• Published 19th Feb 2014
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My Little Mane Six - JusSonic

A story inspired by 'My Little Dashie'. Two humans' lives on Earth are changed forever with the arrival of six little foals.

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Chapter 4: Great Times with Family

Chapter 4: Great Times with Family

Some time has passed since the filly Mane Six has gotten their Cutie Mark. They all have a great summer so far with Justin doing his best to take care of his family and keeping the fillies safe from outside forces.

Though at one point, the whole thing came into jeopardy when Rainbow tries to recreate her Sonic Rainboom once more...and of course, her family doesn't seem to approve of the idea big time.

"Rainbow Dash," Justin calls out to Rainbow in worry as she is flying in the air, trying to recreate her Sonic Rainboom, "STOP! It's too dangerous! Don't do something stupid! Slow down now!"

Hayley agrees while calling, "You're going to hurt yourself, Dashie!"

Applejack yells out, "Quit fooling around, Rainbow!"

"Darling, everything you see from the show is not real!" Rarity exclaims in alarm. Although that's not really true, the Sonic Rainboom does exist but that doesn't mean that Rainbow can do it more than once.

Pinkie Pie giggles, "I'm sure that she can make it. After all, just like the show says, I'm so 'nervi-cited'!"

"Is there such a word?" Fluttershy ask Pinkie in concern, But still, Pinkie, daddy says, we can imitate the show but not the dangerous part. But what Rainbow Dash doing is too dangerous! Please stop, Rainbow!"

Twilight screams out to Rainbow, "For Celestia's sake, will you stop?! We don't know if you can really perform 'Sonic Rainboom' again."

Rainbow calls out, "Trust me! I will! When I said 'I will', I really mean it! I am Rainbow Dash! I dare the adventure and dangerous stunt like the show did!"

Rainbow flew up and begins to head out, it looks like she will do it again...but the filly bounce back quickly, flying all over the place and out of control. Justin manages to catch her before she could hit the ground, sending both to the ground.

Justin, recovering, glares to Rainbow who smiles sheepishly while saying, "Okay, so maybe I need more practice..."

Rainbow has to sit in a corner for her reckless stunt but at least she learnt her lesson that day.


Summer soon come and gone. While the Filly Mane Six are staying with them, Justin and Hayley allow them to be home-schooled by trusted, qualified teachers sworn to secrecy (to avoid a lot of the questions that would come from talking horses attending human public school). They learn a lot of stuff like math, science, history, sports (to Rainbow's liking) and even animal care, which Fluttershy likes.

The days were a bit boring, especially when Justin goes back to the city to do work but the teachers are willing to do their best to take care of the fillies while he's gone. The Mane Six wait every minute of every day for school to be over and for Justin and Hayley to come back home each time.

Eventually, Justin and Hayley do indeed come home and the fun begins a-new. Especially one day when the ponies are visited by another pal of their adopted family: a man named Ben Chase V. He is a 22 year old boy with brown hair, blue-green eyes, and wearing a gray t-shirt, black shorts and brown shoes.

Ben works at a local comic book store and a big time MLP: FIM nut. So when Justin told him about the Filly Mane Six living at his and Hayley's room, the man was eager to come over, wanting to introduce the fillies to the Transformers series. Pacifically the Transformers Prime cartoon series and Transformers: War for Cybertron video games.

The family and friend watch the first season of 'Transformers Prime' on DVD all the way through. During the first season finale, Ben comment, "This is what the Michael Bay's movies should of been like. This is art compared to that trash."

Justin cringes a bit as he ask, "That's a little harsh don't you think? I mean they're good, flawed but good."

"Well to each his own."

"I got to say, that Optimus Prime is one interesting leader." Twilight comments with a smile to her sisters.

"Yeah, but Bumblebee is cute." Fluttershy giggles a bit.

"Bulkhead appears to be someone who is need of some matters." Rarity said in amazement. "But other than that, he is a good Autobot."

"Hey, I like them all...minus the bad guys, they are dumb." Rainbow remarks, making her sisters laugh a bit.

"You think it was a good idea to introduce little fillies to this?" Justin asks Ben, wondering if it's a good guy to expose little fillies to the action of the Transformers Prime series.

"Hey, no one say that you're too young to be a Transformers fan." Ben explains to Justin with a smirk on his face.

Justin gotta admit, his pal has a point.


"All righty, who's up for a trip to the fair," Justin announced.

Hayley and the fillies cheer on. They have waited as the fair in the city is coming up. The human has been there a few times, but the fillies, this is their first time.

Of course, Justin has to go through some precautions...

"I really don't like wearing this." Rainbow remarks with an angry scowl as she is wearing a dress and a bonnet.

Justin is dressing the rest of the fillies, saying, "Sorry, Rainbow, but I can't take the risk of anyone making a scene of talking ponies...and there will also be crazy Bronies who would love to take you home with them."

"Oh...but you and Hayley are Bronies...and you take us home, right?" Fluttershy ask her brother puzzled.

"Yeah, except there are some loony tunies who aren't nice as us,” Justin explains to Fluttershy, "They're like when the Diamond Dogs kidnapped Rarity in one episode."

"Oh dear," Fluttershy exclaimed in worry.

"Just keep the outfits on at all times, stay close to us, don't wander off and you fillies should do fine." Justin said with a smile. "There, what do you think?"

"Rarity, Ah done think yer outfits yew made fer us make us look so...frou-frou like." Applejack remarks, looking a bit annoyed of being dolled up.

"Well, I think you look a bit fabulous, AJ." Rarity gave a cheeky giggle. "You look amazing."

"I'm ready when you girls are." Hayley said, in her usual dress.

"Oh boy; can we see some clowns?!" Pinkie giggles while bouncing up and down. Fluttershy yelps a bit while shuddering. Clowns scare her.

"Maybe; Come on, we're missing out on the fun." Twilight said while trying to wear a backpack with books. The filly has trouble due to how heavy that the bag is.

"Twilight, we are there to enjoy ourselves, not go on a field trip." Justin chuckles as he took a lot of books out of the bag to give her adopted daughter a light load. "You can bring only one book, sweetie."

"Okay, daddy," Twilight said.


It was only a few minutes later as the family arrives at the fair. The fillies were nervous about people that they or their family don't know but luckily their disguises keep them safe from any insanity or recognizing.

The first thing that the family did was buy some drinks and snacks. Justin brought some cotton candy and water for the fillies (since they are obviously too young for soda yet) while getting some popcorn, Pepsi and Sprite for himself and Hayley.

"Munch munch munch munch!" Pinkie exclaims happily while eating her cotton candy.

Rainbow spots a roller coaster, then smirks while saying, "Let's go on that!" She points a hoof to the roller coaster.

"Oh, that looks a bit scary." Fluttershy said meekly while drinking her water.

"I can't believe we're finally here!" Twilight exclaimed excitedly as she drank her water.

"Come on, let's go on that ride!" Rainbow exclaims eagerly.

"I dunno, Fluttershy may get scared," Rarity said with a frown. "Besides, that ride looks uncouth!"

"Or not fer kids," Applejack said, then looks thoughtfully. "But we're ponies, so..."

"How about it, daddy," Rainbow ask Justin excitedly.

Justin hesitates but then nods. After all, his fillies need to try something once in their life, right?

"Okay, but I gotta ride with you six." Justin said sternly. "And that goes for you too Hayley."

"Okay, daddy," Hayley said.

A while later, the family got on the ride; after the safely bar is on and all the passengers are in, the ride starts. It started out slow then goes a bit wild.

The fillies and Hayley cheers on wildly. Fluttershy surprisingly ends up enjoying herself. Justin does all he can to keep from throwing up.

Once the ride is over, everyone got off. Hayley uses her allowance to buy some pictures of themselves on the ride.

"Awww, dang it," Applejack said with a frown while looking at the picture of the family on the ride. "Ah done got mah eyes closed."

"Let's go again!" Rainbow exclaims excitedly.

Justin groans a bit and frowns, saying, "Rainbow, sorry, but once is enough for my stomach for today."

"It doesn't matter, because THAT WAS AWESOME!" Fluttershy cheered excitedly.

"Yes, for once, Rainbow Dash, you picked a ride that we all enjoy." Rarity said to her 'sister' with a smile on her face.

"Well, I wonder..." Justin begins to speak curiously.

Suddenly, a squee is heard as the ponies saw Twilight pointing to a stuffed donkey doll at a games stand. The filly exclaims, "Oh wow! It's a stuffed donkey doll! Can you get it for me, daddy?!"

"It's a prize for a game stand." Hayley explains to Twilight while glancing at the game stand which is a spaceship shooting one. "I think you gotta shoot down at spaceship to win it."

"Please, please, daddy! Can you win it for me?!" Twilight ask Justin hopefully.

Justin glances as there are only four game guns for the game. He gave a two fifty to the game operator while saying, "All right...Hayley, Rarity, Rainbow and Pinkie? You go first."

"Let's do it, girls!" Hayley shouted confidently to Rainbow, Pinkie and Rarity.

The ones not playing cheer as the girls kept on trying to blast the ship quickly. Pinkie almost came close, but she kept missing. Rarity and Rainbow tries to hit the spaceship, but to no prevail.

Soon, time ran out, making the players a bit disappointed. Applejack said, "Nice try; How about we git a turn?"

"Okay, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Twilight...you get a turn...and I guess Pinkie can play again if she wants." Justin remarks as he pay the same amount to the operator.

"So how do we play this game again?" Twilight ask the operator curiously.

"Duh; just blast the spaceship and you get a prize." The operator explains to Twilight, giving a 'you got to be kidding me' kind of look on his face.

"Don't worry, Twilight, you can do it." Justin assured the purple filly.

Twilight nods as the game begins to play once more. Suddenly her horn glows a bit, much to the surprise of the others and the confusion of the operator.

The operator gasps and ducks as Twilight fires a blast, sending a big explosion. Those nearby looks shocked and confused. The operator survived but the spaceship that was hit...turn into dusts.

"I did it!" Twilight giggles playfully.

"Not what we have in mind but it works." Hayley said with a chuckle.

"I believe you owe my daughter a doll." Justin said to the operator who nervously took down the donkey doll, giving it to Twilight. The man quickly gave a 10 to the operator. "Also, if anyone ask, some fireworks went off, got it?"

The operator nervously takes the money as the family walks away. Twilight happily hold her new donkey toy, saying, "All right, this is great!"

"So awesome," Rainbow exclaim eagerly. "Let's go blow up another game!"

"I think we should keep you fillies away from any games involving blasting for a while." Justin said to his daughters with a chuckle.

"I like her! I wanna call this doll Miss Smartypants!" Twilight squeals while hugging her new doll.

"Just like in the TV show, huh, Twilight," Applejack asked in amusement.

Justin pauses and smiles a bit. This has been an interesting day.

The rest of the time at the fair involves the family watching a clown act. Pinkie was laughing while throwing pies at the clown for some unknown reason. At one point, Rarity and Fluttershy plays a simple game where they win some simple prizes.

Twilight was a bit curious about the horse rides, especially since the horses don't respond to her. Justin has to explain to her that non-talking horses aren't like she and her 'sisters'.

The family was a bit excited as they stood in line since one of the people who helped make MLP: FiM was signing autographs. The ponies eagerly got some autographs signed.

The person was curious about the ponies but decided that it isn't anything to be curious about.


It was two hours later as the family's day at the fair is done. They all went home, with their prizes and the whatnot. Twilight happily plays with her new Miss Smartypants toy while Fluttershy works on feeding Angel who was home alone while they were gone.

The family decided to end the day by watching a film. Justin looks through some while asking, "So what movies would you kids want to watch?"

"Can we watch a princess one?" Hayley ask Justin curiously.

"How about a film about animals," Fluttershy ask her father with a happy smile.

"How about a monster with monsters in it; Raaaaar," Rainbow roars loudly, making Fluttershy yelp but giggle a bit.

"What about movies with Dragons?" Twilight ask her daddy curiously.

"Movies with songs; Oh, and dancing," Pinkie giggles while bouncing up and now.

"Well, I think I got a movie with all of that." Justin said thoughtfully as he pulls out a copy of 'My Little Pony: The Movie'. "This movie is set in the 1980s and part of the Gen 1 series. I think you girls will like it."

"Shucks, it got our title on it so let's watch!" Applejack exclaims eagerly.

After a while of getting popcorn and snacks, Justin puts in 'My Little Pony: The Movie' and sits down to watch it with his family. The fillies look amazed at the land of Ponyland as well as the earlier ponies. Of course, there are some scary parts like the witches, the Smooze, the big spider and such that made Fluttershy hide a bit.

But the girls cheer on as the heroes triumph with Pinkie grinning from ear to ear over the songs in the movie. This is everything that the ponies want in a film and more.

"Looks like there's only a weird voiced version of Spike in this," Rarity said in concern.

"Well, this was years before Spike of Gen 4 was born." Justin explains to Rarity with a chuckle.

"Yes, but how come we aren't in this?"

"Well, you six's older selves weren't around yet. There was a version of some of you like the original Twilight, the original Applejack, Firefly, Sparkler, Posey and Surprise. Some fandom has them as ancestors."

"Sounds nice," Fluttershy said with a smile.

Soon the movie is over, the Smooze defeated with Megan and her siblings going back home at the end. The family cheers on wildly. Pinkie giggles, "Oh boy, I love this movie!"

"Oh yeah. Yeah, it's a Kids movie but it got some major action." Rainbow giggles a bit.

"Glad you kids enjoy it." Justin said with a grin. "Well, time for bed, everyone and pony. You all got school in the morning and I hate for you to be too rushed."

"Awww, can't we stay up long?"

"Sorry, but no."

"Daddy," Twilight whimpers as she holds up a familiar book, the same one that the filly hold when Justin first found her and the other fillies. "Can you read this before we go to bed?"

Justin pauses then smiles as he takes the book, saying, "All right, but one read tonight."

Hayley and the fillies cheer. They sat on the couch as Justin opens the book, reading about the Timberwolf. The man has read this a few times. One more read wouldn't hurt.

Author's Note:

How cute. What a nice chapter. Read, review and suggest, folks!

Twilight blowing up a game is a reference to Despicable Me.