• Published 19th Feb 2014
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My Little Mane Six - JusSonic

A story inspired by 'My Little Dashie'. Two humans' lives on Earth are changed forever with the arrival of six little foals.

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Chapter 1: Six New Arrivals

Chapter 1: Six New Arrivals

Sometimes, it's hard raising a family in tough time. On a planet we Earthlings called home, we are dealing with a lot; Threats of wars, the economy, laid offs...especially losing the ones we care for. It seems joy and love is very hard to find nowadays.

But in a house outside the city of New York, something happens that change things forever. Justin Exitor was your brown haired, green eyed man who works the day shift in the city or often works at home. The job was hard but the man does his best to make his way through.

Now, if you would say that Justin lives alone, you may be wrong. For he lives with his daughter Hayley, the two has been alone indeed ever since the loss of Hayley's mother a year ago. They do their best to be brave and move on with their lives.

Justin was working on his laptop at home, it is one of his months or working at home so he got time to do that and care for Hayley. School has been let out for the summer so she will be staying at the house. Sometimes the girl would go outside to play...sometimes she stays in her room.

Right now, Justin saw Hayley on the couch, waiting anxiously. As the man works, he mumbles, "Now then...and done! Wow, this was shorter than I thought it to be..."

"Daddy, daddy, it's on!" Hayley squeals eagerly. Justin smiles as he closes his laptop and heads over to the couch, picking up some snacks on the way. The father and daughter have been waiting all day for this.

Justin has got onto the couch just in time as a show appears on the TV: 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic', which is of course a fourth generation based on a TV series from the 80s. Hayley loves this show...and so does her father! He may be a grown man but Justin is a Brony through and through, enough to post his pleasures and makes some friends...while dealing with one spammer who wants him to stop being a Brony.

"Which episode is it this time?" Justin askS Hayley as he hugs her while the two watches TV.

"I think it's the one where Twilight goes nutso." Hayley said while eating a piece of sliced apple.

Ah, yes. 'Lesson Zero'. Justin knows that episode: Twilight was freaking out about being tardy; she tries to find a Friendship Problem so that she can send a report in on time, her friends didn't take her problems seriously, and things got ugly with a certain spell. Justin has watched every episode, knows them by heart, and enjoy them...though there has been some he didn't approve like that one bit in the first part of 'A Canterlot Wedding' two parter season 2 finale.

What were Twilight's friends, brother and mentor thinking, leaving her like that?

"Daddy, you think Equestria is real?" Hayley ask Justin as the show goes into a commercial break.

"Well, in our imaginations, honey." Justin said with a chuckle. "And in our hearts..."

"Wouldn't it be great...if the ponies do exist? Maybe then we wouldn't be lonely ever since..."

"Yeah...yeah...that would be nice, wouldn't it?"

Justin sigh, Hayley hasn't fully recovered after what happened to her mother. The little girl needs some friends...but she is shy. Being an only child can do that to some. The father secretly wishes that Equestria is indeed real. Having some ponies for friends would be nice.

Too bad you can't make friends with anything not real...or can you?


It was nighttime later. Justin has tuck Hayley into bed before preparing to do the same thing himself. His daughter's words rang in his mind. Would it be great if the ponies do exist? The two are Bronies through and through...and meeting the Mane Six would be a wonderful thing indeed.

Justin got himself ready for bed...he hears thunder clouds approaching the house. The weather broadcast did say that a thunder storm is coming. Luckily, the father made sure to take the right precautions to keep himself and Hayley safe from the storm.

Justin prepares to get some sleep...but got up, looking concerned. The man heard some knocking at the door. But who could be visiting him at this time of night? Out of concern, Justin got out of bed, head downstairs and goes to the front door. He hopes that it's someone friendly...and not a burglar.

Justin checks the peephole first, seeing no one outside then opens the door, opening the screen one as well. The man looks around outside. Weird, there doesn't appear to be anyone around. Justin steps forward...when his foot felt something below him, making him look downward.

On the porch floor in front of the door appears to be a basket with a red blanket covering it and on top is some sort of note. Is it a fruit basket or a gift one? Justin took the note and begins to look through it, reading it...

'CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected by the Humane Society as our newest candidate for the Equestrian Foster Home Agency!'

Justin looks startled a bit. 'Equestrian Foster Home Agency'; the man then heard another noise, that of...sleeping? Justin sees that it's coming from the basket, making him pick up the blanket gently...what he saw, almost made his heart melt a bit or break, depending on how you look at it.

Inside the basket is six little foal fillies, they are sleeping in a huddle near a pink card that said 'Please Give Us a Good Home'. What surprised Justin is that they look...very familiar. After taking a closer look, especially at their manes, and the small cowpony hat, the man looks shocked. He can't believe it but there it is...

These six fillies are indeed the Mane Six themselves...

Justin looks amazed as he did a quick count: one little purple unicorn filly, one little orange Earth pony filly, one little cyan Pegasus pony, one little pink Earth pony filly, and one little yellow Pegasus pony filly. They look and match the Mane Six, but are little.

What are they doing here? That reminds him. Justin goes back to reading the card that he's holding.

'We know not where these pony-like talking animals came or when they will be able to return home...but until they do, they need your help! Our newest members of our foster home initiative are:

A wild party animal who's always bouncing off the walls with energy! She loves making delicious sweets and throwing parties for her friends. She's always the first to give your day a little extra cheer, and when you're down in the dumps, she'll turn that frown upside down!

She's a fashionista who's into glamour and always looking her best! She loves glittering jewelry, snazzy outfits, and making garments for her friends. You can always count on her to look after your wardrobe and keep you looking sharp, and she'll never turn you down in your time of need!

A spunky and confident mare who's always down to impress you with her newest set of tricks, dreaming of the day when she will one day join Equestria's aerial acrobats, the Wonderbolts! But more than a spirited athlete, she's a fiercely loyal friend who is always there for you no matter what, and will never give up on you. When it comes to confident bravado and trustworthiness, she's always in your corner!

A young genius who loves to pass time indulging herself in new knowledge! There's no equation she can't solve and no homework assignment she can't breeze her way through, and she's always eager to share what's she learned with you. And when it's time to hit the hay, she'll be right by your side with a bedtime story to happily see you off to Dreamland.

Like her name, she's an adorably shy mare who loves nothing more than caring for her animals and close friends! She spend her days frolicking and looking after her many woodland creature friends, and is a selfless kindhearted soul who constantly put others above herself. She's always there to give you a good massage, some healthy snacks, or some kind words to brighten your mood!

The rompin', stompin' cowgirl farmpony is a hardworking, hungry critter! After an invigorating day of hard work, she enjoys sitting back and relaxing with her favorite food, apples, and lots of them! Armed with unstoppable determination and a dedicated work ethic, you can always count on her to see any task through to the end.

These adorable little critters are in need of a loving home and support, and promise to give you many happy days of companionship. All they need is a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, and a little love and kindness. Please consider this offer to welcome these wonderful little animals your home!

-Signed, the CEO of the Human Society'

Justin looks astounded. Even the fillies' names are in here. Is this real...has his and Hayley's wish come true? As he ponders this, he heard some movement in the basket. The fillies had just woken up, yawning cutely.

The six fillies look up and saw him; looks of cuteness and hope are on their faces. Could this be their new owner....or friend? Shedding tears (most likely of hope) came out of their eyes, especially with Rarity holding up the blanket as if she has made it and Twilight holding up a small book called 'My First Bedtime Story: The First Timberwolf'.

Justin is speechless, not sure what to say. He is not sure what to do either, wondering if he himself could take care of these six fillies. They would be heartbroken if Justin refuses them...and even if he takes them in...

Suddenly, a crash of thunder is heard, causing the six fillies to yelp and for them to cuddle together in the basket, all scared. The thunderstorm is coming.

Justin knew that he won't forgive himself if he even thinks of leaving them out here, so the man picks up the basket while saying, "Come in, you six will be safe..."

Justin closes the door as he brings the basket in. The man brought the six fillies in the basket onto the couch. The poor dears, they are still frightened...and one of them is a tough Pegasus pony.

"There, there, it's all right, just some rain and thunder." Justin said as he rock the basket, calming the six fillies down.

The fillies soon calmed down, soothed by Justin's rocking the basket. Justin looks at the fillies, checking their flanks carefully. Their cutie marks from the shows appeared to be gone. The man read a lot of fan-fiction and saw one called 'My Little Dashie', which has a man finding a little Rainbow Dash in an event something like this.

Could this be the same? Justin read the end...and it's sad since the father of Rainbow Dash has to let the fillies go. Still, the man must know...

"How did you six get here?" Justin whispers to the fillies quietly. The six look at him as if not having an answer. "Are you really who the card calm they are?"

"I...I don't know." Fluttershy said meekly, Justin looks astounded. So these fillies can talk after all!

"We just woke up...and don't remember much." Twilight said with a sigh. "We do remember some details here and there like Equestria, Wonderbolts, and what we do and..."

"No worries, I can make us funny again." Pinkie said as she takes out a pair of Groucho Marx glasses from who knows where. The filly puts them on, continuing, "Come on, girls! I wanna see you smile!"

The fillies giggle a bit then laugh a bit. Justin smile, laughing as well. Pinkie being herself is always amusing to him.

"Okay, girls, until I figure out how to get you back to wherever you came from, you six can stay with me and my daughter." Justin said with a nod. "We like ponies so you will love it here."

"Really," Rarity ask Justin hopefully. "Can you...be our daddy?"

Justin looks astounded and touched. After what happened to his wife, he never thought of getting more kids or remarried again. Come to think of it, Hayley needs more friends...and maybe these girls could fill in the void and maybe...maybe Hayley will also get a new sister; Or six, in this case.

"Well...yeah, I guess I can be your daddy." Justin said with a nod.

Hearing this got the fillies cheering in excitement as they all suddenly jumped onto Justin and hugged him happily. The man yelps, startled as he fell onto the floor with his new little daughters on top of him.

Justin laughs a bit; perhaps things will get interesting from now on. Just then, Hayley is heard calling, "Daddy?"

"Uh, excuse me, fillies, but Hayley needs me. I will be right back." Justin promises the fillies as he gently put the six fillies onto the couch. He heads upstairs to his daughter's bedroom, "Hayley?"

"I'm scared." Hayley said meekly, yelping as she hides under the cover due to the thunder storm.

"It's okay, sweetie, it’s okay." Justin said as he hugs Hayley gently, "Just a storm; Just a storm. Remember that song from second episode of My Little Pony?"

Hayley smiles as she and Justin sang the song; they all know the words from heart, remembering the scene. The girl giggles happily.

"Daddy, can we watch that episode again tomorrow?" Hayley ask Justin hopefully.

"Well, I don't see why not. I don't have work tomorrow or anything from work so we will make a day of it." Justin assures his daughter. He wonders if he himself should tell Hayley about the fillies; maybe tomorrow as a surprise.

Hayley smiles then yelp as he hears some whining from downstairs, "What's that?"

"Oh...just the windows. I will get them clean tomorrow." Justin assures, not wanting the Mane Six fillies be known just yet. "Now go on to sleep, honey."

"Okay, daddy," Hayley said.

After kissing Hayley goodnight, Justin heads to the door and waits until his daughter goes back to Dreamland. He heads downstairs and heads towards the couch. The man looks worried as the fillies appear to be missing.

"Fillies; Girls; Please come out," Justin said while looking around. Just then, he saw the big blanket shaking and moves it, revealing the Mane Six under the blanket and shivering in fright, "Oh girls."

"Daddy, why did yew leave us?" Applejack ask scared.

"It's okay, I'm sorry; I have to check on my own daughter." Justin said hugging Applejack. "I promise, I will do my best to take care of each and every one of you."

Another crash of thunder is heard, scaring the fillies again and making them hid further in the blanket. Justin continues, "How about I spend the night down here with you six tonight?"

"Yeah, daddy," Rainbow said while nuzzling towards Justin. The man smiles as he got onto the couch, the fillies move to let him lie down.

Justin puts the blanket over himself while the six fillies crawl on top of him. He smiles, perhaps things will be fine from on, especially with the thunder storm happening outside.

"I promise, I will be with your girls tonight." Justin assures the six fillies. "Good night, girls."

"Good night, daddy." The fillies said in unison as they nuzzle Justin happily.

Justin sighs as he lies down to sleep, the man and his new daughters went off to Dreamland, apparently not worried or caring about the storm anymore.

As long as they're here for each other, that's all that matters, right?


The storm has passed, Justin and the fillies were still sleeping...but not for long. A squeal of delight is heard, causing Justin to jump up awake with the Fillies yelps in alarm, almost scared out of their coats.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it!" Fluttershy exclaims in fright.

Justin looks and saw Hayley smiling eagerly at the fillies. She exclaims, "Daddy, ponies!" The girl hugs Pinkie gently. "And they look like the ones on TV!"

"Please don't scare us." Rarity said in concern, making Hayley gasps.

"And you can talk! I never heard ponies who talk except on TV!" Hayley exclaims happily. "Oh, they are so cute!"

Fluttershy hid herself in the blanket in fright as she whimpered. Hayley seems to be scaring her.

"Daddy, who's she?" Twilight asked Justin quietly, much to Hayley's surprise.

"It's okay." Justin said, calming down. He taps on the blanket, saying, "Its okay, Fluttershy, Hayley is my daughter, the one I told you about...which makes her your big sister."

"Big sister; you mean..." Hayley said in surprise but calmly. The girl felt bad about scaring Fluttershy. She lift the blanket, saying, "I'm sorry, Fluttershy. I didn't mean to scare you. I was happy and...please forgive me."

Fluttershy timidly looked at Hayley for a moment, until she smiled a bit as she said meekly, "Okay. I forgive you... sister." Then she crawled to Hayley before she jumped to her and hugged her happily as she started nuzzling her cheek.

"Awww, cute," Pinkie giggles as she bounce up, hugging Hayley happily while nuzzling the girl. "We got a big Super Duper fun sister."

"Daddy, are they staying with us?" Hayley ask Justin hopefully.

"Yeah, they are." Justin chuckles as he got up. "Well, girls, how about we head into the kitchen and have some breakfast?"

"Breakfast! Yaaaaay," The fillies and Hayley all cheered happily in unison before they all followed Justin to the kitchen together.


The new family gathers at the table, waiting for Justin who looks through the cupboards. The man got to admit, he usually makes breakfast for himself and his daughter since the loss...but now with new additions to the family, perhaps he can make more.

"So what do you kids like to eat?" Justin asks his daughters thoughtfully.

"Bacon," Hayley giggles, causing the fillies to give a worried look to her.

"Hayley, the fillies can't eat meat...I know they eat plants...but for now, how about cereal?"

"Oh yes, cereal will be the greatest." Rarity said with a smile as she picks up a napkin with her mouth, putting it on her lap, "Fillies?"

"Ugh, why do I need to put a napkin on my lap?" Rainbow asks Rarity grumpily. "I'm a growing filly."

"You girls don't need napkins...I will forgo that since you're still little." Justin explains as he pours cereal into a bowl. The girl and fillies watch as their father pours milk into some cups. "Let's see...who wants chocolate milk?"

"I do, I do, I do!" Everyone else exclaims eagerly.

Justin laughs about this. Of course, why not? He pours in some Hershey's Chocolate Syrup into the cups and stir them, making some chocolate milk. The father then proceeds in giving each of his daughters their cereal and drinks.

"Eat up." Justin said. Everyone begins to eat their breakfast with the father, who made some bacon and eggs for himself, eating later. It is turning into one of those days. "So...ugh, my back..."

Justin cringes a bit; his back is cracking a bit. He guesses that it must've happened while sleeping on the couch. Fluttershy smiles as she trots onto the counter, got onto her new daddy and crawls up to his back, massaging it. Justin sighs, that felt better.

"Did that help, daddy?" Fluttershy ask with a smile.

"Yes, thanks Fluttershy." Justin said as he picks up Fluttershy and put her on the counter, patting her on the head. She gave out a happy 'squee'.

Once breakfast, Applejack volunteers to help out with the dishes. Rainbow wanted to help though since she is still young, the filly probably can't fly yet. Justin figures that someday his new daughter will fly.

"So Hayley...don't you got to get to school?" Twilight ask Hayley curiously, checking the clock.

"No need, it's summer so I don't go back to school until September; I am here all summer long." Hayley explains to Twilight with a grin.

"No school? But how do you get by the day?"

"Playing outside...oh! And watching TV too! Daddy, can we watch 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'?"

"What? What is this that you speak of?" Pinkie asks curiously, for some pony who likes the break the 4th wall on the show, she sure doesn't know about the show itself...

Unless of course Pinkie doesn't remember; Justin is worried about the idea of allowing the fillies to watch the 'MLP: FIM series'. He got all 3 seasons on DVD so far, but recalls the 'My Little Dashie' of how Rainbow find out about her life in Equestria, how angry she was that her father in the story never told her the truth, how the mare run away one day, the impact...and the forgiveness.

Justin is not sure if it's a good idea to let them know about their lives...but perhaps it's to do so now than regret it later.

"All right...but only season 1." Justin said with a nod. It’s best not to let any the fillies sees some of the troubles that they will get into the next two seasons...for now.

The kids cheers as they head into the living room. Justin chuckles a bit. If his wife is still living, she would be proud...

Of course, Justin sighs as he goes into the living room to join his extended family, preparing to put the Season 1 DVD. If these ponies are indeed the Mane Six...and if their appearance is like what happened in 'My Little Dashie'...there's a possibility that Celestia may come and want to bring them back someday...what then?

Justin decides that it's best to wait...and enjoy his new family until then.

Author's Note:

First chapter is done. More will be coming so read, review and suggest!

The stuff on the card is mostly made by Engrishman on deviantART, the arrival is influenced by a fanart that he made.