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The Elements of Harmony have been utilized to defeat Equestria’s most powerful enemies, beings such as the dreaded Nightmare Moon and the trickster god; Discord.

But, what if they could be corrupted or changed to the whim of others?

These are the thoughts that cause Marissa Shadowmane to enact her plan of forcing Rainbow Dash to join the ranks of the undead.

Image by Phlar1245 at deviantART

(Used with Permission)

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Comment posted by Ianpiersonjdavis deleted May 15th, 2014

it's a pretty good read. a small error here and there, but never nothing that would take more than a second look to figure out.
while the idea behind it seems pretty well thought out, the way that it was written kind of feels a bit short or rushed, to me. it also seems that the motivation for marissa doing what she did to rainbow could have used a bit more flushing out, but that's just my opinion.


the way that it was written kind of feels a bit short or rushed, to me.

I was three or four days behind when I finally worked up the initiative to finish it thanks to my damn writer's block.

So it kind of was.

That was...erm- interesting. I forgive you for your writer's block, but that story was like one of the subplots of "Equestria Girls"

well, keeping that in mind, case it's alright. also figured out that given the deadline you wrote for a cure, it would be better for it be a bit of a rushed motion, though i figured this out the day after i posted that.

A bit short, and rather anticlimactic for my taste, but still a good read.:twilightsmile:

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I'm really, really, REALLY sorry about this story.

Don't worry about it.:ajsmug: Like I said, it's good, just a bit short.:twilightsmile:

I wonder how many bronies like Lordi.

Well at least there are two... counting you and I. :)

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