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Almost a year after her humiliating downfall in Ponyville, The Great and Powerful Trixie has arrived in Appleloosa, hoping to regain her former glory as an entertainer. The town however is in trouble, due to the efforts of the outlaw pony, the Coyote Colt, and his effort to sabotage the upcoming Summer Sun Celebration. Can Trixie help save the day? Rated 'Teen' for violence, although there is no gore.

Chapters (9)
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Read this a while ago when I was first getting into the fanfiction part of this fandom.

And now I'm writing my own things. I BLAME YOU! :rainbowlaugh:

But yeah, this was a wonderful tale and it was this story that really got me to like Trixie as a character. The western motif was also well done and well as the battles. Your original characters were also a rarity (not that Rarity! :duck:) in that I actually cared for them rather than put up with them for the sake of getting through the story.

Glad to see it here and allowing me to add it to my favorites list!

Read the whole thing in one sitting. Damn good. Really damn good. One of the best I've ever read. I hope we get to see some day what happens after the ending. As in, what happens between Braeburn and Trixie, etc. Good job, I just became an instant watcher. Will watch you to hell and back.

That was kickass! I LOVED the themed chapter names! I was a little skeptical about Trixie being the protagonist at first, but by her final duel with Firecracker, you had me doing something I thought I would never do . . . rooting for the G.P.T.! Speaking of Firecracker, what a villain! The fact that he was suffering from Cutie-mark faliure insanity syndrome was brilliant! Lastly, you really captured the "feel" of a Western, while still keeping it rooted in the show's events and universe. (Not an easy feat with the ever present magic.) I loved it from beginning to end!

I loved it.
Nothing more really.. was a wodnerful and delightful read

I think this deserves a part 2.

This is REALLY good, where are the comments???? I like the fact that you aren't taking the traditional Trixie redemption route, but it seems to be headed in that direction, which is always good.

Also, WESTERN and PONIES.... nuff said

There are backstories, and then there are backstories, I think that this fic has some of the most impressive and believable ones I have ever read, Trixie's was undoubtedly the best I have seen for her, and Firecracker's was pretty impressive too. :pinkiehappy:

I just LOVE how you portray Trixie. Definitely one of the best stories I've read. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::heart:

Unless you have email settings to get comments sent to your email you'll probably never see this, but on the off-chance that you do, I want to say that I was really impressed with this. Combining some of the more minor episode-of-the-week characters like this gives them a chance to shine, especially Little Strongheart, who's been ignored by both the fandom and the actual show since Over a Barrel.

This was a gem, i really liked it. Have a moustache! :moustache:

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