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A one-off story. Princess Celestia calls back Twilight to take over her duties as court magician and Applejack goes with - and gets more of a taste of her govenment than she wanted.

And then she insults Celestia's cooking skills.

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#1 · Nov 30th, 2011 · · ·

These little short stories of yours are awesometacular. Your style is original and enjoyable. Take these five stars or I'll rob you.

WHAT THE HELL.......how do you write such good stories this is another one that I want more off...you sir are a magicene with words deserving of 5 stars bravo bravo:moustache:

Simply superb, 5 stars is not enough to capture just how much I enjoyed this.

More serious than I expected, awesome none the less.

45489 " Take these five stars or I'll rob you?" You crazy. You a crazy pony.

45533 I mustache myself if I really deserve 5 stars, but I won't complain! Glad your enjoying them!

45545 Gaah! SO many five stars! My mane is gonna end up lookin' like Luna's at this rate.

#6 · Nov 30th, 2011 · · ·

Honestly I kinda feel it needed a bit more Gilda Trixy. I'd have loved to see more of Gilda and possibly Twilight helping her to get back together with RD. Heck maybe you could have Pinkie Pie plan out the next GGG

Bravo, I needed to register just to give you 5 stars though I'm not sure that it would be possible to tell quite that much about the apples from just a small taste of a pie, most of it certainly would be possible but even the type of metal used for the shears to help pick the apples/prune the tree? i just don't see that, but ah well I guess it's just a minor part of a mostly plausible analysis

#8 · Nov 30th, 2011 · · ·

45655 I am completely batshit, yes. And you are completely awesome. Yes.

ive only read up to when gilda is introduced, but why do i have a feeling Fumblemare died in an explosion?

What do you mean, 'one-off'? That's impossible! This is too good to be done already! Where's the rest of it, huh?

45770 Because Yogscast.

45788 It could happen pretty soon or in a week or two. In any event, it's had good response, so I plan on adding more!

This is win, I love it!

Having Applejack give apple advice to Celestia was a crowning moment of awesome.

:applecry:please sir may I have some more

I've read it three times and still want more:applecry:

Twilight did spend most of her years in the royal court with the princess show she would have learned the ins and outs of politics and her lack of savvy at Ponyvill could be explained by her having friends so she isn't focused on politics.

As for Celestia I agree that I was a bit sudden and out of character, and the other characters were also a bit off but nothing overly dramatic that can't be ignored for purposes of artistic license.

46733 Man, how long did that take to write? Yeah, the charecterizations off, but I'm playing with the story. I do admit I didn't handle Celestia very well and should probably edit that a bit.

I really enjoyed this a lot. A J's apple rant was epic and hilarious. I know there's complaints of out of character, but those fussy lil details are exactly what makes anyone good at anything. If she didn't have that sort of arcane knowledge her apples would only be mediocre. So I buy it.

If ppl don't like it oh well. You told an entertaining story that made me chuckle and had my interest! I was honestly relieved Trixie got over herself. :)

47934 Glad you liked it! Another chapter should be up within two or three weeks - my other fics are a mite higher priority.

I DON'T CARE:flutterrage:....just as long as this one gets more chapters eventually I'm happy:twilightsmile:

#21 · Dec 6th, 2011 · · ·

:eeyup: I liked the bit with the apples.

i think most of what HDTM or whoever said about poor characterization is a load of crap.

Twilight seems to be EXACTLY the same as show-twilight, just placed in a political setting. if she had to react in any way, this would be it. she's just that OCD and organized and lived-in-canterlot-for-her-whole-life.

Applejack also seems spot on. aside from the booze, of course, but hey, they cant put that in a kids show. either way, she owns an apple farm. its freakin huge. and its run by her, her massive brother, an old hag and an incompetent child. she knows what shes doing, and shes been working with apples her whole life. she's also been eating her own apples her whole life. i can definitely see her disliking celestia's cooking, and she IS the element of honesty..

Spike, although a 12 year old boy in personality, is a lot closer to the sarcastic personality given to him in 'Of Geldings and Gems" or whatever that's called. its on this site. but either way, spike doesnt let his feelings show. yes, hed be sad to leave rarity, but he knows hes coming back every once in a while, and that he didnt really have a chance with her to begin with. so he just says, "screw it and :moustache: on"

As for Celestia, she didnt ACTUALLY think of moon banishment. Granted, she seemed much less loving than in the show, but with all the trollestia and supposed tyranny she's famed for in this fandom, can ANYONE blame us for getting a little off-point with her character?

Gilda wasnt really delved into in the show besides being a jerk. and in all honesty, her jerkiness can easily stem from just agitation by pinkie pie. i think potatojoe does a great job of writing gilda, and she seems to be about the same as in "gilda vs knitting", which is spot on. this is just less in-depth. Study that gilda, then read this. it makes more sense

In terms of trixie, she probably had a great deal of time to realize that she wasnt the best anymore, and since here, shes twilight's employee, she cant really scream and yell, not to mention twilight's loyal body guard is right there. her competitiveness still comes out in her feud with spike, though.

i forget the other characters. YOU ARE AWESOME POTATOJOE!!!:yay:

65266 Bam! Somepony gets it! THE ELEMENT OF HONESTY WAS HONEST.

Glad you liked how I played with Gilda and Trixie. And with Spike - as a young kid my familiy moved a bunch and it didn't usually hit me that I missed people for a few days.

65407 :moustache: -feels like a boss- :moustache:

Applejack would die if she ever drank apple juice from concentrate... :ajbemused:

I'd be quite happy if this extended into a large novel sized story

>At no point has Twilight shown any tendency towards being politically savvy.

S1E01, when she was acting as Royal Overseer.

Twilight was very smooth and amicable to the other ponies, despite not wanting to be there at all.
It was clearly a well praticed front she had, since she had no interest in actually being friends.

this awesome stuff. and now i'm off to peer at your other works.

This story was GREAT! It was an expansion of their characters, and it added some depth to things untouched in the show. :yay:

189784 Zhibbdy do whap, wa wa wa.

I gotta say the "apple rant" sort of broke the suspension of disbelief too much for me. (not to mention her SPITTING THE PIE OUT.) Seriously, you would have been better off doing a little research on actual baking and apple harvesting/growing, and using those details for the basis of the rant.

Now, if they had been, say, ZAP apples, that sort of made-up fussiness what with the silver knives and so forth could have worked. It's canon that they're pretty strange fruit and darned hard to harvest and take a lot of weird rituals to get to grow and cook right. I could easily see even Celestia making some casual mistake with them that made a zap-apple pie taste shockingly bad--- and Applejack being the only one there not quick witted enough to choke it down and keep a straight face.

I finally had a chance to read this after being on my tracking list for months. This is a fantastic story. In my honest opinion, there needs to be more of it, the author sets up for it very well, and it's in enough of a different setting there's enough room to work it out without trampling too much on canon. Even the use of minor bit players from the series(you'll know them when you see them) is convincingly done.

#33 · Mar 9th, 2012 · · ·

Well, I liked it.

I'm stealing portions of this twilight's personality for a future part of my story set in Canterlot. XD
Trained Diplomat is Diplomatic.
(EDIT: Sorry for doublepost, I keep getting logged out of fimfiction.)

“ Relax, sweet-flanks.” said Gilda, hopping down. “ If it doesn’t have wings I’m not into it. Ms. Sparkle, I’ll be outside.”

Poor Trixie :applecry:

Someone just pointed me to this story and I honestly wish it was an entire series.
There are no words... :heart:

This is still one of my favorite short stories. Nice work!

This story and the story of discord giving Twilight his power are two of your best stories. I really think you should moved this one past a one shot.

Damn this needs more than a single chapter! Absolutely fantastic world building!

Love the characters, loved the interplay amongst all of them, loved the political machinations. Seriously, more all around!

I've always liked the idea of blueblood having a real function in the canterlot court. Mostly because no one receives the title of prince for being useless. That said I hope that you eventually write something where he, I don't know. Beats an assassin to death with his bare hooves or something. Or perhaps literally disarms someone at a tournament. Just a thought.

Loved the characterization that trixie and gilda got. Just two people trying to make good. Also wing comment by gilda. Hilarious.

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