Of course not! I would never make cupcakes out of my best friends!" Pinkie exclaimed in an outraged tone, "That grimdark fic is sick and disgusting! Plus, it makes me COMPLETELY out of character!"

"Okay, just checking." Twilight said with a nod, relieved. She just wants to make sure that her friend/sister isn't like that sick monster at all.

The chores are eventually done just in time for dinner. Once they're done eating, Justin and Hayley also let them read the comic book series which starts after the second season finale.

"Hee hee; Serves Chrysalis right for what she did," Rainbow laughs as she reads a comic book.

"My word," Rarity said in worry as she reads the Nightmare Rarity Arc. "I became Nightmare Moon’ How...terrifying!"

"Oh, it’s okay, Rarity. You are still our good friend." Fluttershy assures Rarity with a smile on her face.

Rarity batted her eyelashes, smiling as she said, "Thank you, Fluttershy, I appreciate it."


Justin, Hayley and the ponies continue their everyday lives. While the house is getting closer to decaying, the ponies and their human friends were able to update and fix the place, assuring that it will remain standing for a very long time.

It is a week away before the Mane Six's anniversary of them being brought into the home of Justin and Hayley. The girl is a bit excited because to her, it's kinda like a birthday, celebrating six at once. Justin has invited Kenny, Missy C, Big Al, and various folks that the ponies have made friends who are trusted with the big secret.

At some point, Rainbow and her 'sisters' are watching the Indiana Jones films. Hayley comment, "Look at how Rainbow is watching the Indiana Jones movies."

Justin admits, "Considering how her older counterpart likes Daring Do, it's not surprising that she would like the character Daring Do is a parody of."

"Dad, she is Rainbow's adult counterpart."

"Oh, I see."

"I wonder how Harrison Ford does that." Rarity exclaims impressed. "I mean, do all those amazing stunts and yet not get mowed down."

"That guy is a genius, a true legend!" Rainbow exclaims with a smirk. "Man, wouldn't I love to hang out with him?"

"Yeah, but not wit'out us worrying about yer safely, sugar cube." Applejack points out to Rainbow in concern, knowing that it's impossible to meet an actor without alerting others to the presence of talking ponies.

"Why? Can't we do secrets anymore?"

"Nope," The family remarks with a shrug as they continue watching the movies.


The big day has come a week later. Everyone that knew, care for and kept the secret of the Mane Six are invited. With Pinkie's help, Justin and Hayley were able to set up their 'birthday' party, all of them are ready. The guests are in the backyard...while the fillies are inside watching TV.

"Nice party so far, Justin." Missy C said to Justin with a smile. "But I don't see my students anymore."

"Nope! Can't have a party without them," Big Al points out in agreement, "Nope!"

"Well, we will have to bring them out, won't we?" Justin remarks with a slight chuckle. He spoke up to the guests, "Everyone, I would thank you all for attending the party...but first, I got go inside and get the birthday ponies."

The guests laugh at the joke. Justin and Hayley smiles as they head inside to fetch the Mane Six. They are in the living room, watching the fourth season of MLP on DVD. Twilight comment, "Given what happened in the third season finale, I can understand why you didn't want us seeing the fourth season too soon."

"Well, you all should turn the TV off." Hayley points out to her sisters with a smile. "Your guests are here and it's time to birthday until you all are flying, yo!"

"You'd love it! I helped prepare it!" Pinkie giggles as she bounces up and down eagerly. "Oh, there are games, cake, everything..."

"Shucks, wouldn't it 'de secret be ruined if yer're doing 'de preparations?" Applejack ask Pinkie skeptically.

"Oh, it isn't actually a birthday, just an anniversary after all." Twilight points out to Applejack with a smile. "It's all right if she can help daddy and Hayley out with the party."

"Why don't we head into the bathroom to get ready?" Hayley ask the mares with a smile. "We want to freshen up."

"What are we, humans or ponies?" Rarity giggles a bit as the ponies follow their sister to the bathroom. "Still, we must be presentable for our guests."

Fluttershy nods a bit. As she and the others leaves, Justin chuckles a bit and shake his head. Those fillies has brought joy and hope back into his and Hayley's life. And the human took very good care of them all. They wonder what could possibly ruin this day.

Just then, Justin heard a knock at the door, making him a bit puzzled. Odd, he didn't invite any more guests. Everyone is either in the bathroom or out in the back yard. In precaution he approach the door, hoping that the newcomers are friendly and not sick Bronies...or government folks who found out about the ponies and wish to do studies on them in labs.

When Justin opens the door, it was neither one...but something that he knew was coming for a long time now. For you see, the newcomers at the door is a white alicorn with light blue/green, and purple mane and tail and a sun as a cutie mark, a blue alicorn with a crescent moon on a purple background for a cutie mark, a purple Dragon with green scales that was twice as tall as the average adult pony (and ten times stronger and tougher than the average adult pony), and three mares, one is a white unicorn with purple and pink mane and tail as well as a three silver musical notes surrounded by a golden bell, a yellow Earth pony with red long hair, a long red tail and a red bow with a hammer next to an apple with three nails inside, and the last is an orange coat, a ragged, pale short pink mane, a pink tail and her cutie mark is a red scooter next to a purple lightning bolt.

The white alicorn nods as she spokes first, "Sir, forgive the intrusion...but is my student and her friends here by any chance?"

Author's Note:

The day has finally come: Celestia has come to take the Mane Six home. How will this turn out? Read, review and suggest, folks; until next time.