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[NOW RETIRED FROM WRITING] I'm a Scotsman who liked to write stories, not all of which were of the self-insert variety.


Geo and Twilight Sparkle: Husband and wife. Father and mother. Prince and Princess.

They have been through so much in their time together, and their love has never been stronger. So what is the best gift they can get each other when it comes to Hearts and Hooves Day, especially when they both agree that having each other is good enough?

Twilight thinks she has the answer — a spell that will allow the couple to swap bodies for a day. After all, nothing says "I love you" like seeing the world from your partner's point of view.


Based on an idea left on my profile by Angels.

For the purposes of this fic, pretend that Equestria Girls never happened.

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Comments ( 13 )

Very good mein freund!:moustache:

But i liked equestria girls

It does feel a little rushed, but it was great all the same, I can't help but feel that this needs to be expanded somehow however. By the way Geo Equestira Girls may have given Twilight a sense of what it to be Human but not a sense of what it's like to be Geo, and was that foreshadowing I saw in there?

In the story it says that it is his first heart snd hoves day yet you also say the did their anniversary last year so yea i dont get it

I like it thumbs up:twilightsmile:

What, no commentary from Twi about experiencing Geo's meat cravings firsthand? :facehoof:

:ajsmug: :trollestia:

AWWWWW YEAH! :pinkiehappy:

For the purposes of this fic, pretend that Equestria Girls never happened.


You could have easily made this into a lemon in my opinion.


When I said 'anniversary', I meant 'wedding anniversary'.

it was good no rush here.

They could have achieved the same thing by spending the day following one another around. One day for Geo and one day for Twilight. Granted, there would have needed an increase of communication, so that they could convey what they were thinking/ feeling.

What really didn't get explored was the strangeness and awkwardness of swapping not only bodies, but sexes as well. There could have been stuff done on hormones. There should have been stuff done on the absence of their normal (and familiar) sex and the strangeness and awkwardness of having to deal with a sex one was never born with. There should have been stuff done with equilibrium adjustments and basically having to relearn how to move again. Plus exploring the strangeness of joints bending the wrong way, than that of their normal bodies, as well as the strangeness of having hooves/ hands.

There are other things which I could mention, but hopefully that gives you some ideas, should you either want to: A) rewrite this story to address the issues I've raised. Or B) give you ideas and direction should you choose to do another body-swap story.



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