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Zack could've sworn that he died. He closed his eyes for a few minutes, then found himself floating into the sky toward what he thought was Angeal's hand, welcoming him into the life stream. But then he woke up to a purple alicorn in his face and fire surrounding him.

EDIT: I'm going through some minor edits right now, so some things won't make sense. For example, characters keep jumping between knowing what a 'human' is and complete confusion at the mention. Please, bear with me for the moment while I work through it.

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Separoth really has no reason to be there that is not where mother is so he should probably return to his own world to find MOTHER. tis all I have to say.:twilightsmile:

Im feeling a little iffy towards this. I like the concept of putting some of my fav characters in the mlp universe, but i think you need a revisor who has read a lot of proffessionally written stories. Also, maybe make it seem more like reality and less like a video game.
Good luck, hope this turns out well

Thanks. I was thinking about making it more realistic, but I wasn't sure how I could work it in without losing a lot of what makes Final Fantasy 7 what it is. If you've got any ideas on how I could do that, I'd love the help. :pinkiesmile:

meh its good but its not for me good luck my firend:twilightsmile:

Sorry but The ponies shouldn't even understand most of the things that are going on and separoth does not grimace he only remains stoic and smiles when he's about to kill or is in a fun fight. not to mention I would suspect zecora of having the idea's for the expansion slots not rarity... sorry but I cant continue this even if it is good and has characters I like.

good luck.

I understand what you're saying about Sephiroth. The main reason I'm having trouble with his portrayal is because his appearances in FF7 are few and far between, apart from the end. He was explained more in FF7 Crisis Core, though I only got to play the game once. Thanks for the feedback though. I'll try to go off of that. Also, Rarity has had a lot of experience with enchanting jewels and, as such, has gained some experience with binding them and their power to other items. Also, everypony is freaking out about Sephiroth's appearance, but we're not focused on everypony right now; we're focused on Zack and Twilight. Again, thanks for the feed back. It's much appreciated. :twilightsmile:

It's a great story idea, but it feels rushed. Zack dies, taken to equestria, then fights sephiroth, who by the way couldn't have just come right before him when sephiroth was defeated years before Zack's death.

Only a couple of words for when Sephiroth showed up. Wibly wobly, timey wimey, stuff. It'll be explained more later.

The worst part was, Sephiroth could feel it. He knew he wouldn't be able to take that much damage since he had just used all he had left to teleport here before Cloud could kill him. He tried to turn and run, but too late.

Sephiroth would never run like that :ajsleepy:
lol i was playing this while reading the beginning and it was soo sad

Man, I saw this and I was like, "WHOO! New chapters!" Now I'm like, "man, you're really pulling on my heartstrings here." Best of luck in continuing the story, and please update this as well as the Kingdom Hearts one soon. :pinkiesad2:

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