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This story is a sequel to Rainbow's Quest

Once, she saved the world from destruction. But now...

Life is normal for Rainbow Dash... well more or less. Dreams haunt her night and again of events that never happened, or so she thinks. Little does she know of her past adventure, it was erased from the timeline, right?

But the past has a way of catching up. And she will be unable to avoid it when the time comes...

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 18 )

As soon as Word starts working again, I'll finish chapter 3. Whenever that'll be... :ajbemused:

Uhhh....is there a chance you could give an update for when the next chapter comes out?

4516795 I'll try to. I've never been asked to supply updates before. :twilightblush: I suppose I could finish the next chapter by this coming Saturday, but that really depends on if Word wants to keep functioning properly. It has a habit of crashing unexpectedly. That's what took the last chapter so long. Anyways, I upgraded it to 2013 version, so hopefully it holds out. :derpytongue2:

4519517 you could keep a back-up online just in case it decides to up and crash again. Use G.doc to write it and use word to run through it correct any grammar and punctuation mistakes.

4520649 I might. The only problem is that I have limited access to internet during the day. We have 10 GB of data a month at my house, which split between my dad, our roomate, and me, doesn't last for more than three days. So usually the internet is extremely slow during the day, which prevents Google Docs from working properly. I do have from 12AM to 5AM where the internet speed picks up again, but I'm usually asleep before then. So, I'll stick to Word for now. I've never lost more than a paragraph when it crashes anyways. I keep all my saves in a backup drive... Oops, so many words... :rainbowderp:

This is good
I'm pretty in to this story
I was kinda let down that there was no chapter 4 so far but keep up with the latest stories and such
Plus rainbows quest looks good
I might try it

I really enjoy this story, and wish you the best! ^^

Nya~! Thank you! Been waiting for this one! :raritystarry:

Wow. Great chapter. I wonder who is this lady? Also will Soarin get to Dash or not? I guess we will see soon.


6673486 I will soon. I have finals coming up at college, but the next chapter's nearly done.:twilightsmile:

As much as I would love to bring a new chapter out, I just haven't had a whole lot of time to spend on fanfics since graduating. I'm not saying I'll never update it, but it could be a while longer.

you do not continue this story?

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