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Applejack has always been Ponyville's most dependable pony, always willing to help when needed. She's an expert with her lasso and has recently joined the Ponyville gun club. But when she's framed for a murder in a bar in Canterlot, will she be able to clear her name in time after escaping from prison? Will her friends believe the element of honesty when she needs them most? Or will a raggedy Doctor and his assistant show up to help?

There isn't really much gore. There are frequent descriptions of blood, and possibly some gory-er scenes later in the story. Cover art is not mine. The deviant art link should be with the picture if the link got accepted. Cover art by *TheDracoJayProduct. Story inspired and loosely based around Bob Dylan's song, Hurricane(and when I say loosely, I mean VERY loosely). Here's the link. http://www.mp3olimp.net/bob-dylan-hurricane/ I do not support piracy or encourage it. I could not find this original song on YouTube, but this list has several mp3's of the song that you can listen to. Remember, piracy is stealing! Make sure you listen to one that lasts for about 8 minutes and 33 seconds or so. That's the correct version.

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heres' the story of the hurricane, the mare the authorities came to blame, fer that shed never done, put in ah prison cell, but one time, she coulda been, champion of equestria
luv Bob Dylan and this story!

Nice story!:pinkiehappy: Not much to say though! Can't wait to read the whole story!
Peace Out,

:pinkiegasp: What a story! Even cooler since it's based off a song!
Also, DERPY NO! :fluttercry:

Thanks :twilightsmile: I'm glad you're enjoying it. It's been awhile since I've posted a new chapter, but it will be released today (the 31st of March).

Hmmm. So, the premise of the story is interesting, but I feel like there could be a lot more fleshing out the details. I mean, I get wanting to put the gist of it out there and be on with the story, maybe even leave some of the bigger details for later and hinting towards them now, but I think you could have slowed down the story in the beginning with a little less exposition and a little more narrative as to what was going on rather than saying what was happening. It could have added some atmosphere to the story.

Second, you refer :derpyderp1: as both Ditzy Doo and Derpy. You might want to hold to one. And how does Applejack know the Doctor so well - or everyone, for the matter, know the Doctor so well that she can hear rumors about it? And when she mentioned Vinyl, the doctor replied with "Vinyl Scratch...." and there wasn't any inference as to whether he said the name because he knew the name, or if it was just an author oversight. And how does Applejack know anything about alternate universes, when it's a rare event for the Doctor, as well?

Also, I think Applejack would be a little more shocked at the idea of a big blue box ending up in her jail cell than just, "Oh, it's the Doctor....must be Tuesday!" unless he is TRULY that ubiquitous in Equestria - but I like my Doctor to come with some mystery and more rumor than for ponies to know him, unless it's explained more later.

Also... "Allons-y!" not "Avante" unless that's a reference I'm not familiar with.

Eh-hem, enough with that, on to the positive:

Interesting how you made it into a race thing. And I like how you portray the Doctor - he seems pretty Tenth Doctor to me. And it's a story about Applejack, and I can't pass that up. I'm gunna move on to the next chapter now...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Avante was the Doctor's new catchphrase in "Doctor Whooves and the Assistant" series on youtube. That's why I chose that instead of Allons-y. The reason I bounced between Ditsy and Derpy is because different ponies know her with different names.
Also, thanks for the excellent feedback. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story. :)

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