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Over the years of her life, Rainbow Dash has come across all kinds of magic, from the elements of harmony to transdimensional crossings to sending a purple unicorn into some sort of space dimension and somehow assisting her in becoming an alicorn. But now, a new challenge awaits her. Ponies from another world where chaos rains have arrived in Equestria, bringing with them the threat of conquest. Will she awaken a new power within to save Equestria, a power that has been sealed inside of predestined pegasi since the original battle with Discord, or will she lose herself and Equestria at the same time?

Hello guys! This is my first fanfic and as such, will probably not be that great, but I'll do what I can. The cover art is not mine. It was made by Izeer on Deviantart. Here is the link. http://izeer.deviantart.com/art/Super-Rainbow-Dash-351636789 Now that that's out of the way, enjoy.

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Whee! First chapter in and I kinda want to punch you!
Not a good sign!
Mostly this!

And, if your good, I'll even let you deliver the killing blow to those princesses that controll the planet.

Don't kill Luna!

oh god kill me

It was okay, then the last four paragraphs.
It just...
It... no.

:twilightsmile: EEEEEEEE can not wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I'm moving through science classes right now and I just learned about how sodium reacts to water. I figured only Pinkie would try something like that, so I had to throw it in there. Also, there is an extra suprise connected to that coming in the future.

i haven't really read it that thoroughly but it honestly doesn't look very good, you have some grammatical errors and i think it would be better if you picked more of an "underdog" pony. after all, rainbow dash already gets a lot of attention and has a very strong personality, so if someone more timid like fluttershy or maybe someone less overrated like AJ was the main character this story would be better. just my two cents.

I know what you mean about the grammar. I was never the best with that and, since Word won't correct everything, any help you can give me on that would be much apreaciated. Also, the main reason I chose Dashie was because she happens to be my favorite pony. For a first fanfic, I wasn't sure how well I could do with the other characters. After some more input on my writing style and how I portray the characters, I'll develope them and right some more stories with the other ponies as the main protagonists. Just wanted to wait for feed back that way I could make everypony's stories as good as they could be. X)

:twilightsmile: its not a bad story and for a first fanfic its pretty good too :twilightsmile:
:rainbowwild: also Dashie is best pony :rainbowwild:

Thxn. If you have any sort of ideas on how I can imporve the story, please PM me and I'll see what I can do. :rainbowwild:

Maybe one follow-up every three mane 6 chapters?

2164261 Sounds good. If it ends up being conveniant with the current plot involving the mane 6, then i'll try to fit it in. :)

beet him

Sombre was turned into a plant? :rainbowderp:

2171464 Right! I was wondering if I had it spelled right. Thnx, :rainbowdetermined2:

If you run into any grammar errors while reading, please PM me or leave a comment. I've done my best, but I'm no where near perfect. Any help I get will be greatly appreciated.

:rainbowlaugh: OH GOD PLEASE DO SOME MORE :rainbowlaugh:

indeed this story is amazing:twilightsmile: next chapter please? :rainbowwild:

By the way, a person's aura should become whiter as they approach death, not black.

If you're refering to the state of Rainbow's soul (the black expanse), then that's simply my depiction of what a soul would be like. That is, looking out into the real world from the soul itself. Or existing in the soul, like Twilight is in this chapter.

gasp! what happened to rarity!
I love it so far.

If you feel that one of my men has harmed your dignity in his manner of killing you, please submit a complaint form to my brain after death. Thank you."

i love it! :rainbowlaugh:

What is up with his obsession with bagels!

I don't think that magic (*snort, snort*) would be enough to protect the brain from 20,000 volts applied directly to forehead

Well, that's Twilight sparkle for you. Becoming an alicorn, re-igniting (for lack of a better word) the elements of harmony, stopping ancient enemies on more than one occasion, (not necesarrilly in that order) and stopping a crap ton of electrical damage. ;) Ain't ponies great? :D

how is this related to rainbow dash..? :rainbowhuh:

2264098 just keep reading. The first chapter is a prologue.

may god have mercy on your soul should you kill luna:pinkiecrazy: ps why does the size changer not work

Dammit, if my best friend was dying I'd frickin cry. If someone was the cause of my best friend dying I'd kick Thier ass.


Yeah. I caught that, but I don't think I went back to edit the previous chapters.

...Ahem. Looks like someone forgot to give credit to the original creator of the Super Dash concept. Hm.

What do you mean? Is there another story with this cocept? If so, sorry for that. The main reason I wrote this was because I hadn't seen it before. I believe in the description I said that any resemblance to another story was coincidental.3116033

It's not that. I'm talking about the cover art.
If you happened to see artwork of her with a white coat and a flaming rainbow mane and tail before you wrote this, then you have to know that I am the guy responsible for her design and concept. Izeer did NOT create her. Only drew her.
So if its my concept you're using here, then please credit me for her. That's all I ask.

3155558 Well shoot. Sorry about that. I've never seen you before and I had no idea that you'd created the concept. The artwork on deviantART didn't mention it, so I couldn't have known. I'll remedy that right away. :)

3155558 so that's where the hype came from. I've been seeing those around lately, and curiosity was killing me to know where super rainbow dash came from. I thought to myself, "this isn't part of the show," so i try to find out where they came from.

Yeah. It's a bit annoying when people don't credit me for her. *shrug*
Well, now you know who's the guy behind her... eh? =)

One member got curious as to what a small blue button on a seperate console did. Lance tried to warn him, but it was too late.

As soon as the pony pressed the button, the console lit up with a brilliant white light. After it died down, the pony saw something that he wouldn't have believed unless he saw it with his own eyes. Sitting on the console was a steaming, fresh baked muffin.

Muffin Button :pinkiehappy:

The inner nerd in me is making me point out (even though this story was finished waaaaaay before I found it)

Cesium would make a much better bomb. Sodium burns, cesium and francium (if I recall correctly) explode.

A cupcake made of cesium... That would be very scary.

Just felt the need to post this months after anyone would actually care.

No! I'm glad you pointed that out. The main reason I used that metal was because we were learning about it in science, so I thought it might be cool to have it in the story. :twilightblush: Damn me and my ammeteur story. Regardless, again, thank you for pointing that out to me. :twilightsmile:

This story reminds me all to much of dragon ball z.

i wonder one thing that he don't know that elemente will never work for him he should get more info but i don't think he the shapsh knife in the draw ps sory for miss spell and:facehoof:

pinkie with a bomb the world is DOOM!

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