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Twilight looked up from the stone. ā€œIā€™m not exactly sure where it came from originally but there are traces of magic embedded in the stone. Whoever made it was either a Unicorn or an Alicorn. And it was meant to wind up in your hooves.ā€

Rainbow Dash is having a lazy day when Pinkie Pie gives her a strange stone. Through many trials and discoveries, she embarks on a quest like never before. Her courage will be tested and her heart tried. And she may never be the same again. Only time will tell.

Chapters (34)
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Comments ( 16 )

Good but the chapters are too short and needs to be updated more.

This is my first MLP fanfiction. I'm almost done with it (though I haven't posted the next 30 chapters here quite yet) and trust me, the chapters get a LOT longer.

Keep up the good work thanks.:rainbowwild:

So...Dash was tricked into trying to get rid of her past self?...she does realise that could wipe her from existance right? Right!? :rainbowderp:

God future Rainbow is stupid :facehoof:

Hmmm...i got to thinkin...
Starswirl made the stone to see into the future but it ended up becoming a time traveling device. He made two with engraved cutie marks on them. One was Dash's the other was destroyed (i think). The one with Dash's cutie mark was obviously made by Starswirl. What if...Dash was his daughter or niece? What if, as a filly, she accidentally fell onto the stone and was transported to the future? When she reappeared in the future, her present/past...y'know what i mean! She dropped the stone, near the Everfree. The reason why she had to parents is because her parents died millennia ago!

....sorry, i tend to over think things

...why the heck is it abducting ponies?

Don't be sorry. This story is meant to challenge everything...:pinkiecrazy:

Ooh, the plot thickens!
(I have no idea what im doing, you may ignore me :pinkiecrazy:)

So is a sequel planned??? Or is this just a major cliffhanger? I just loved this story! I wish for it to continue! Or a sequel, or whatever... :twilightsheepish: But that's entirely up to you... It kept me gripped throughout the whole time. I went to work and was distracted quite often thinking of this story! There was a few sad parts, granted they were good. I also wish Scoots had a bit more of a role in this. Seems like she was a bit put off as more of a background character... They had their parts, yeah, but it seems that you could've expanded a bit on what they all done... :twilightblush: Sorry... I just really loved the story and I just wish for you to prosper and, hopefully, make a sequel... Anyhow. You deserve this mustache. :moustache:

4301835 Why thank you! Yeah, I'm planning a sequel. Gonna post it after I finish chapter 2. Don't know how soon that'll be though. EOC testing at school and stuff. :facehoof: But as soon as I can, I'll get it up!:pinkiehappy:

Kill yourself, Dash! You heard him, right? If you die you go back to your time. Let's take a look at the exact wording...

If you kill her, her spirit will return to her time and our time will resume its normal flow.

Okay... That probably actually means if Dash kills you, but still... It can't hurt to try, right?

... That... Is GENIUS. New headcanon for Dash, accepted.

sorry for replying to a comment from donkey's ago... You'll have to just accept it, I'm afraid. You are everywhere you know that? Every fanfic I read has either you or SolidFire lurking in the comments. Seriously. What is it with you people?

4729802 Me and him are two of a kind :pinkiecrazy:
Brothers (nat actually) running amock!

....we just have no lives :rainbowlaugh:

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