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Just another University-edicated fanfiction writer who prefers the cheers and laughter of ponies to madness and sorrow.


(Request for ABagOVicodin)

Babs Seed, having learned her lesson and joined the Cutie mark Crusaders, thinks hard about every subject that comes across her attention. Her life, from her perspective.

(First Person Perspective)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 9 )

Is good. I like. :pinkiehappy: Always nice to see a cute story with Babs Seed.


Bag's request made me realize Inhad never explicitly mentioned anything about Babs and her place in the Apple family.


The title was inspired by "I, Bad Apple" and I called it "I, Babs" because it's also first person, one of the few.

I'm glad you liked it. There is indeed a need for more Babs.

aunt Valencia. Aunt Valencia. uncle Hamlin. Uncle Hamlin. cousin Macintosh, cousin Applejack, cousin Applebloom. Cousin Macintosh, Cousin Applejack, Cousin Applebloom. Seriously, you should know better.

Roani deli. That does not sound right at all. I know what you want to do here, but using Roani does not compute. Story-wise it works great with later events, it's just sticking in my head.

She was looking really nice, friendly. Sentence is very rough.

I was waiting for the racist Granny moment to show up.

Zebrian. Zebrican?

quite about. quiet about.

mostly but anything. mostly, but anything.

Sigh, when is that old nag going to die? Nice story, and yes, we definitely need more Babs; too bad they won't be any more of her in S4.


I know it seems off but I always envisioned that the Roani had a position and iconography very roughly equivalent to something like a mix of Romani and Ashkanezic Jews. So a fairly New York standard Jewish deli.

I'll never get the hang of titles. It seemed wrong to capitalize uncle and aunt and such.

Racist Granny Smith is almost immortal. She's going to hang on long enough to watch her family become hybridized.


When used as a title on a name it's capitalized, when used as a general noun it's not: I have a cousin who I call Cousin Applebloom in my head.

Yeah, it works well enough, but my brain knows Roani is Romani and Romani /= Jewish. As for the mixing bit, I find that hilarious, as the Ashkanezic Jews would probably hate Romani as much as anyone else in the region.


The irony of socialized hate. But I think they work well as a mix if you just combine colorful cultures.

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