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Just another University-edicated fanfiction writer who prefers the cheers and laughter of ponies to madness and sorrow.


"Twixinkilda," the chapter of "Contra the Heresies" was generally well-liked, but the main subject, the Serpent Crown, was seen as an interruption of the romantic action.

This is that chapter, purified. These are the stories of two very sweet, very odd couples, going about their lives as very weird and unique folks. An abdicated former princess, a Cannonite ex-rock-farmer; an Egg Grabber Bald griffiness, a Roani stage magician. So much oddness, so much love.

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This is... I'm missing some context for a lot of this.

3324036 There are just references to events that seem like non sequitur. I'd have to re-read the thing to tell you and I don't have the time at the moment. This was part of another story I guess?


Most of my stories occupy what I called the "Spoiled Barrel" fanon because they are in a universe that includes the character Bad Apple. The references to Gilda and Rainbow Dash and the whirlwinds are from "Elements of Discord". Ditto Professor Sliver and Paddock 51. That's also where Pinkie and Twi became a couple. As for Opal and Angel having kids, that's "The Accident."


I think he is referring to what got Dash, Spike and AJ so up in arms about Twilight. Some previous incident that is vaguely referenced.
Also, AJ, man. That is one thick accent you have going on in this one. I had a hard time understanding her in some places.

Anyway, onto what I came for, Gilda x Trixie. Gimme.


Next week, I hope. As you'll see once it passes moderation I have an October project that's taking up my time. Halfway done and it's over 8K words.

Egg Grabber? Is this the Gilda from Gut-Buster? :pinkiehappy:


In the fanon in which this takes place, Egg-Grabber is a griffin insult for a lesbian griffin, equivalent to "dyke" or similar.

bottles brooms and. bottles, brooms, and.

that reaches nearly. that reached nearly.

me, I don't. met, I don't.

ya has yer. ya have yer. Went hick there.

parch bench. park bench. porch bench?

gal jes like. gal jus' like.

she weren't. she wadn't.

Not much to go on yet, just paranoid Twi.


Huge world, lots and lots of stories that unfortunately only I and a handful of others have read. Cliff notes version: when Twi was falling for Pinkie she thought Rainbow was involved, slowly lost it, tried to kill Dash with a tornado, got slapped to her senses.


Well, this was a suggestion by Kipakuta. He wanted to see Minty, a pony from a previous ganeration, much in the same way he created fourth gen versions of Toola Roola, Lancer (As Lanzenreiter) and, oddly, the Smooze. As I said this will be vigniettes. Just little stories that may not reference or connect to one another. I mean heck, one is going to be Pinkie and Twi playing one of their oft-mentioned tabletop games.


Which will be amazing.

Hmm, I wonder why there've been no Kip comments lately.


Life is in the way. I talk to him regularly on FurAffinity. He's also tinkering with some non-shared-fanon sexual notions using some of his particular fetishes like hypersized parts, proper hermaphrodism, hyper-pregnancy and miscellaneous body modifications.

I have no idea how that game functions. What did you base it on?

I was sort of worried something was going to cause an issue similar to Twi's psycho jealousy levels and am quite happy we get a nice quiet day with my favorite odd couple.


The game Pisha Pasha. That's literally how it works, I just had them play it with tarot cards. I actually modified Solitaire to be played with tarot cards, major arcana included.

The game is really quite easy, with some strategy and memorization required. Trixie's whole thing, though, was to say "I love you so much I want us to be old and boring together." perhaps not so oddly, that's a message that I like to show ("Bad Girls", for example.) I'm not in the camp deifying the concept of youth and burning out. I prefer the fade out, adding years and years of joy and love ("The Long-Eared Temptress- The Stallion in the Mirror" uses that as a protection against becoming a murderous libertine.)

You can see how their lives are different: given that Pinkie and Twilight have lots of friends and live inside of a town they get a lot of scene changes and interaction; Trixie and Gilda keep to themselves and are fated to have a lot of Bottle Episodes.


Yeah, it was a cute chapter with a cute message from a cute couple.


Excellent. Now I'm working on the next Twinkie part.

What is up with the title of this chapter. Trixda, really Gabs? You of all people should know it's GildaTrix. Not Trixda, that's just stupid. Also how are they having kids, I mean I'm all for the power of love and junk but biological restraints ain't easy to overcome especially with two different species. And if you write a side story with either Gilda or Trixie getting a penis, I will be very disappointed. Cause we will by that point know you can do better. But other than that nice to see more GildaTrix, keep it going.


First off, the title is my common portmanteau name, meant to be a contrast to Twixie, or as a companion to Twinkie.

The children, however has been explained in other stories. According to Equestrian sociolegal norms, artificial insemination is the method by which two mares have their own child. The identity of the donor is entirely erased; by law the two females are the parents of the resulting foal, even of one had nothing to do with it. This was actually a small point of concern for Gilda (in "Las Canciones de Voltaire: Number 1 Fan") because Griffin tradition does not hold that. She's worried that even if the Equestrian law says their children are theirs, Griffin law will further cut off her offspring from her rightful inheritance. She's slowly starting to not care because the Roani will love and accept her in ways her own family and nation never did.


Or, as I like to say, as do others I know: "Family is more than blood"

Ah Granny Smith, you racist old nag, how I haven't missed you.

I understand Twilight's and Pinkie's dilemma way too well. I remember going to my mom (mathematician who intended to teach until she realized other people's children are little assholes who don't have to listen to you) when I was first starting to delve into the harder bits of algebra and geometry. It was awful trying to figure out what she was trying to teach sometimes, just because we couldn't reconcile the gap. I myself now have to teach a lot, but of much more than just the math, being guildmaster, raid leader, and all around most knowledgeable person in my guild and boy do I know I frustrate the hell out of people I'm trying to teach. Information overload glazes the eyes of many a raider on a new fight, but I'm getting a little better at it I think.

That equation, I see what you did there.

โ€œAre you going to Paddock Fifty-One again?โ€

Part of me is now trying to picture the pony equivalent of Grey aliens.

will you be walking straight up to Professor Sliver?โ€

Is Prof Sliver silver? Also, I have a feeling this is a reference that I'm not getting.

Ain't stopped men 'n' Dash from getting' engaged,

How many men, and why isn't AJ more upset about this? Or is it like California law, that half of them are AJ's?


other people's children are little assholes who don't have to listen to you

I think you could cut out the two words at the beginning, actually.

Also, that's rather rame compared to some fic versions of Granny I've seen. She didn't kick Mac off the farm for dating a non-pony, nor AJ for being lesbo.


No, the words need to be there. My mom wasn't super strict but you better do what she says if you know what's good for you, with good for you being a book or something you wouldn't get if you were a pain.

And the only reason Granny was holding herself back was Luna herself told her to back the fuck off or she'd have a problem. All from Big Mac and Smarty Pants' big story The Heroes Journey. As for AJ, 6:1 ratio mares to stallions with the ability to use artificial insemination means that lesbian couples are fully accepted by society; male couples are only a recent acceptance by order of Celestia and old folks like Granny are still assholes about them.

3907809 Ah, see, when I was a kid, I tended to get books when I was bad. In hardcover, to the head.

As for Granny, that's why I specified "other fics." Specifically by Kafkasaurus, where Granny kicks AJ off the farm for being lesbian.


This Granny is much more insidious, with nigh complete control over the entirety of the apple family.


Paddock 51 and Professor Sliver are from my first series "The Elements of Discord." Paddock 51 exists but is a repository for dangerous magic. Professor Sliver is self-exiled to The Mountains of Madness, which have magic-nullification properties. He's also the Cult-Finder General, and Twilight's former teacher.

The AJ and Granny situations were well clarified.


I've long wanted to be a teacher but I somewhat suspect that I would be bad at it. My tutoring forays show as much.

Granny is my favorite anti-villain. Old folks are good at that.

You wish you be. You wish to be.

You adore I. ...Gabe.

There's guards back. There's/re guards in the back.

That's funny, she doesn't look druish.

You know, it would be prudent that when you hire an act with aerial acrobatics and pyrotechnics that you are prepared for such things.

Photo Finish as a Roa, I can see it. You know what you have to do now though, right?


I'll hit the corrections at the next opportune time.

What do I need to do? Vinyl and Octavia at dinner with Vinyl's folks? Hoity and Photo meeting with Octavia's parents?


Anything like that, just something to expand upon this new revelation.

Love it. You told me bits and pieces of this one, and I LOVE IT! You have not lost a step, my dear


She sort of reminds me of European Jews who don't look Middle Eastern and thus don't appear to be "authentically" Jewish. But she's not a convert like Hoity, just from an unexpected bloodline.

Octavia will need to realize that Photo and Hoity are what they are and not what she thought (though let's be honest: Vinyl is probably stereotypical Trixie-level Roani to the hilt, minus the tail ribbon and speaking the language.) The parents thing would be rather interesting. Both Hoity and Photo are upper echelon to the extreme. They make or break ponies in CANTERLOT. But on the other side, they're Roani. They get looked down on. I have to wonder if plot-kissing or old prejudices are stronger.


Whoosh. Never seen Spaceballs?

The dynamic you describe is the reason why a story about them after all this new info would be great to read.


It's been ages. My Mel Brooks collection is High Anxiety, Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein.


I just had to use the line, it was too perfect.


To be fair, I got it was a reference (and figured it was a Brooks reference) but I more wanted to explain why th line is powerful and why it's such a shock.

Spaceballs! Brilliant movie. I was amazed, when I watched it, that someone had actually managed to make a movie almost entirely out of references to other movies. :pinkiehappy:

Gloaming came down from the wager


Her background said she had learned about all kids of monsters,

Son of Frankenstien? Dracula's Daughter? Niece of Typo? :pinkiehappy:
There's another one in there somewhere but I forgot what it was.

Fun chapter. Loved the references.


Earth pony magic. Growing good food and drying up bad plants, all at once.

Um, if she could do this to the plant monsters, why didn't she just magic a path straight through the hedge walls to the center?

a simple, white wooden gazebo.

Shoot it with a crossbow! Fireball it! But stop the gazebo before it strikes again! :rainbowlaugh:
... oh, I was expecting that to be a joke. Well played! ... and termites fly? :rainbowhuh:

it it flops then try again

*if it

โ€œIs it... working?โ€

Best response. EVER! :pinkiehappy:

And he did it in secret before the big reveal.

Fourth Wall Status: Slightly holey.

She seems to pretty...


โ€œI found it in a random store! The price was surprisingly reasonable for a legendary artifact.

Besides, all that level grinding probably left her with plenty of spare cash and/or trade goods.


It's a story about an RPG game. It's almost required by law to have crazy references.

Glad you liked it.


It's an offensive spell only for use on monsters. The regular farm version of the magic wouldn't be effective enough. Doing "only left turns" is faster because it gets her there.

Termite colonies colonize new areas initially by flying in. It tends to be just the drones and queens though.

Glad you enjoyed this. I had a blast writing this.


Also, why is the reveal line a fourth wall breach? She's saying that before his involvement was known he was secretly behind the kidnapping.

4498402 How her language is talking about a person's actions in terms of tropes. It struck me as smacking the wall between Pinkie and her mage character.


How? "The big reveal" is a common phrase. No tropes page needed.

From that title, I'm going to take a wild guess and say they are playing some C&C.

Blueblood and Connie got their own children's book?

Hey look, I was right.

up,โ€Pinkie. up,โ€ Pinkie.

Her sorc's name, argh. And then the obvious familiar with a stolen Wookie's name. These puns are going to be the death of me.

Pinkie's definitely been hanging around Twilight a lot if she can make a quantum mechanics joke.

So after those deadly deciduous shrubberies, is she now a Knight?

Oh no, the Dread Gazebo! Of course, the Dread Gazebo's natural enemy.

Nice subtle nod there with the days.

Now that herring could take down a tree.

the wager. the wagon.

bed.!โ€ bed!โ€


I was more making a reference to "New Pony Tales." It's a real book in Equestria, so the Cakes are reading a cute story to their kids.

I hope you liked this. As the size indicates I poured my heart and soul into this one because I used to be a huge D&D player.

I missed a reference because it was a roundabout one. "Collapse the waveform" is the attack button name when fighting one of the enemies in Fernswarthy's Basement in Kingdom of Loathing.

Huh. I was positive the bit with the Gazebo got started with Knights of the Dinner Table, in one of the earliest comics... I could be wrong, of course, but I'm still fairly sure.


My first encounter with mistaking a gazebo for a monster was a compilation of epic fails in RPG games. A DM said a gazebo was in the garden so the player, rather than ask what a gazebo is shot it with an arrow. That same complilation also had someone not understanding what a 'dogleg' is, in terms of describing a path.

Maybe it's just one of those stories. Ones where it can be told a hundred different ways, and has been told a hundred different ways. Like urban myths. Or pony fan-fiction! :pinkiehappy:

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