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I enjoy writing a lot.


Dawn Waves is a pegasus who has had much stolen from her. She deals with grief in the only way she can, by going to the cliff overlooking the woods and thinking. When she attempts the unthinkable, a chance encounter could help her to move on, and even change her life for the better. But, of course, it's not always that simple.

-Written for the Bat Ponies and Thestrals 2nd Annual Writing Competition

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I loved The Sun's Descent. It is creative and haunting, perfect read for an autumn night. The brilliant descriptions put me right into the story and I could feel and see it all... Looking forward to reading Zetriax's other stories!

Not bad, not bad at all. Like all OC-only stories it's a real shame that not many have read it, and if I have time I might give a more detailed review if you want.

The story was really well done, and I did not see that plot twist coming at the end at all.

You, sir, have gained a new follower. Good job! I've never seen a story like it! :moustache:
Got any good tips for a new writer? If you don't want to reveal any of your secrets you don't have to though. :twilightblush:

I loved this. It was amazingly done. Take my favorite and like!

Beautiful story. It was really well written and it was just so... wow. I'm glad I read this.

How does this not have more views?! It's amazing!

It's not that bad, smoothly flowed plot, and some imagery here and there, but like the idea of them just flying away and going to a new place all of a sudden without second thought doesn't really fit in my jigsaw.

I mean, that idea happens in many stories and movies, but that's what makes the beautiful work of art incomplete.

Still gets an upvote!

It was an increadably emotional fic for me. Loved it :twilightsmile:

A very sweet story and a nice little twist. I don't care if Dawn ran off with her friend in the end. Love goes a long way.

This is such a sweet story! An upvote, a favorite and a watch for you, Zetriax!


I haven't actually read your story, but I'm going around asking people their opinion on fimfiction's new tagging system.

I noticed your story currently uses more than three "blue" tags - which is the new allowed maximum if you try to edit your story description. ("Blue" tags are genre tags other than "Alternate Universe", "Anthro", "Crossover", "Human", "Second Person".)

How would you tag your story using only three "blue" tags?

I'd probably remove the "Sad" tag. I haven't made any new stories in a long while and haven't been on frequently at all so the new tagging system is news to me.

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