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This story is a sequel to Día de los Muertos

The holiday of love is coming. Contingents from across the face of the Principality of Equestria are coming to the little town of Ponyville. Even if it happens to be just a little town near a bigger and better city, there's a brand new feature to draw in lovers of a particular stripe.

(Happy Hearts and Hooves Day all! And remember, paws and claws are also out there.)

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Was this story taken from other stories? I figured this is an inter-species event, but what started it? And what tragedy is referred to at the end?

what is a roa? I still don't get it:rainbowhuh:


I still need to figure out the "prequel" feature. I have a hellish time working with the site on my computer. It's damned slow.

It's taken from my Halloween story "Día de los Muertos". I don't want to spoiler it for you, unless you absolutely aren't going to read it. Most of my stories are scaffolded on one another and build on the same world.


They come from other stories, primarily with Trixie and Gilda. "Roa" or "The Roani" are the Equestrian equivalent of the Romani mixed with Ashkanezic Jews to a degree. Back in the past they inhabited Princess Luna's land, Umbratara. Magical circumstances cursed the land and they were forced to wander, under a pall of darkness by association with Luna/Nightmare Moon. They were generally disliked despite official support from Celestia who wanted the nation to have no divisions. One of their notable cultural artifacts are ribbons worn on their tails, which led to "Ribbontail" becoming a slur.

3937255 Wow. Sixty-one stories and they are ALL connected? That's amazing. Anyway, if you can't put a link in the description, can you put one in the author's note?


Not QUITE all, but most. I have two distinct universes. "Spoiled Barrel" is the main one, which includes this. "Bare Mare" is the other, and includes te Iron Will stories.

I should get to that.

Honestly, I expected this to either be longer or have a sequel chapter, my love. Might want to think about it :3


I thought it was going to be a thousand words at best. It's already plenty big. What more could I do?


Expand on Trixie and Gilda, have them reconcile with Dash and Pinkie, get everything sorted out. Could have AJ giving Granny hell for turning away Brae and the rest, too.


I do need to expand on the Pinkie and AJ and Dash parts. But AJ would never stand up to Granny Smith. She's genuinely intimidated by her. She has an "invincible" aura about her, and AJ is worried that she'll get the Bad Apple punishment. It's why she was worried about Babs saying she was hanging out with Roa. She didn't want Babs to be exiled. (She still has to worry; it's very probable Babs is going to eventually date gangly little Azurite. But the threat of Princess Luna has made Granny gunshy. She's not swinging around her power as much as before.)


And saying that, Luna IS back. There'd be a way to go around Granny, now, wouldn't there? I know Bad Apple can't do anything, and he's okay with that, but I'm still certain he'd go to war against Granny for the sake of the rest of the family.


He doesn't have to. Luna is ready to take her apart if needed. She's no fan of bigots.

Okay where are all the couples from, cause that MareXBitch (Diamond Dog female) couple is something that I've been wanting to see and yet haven't.


Quick, general rundown: The Appleoosans come from "An Appleoosan Kind of Love" and "The Chase." Topaz and Honeysuckle are mentioned but not seen until now (in the middle they're courting at the end they're engaged.) Gilda and Trixie are in a lot, and I think you've seen the stories. Blueblood and Connie are from "The Long-Eared Temptress" (Which teases another mare/bitch pair, Fireclay and Rose Quartz; I'll probably pay off their arc in the sequel "The Prince's Bride.") Platinum Shine and Basalt are seen in "Dames of the Tea Table 5: My Fair Fair." Big Mac and Smarty Pants are seen in mutual flesh-and-blood form in "The Hero's Journey." Applebloom and Zecora get a lot of background mentions; Granny Smith can barely wait for Applebloom to turn sixteen. Lastly, Doctor Soft Heart (the Ponyville vet) and Labradorite are dating in "The Accident", and engaged in "Día de los Muertos."

Hope that helps.

wile her. while her.

released form. released from.

er head. her head.

as creaked. as she creaked.

Fuck you, Granny. We're all waiting for you to die.

Smartass Trixie, always great.

I was wondering what the event was going to be, it makes sense that they'd honor the first recorded cross-species couple.

Side note: did you see the EQG2 trailer yet? Rarity has human Diamond Dog minions.


Luna was pretty clear about the 'don't fuck with your families cross-species couples' rule.


Well, not first. There were others back into antiquity, hippogriffs, mules, zeegriffs, unintentional 'ling crosses. But the significance of Larkspur and Heliotrope is they were: the first pony and Dog to formally meet, the first to fall in love, and as a powerful symbol, were martyred by a pony that represented the opposite of what Equestria meant. And their love was so strong they wouldn't rest until they could rest together. Put all that together and you get a powerful, significant thing. Plus there's that rumor the Mayor started about getting a picture taken with the statue.

Luna would actually prefer Granny live a long and healthy life. To see society change around her. But more than that: Luna knows for certain that Bad Apple will settle beside her, known to all and be openly known as the father of her child. As they say, living well is the best revenge.


And yes, I saw. I was practically doing freaking cartwheels that the Dogs were back. And they were good guys


If Granny were made powerless, that could work, but as it stands she's still causing pain for others. How is that fair to those being punished by her specism?


She is essentially powerless. Without money she only has her control over her will. That's worth a bundle. Plus, all the Apple family has been raised with the need to venerate their elders. She's the top of the pyramid. But all she has is cutting folk from the will, or shunning.

A few future events will show how she walks the tightrope. By rights, majority family control belongs to Big Mac, firstborn of Blenheim, who is now dead. But Big Mac is marrying a "braying longears." She can't give him control, but rights require it, unless she sneakily gives it to the next child, Brown Betty. Doing that would show her real feelings. Then there's the Babs Seed situation. If things continue, she might end up dating Azurite. Diamond Dogs are about the most "different" sapient species in Equestria, more than even the Changelings who are pony-shaped, and buffalo who have hooves and a quadroped stance. Adding one of them to her family would drive her mad.


Fear is power and she still controls that.


Fear is a weapon that can be taken away and can only be used by consert of the victim. But you're right. A whole lot of Apples consent.


It's not like Luna mentioned to AJ that her grandmother can't do shit to her anymore.


It's all a game of shadows and secrets. She and Bad Apple are well suited.


I know. Just pointing out that if you take the magazine from a madman wielding an AK and only you and the madman know it, people are still going to be freaking out.


This is true. It's a sub-optimal solution, but it's increasingly clear that the madman has no magazine. The reversal of the Braeburn situation cracked the facade. Big Mac's engagement made it clear the empress has no clothes, in at least a small way. No one will throw themselves against the wall of her demands, but they'll be more likely to push.

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