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Just another University-edicated fanfiction writer who prefers the cheers and laughter of ponies to madness and sorrow.


There are a million and one celebrations in Equestria, but relatively few in the hard and utilitarian Griffin Kingdom. But every griffin, ex-pat, visitor or certain citizen celebrates King Paddy's Day. On that day anyone in the know, Griffin, Dog, Donkey, Pony, Changeling, Buffalo is a Griffin and proud of it.

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I approve of this story.


A little late but filled with my love for all things Irish, especially stout and folksongs.

This was great, honestly I didn't think it could be done. So, as the next challenge please tell me you'll do one for Cinco de Mayo. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: I love that holiday more, because the food is better, the drinks are better and the music is better, especially when you live/grew up in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. There's an idea Prince Blueblood and Connie (from L.E.T) celebrate the Equestrian equivalent of the best party holiday on earth.

St. Patrick's day is nice, but the beer taste like crap and boiled cabbage is awful and I can still understand people after I've had one too many. :rainbowwild:


you're not having the right beer then!


Irish Car Bombs and Guinness and a myriad of other fowl tasting dark beers and stouts. :pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick:


I have considered other celebrations. Cinco de Mayo IS fun (I'm Hispanic and live in San Diego, I've been to the Gaslamp Quarter on Cinco de Mayo, and Mardi Gras. But I digress, I'll need to work out Equestrian equivalents. I mean, a Stalliongradi one is easy, the day they revolted against the robber barons to reunite with Celestia. A Percheron one could be either the execution of the nobility and return to Equestrian control or the later ouster of Empress Neighpoleon. Or there's the pan-global celebration, Random's Reckoning, celebrating the imprisonment of the third most dangerous being in Equestria. I'll add the ideas to the queue.

Good story, very nice. Though the references to other adventures is strange? Old or new stories or were you just filling space?


Which references? The only one I see in there is the "Serpent crown" bit. That's a reference to "Contra the Heresies" chapter three "Twixinkilda." They had a rough time of it. If you mean "Swallow" then that was when they met, "Broken young nag, bitter young haggard." Aggie is from the same story. The Lunar guards comes from "Dames of the Tea Table" chapter "Sexless in the city." Aggie and Swallow show up there too. And if you mean the buffalo and pony, see "An Appleoosan kind of love" chapter three, "What will be."

Okay, so old stories. Gotcha.:raritywink:

Gilda was using her magic Was she now?

surface of is was it.

Getting your Robert Jordan on with all the clothes talk?

great and powerful Trixie Capitalize, many instances.

The passed along They.

She clung tight tightly?

junky." Gilda junky," Gilda

brighter ad on the flat roof Sign instead?

The looked on Gilda They.

There may be a missing mistake on there and a few may be out of order, but I was trying to suffer through reading in portrait mode on my phone (because Knighty managed to ruin landscape for me on his precious mobile site, screen keeps trying to re-size a few pixels, making it impossible to read through the screen's seizures) and I just cannot suffer the mobile site's other garbage any longer. The rest of this will be done on my computer.

The place was well-occupied. It wasn't packed crushingly tight but it had a fair occupation. The place was well-occupied; not packed crushingly tight but it had a fair occupation. Occupation after occupy sounds weird.

I see Silverstar and Cactus Blossom.

Now I had to pull up Finnegan's Wake.

“If you will be Roani you will take shocks in stride, and be happy when the surprises are joyous and not arson.” Great sentiment right there.

seat one one of the stools on one.

Before swallow could replied Sigh... Swallow, reply.


Be still your blaspheming tongue, boyo, stouts are the reason beer exists!

Yeah, kinda like how we evolved from wagons pulled by mules and how we used pointed sticks for surgery.

To each their own.

I prefer Kahlua and other rums. :rainbowwild:


Corrected. And made very quickly, to try and get as close to St. Patty's day as possible. Glad you liked some of the portions and the songs.


I have Guinness in my fridge, I'd hope I'd like a pony Finnegan's Wake.


Griffin. Note the word usages. Cats, necks (not ears, they have no external ears), flappers rather than trotters.

I should write the whole thing sometime.


I meant in the MLP pony sense, but yes, I should have said griffin.

Eyrie go bragh! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I liked the story, just as I have your many others. Very inventive!

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