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What does it mean to be trapped? For Mind Twist it is coping with voices, anger, lost friends and family, and hope.
After a strange incident that kills her parents, filly Mind Twist is trapped inside the Wing, making her the very first patient. With no memory of what happened to her parents, she tries to escape, to teach the others how to survive, and to never give up.

NOTE: If you have not already read The Mentally Unstable Wing of Ponyville Hospital (it's in my story section) please do so, it'll make a bit more sense.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 38 )

You beat me here once again my friend:twilightsmile: well played:duck:

I wonder what Redheart's thinking... It was shown in the first fic that she wasn't exactly a paragon of virtue herself...

It would be the best turn if she escaped without pinkie, found the elements and got them to save pinkie, assuming that pony was pinkie I mean....

Clenched fists? I didn't notice this was anthro..... They mentioned hooves before didn't they? Save me mommy, the furry people are out to get me.....

3356331 :twilightblush: whoops! Sorry about that. Thanks for pointing this out! :derpytongue2:

is she getting jailraped by pinkie now? :raritystarry:

3366328 DUDE, how did you log on my accounts? the buck bro?!

Huh. Like mother like son it would seem.

Ah... the feels...
They have struck me once again.

Good fic, my friend!
As for the missing employees... I might use that...

3396164 You should! I can't wait for another chapter :pinkiehappy:!

Woop woop can't wait for more!

Hmmmm.... I'm interested... Have a mustache :D. :moustache:

Awww.... :fluttercry:
I've come up with a few nicknames...
The Hulk

Wow Mind, what a Twist. Lol horrible I know I couldn't resist

Just when I thought she knew...

I think she should break into pinkies room to think of an escape plan:pinkiesmile: IMA genius:pinkiehappy:

Lovin it need DA sequel

'Cough' peg sisters too 'cough'

Awww, that life of hers was terrible, yet she lived! Poor mind, left to insanity..

3691589. That last nick name tho:derpytongue2:

I am interested i must continue :trixieshiftright: also have a mustache :moustache:

3691658 shes just going to cut some steak :scootangel:

See she cut some steak:facehoof:im sorry:derpytongue2:

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