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Takes place after the episode "Keep Calm and Flutter On" while Fluttershy believes that Discord is truly reformed, Rainbow Dash remains skeptical.

Edit: I have fixed most of the spelling and grammar errors that I could find and extended the story a bit so, hopefully it'll make a bit more sense.

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"R-Rainbow Dash..." she sniffed, before throwing her hooves around her. "Is that really true?"

"Of course it is." she replied, returning the embrace. "You're my little sis."

D'awwwwwwwww! :heart:

Muy bueno sin duda, Dsicord es uno de mis favoritos y ahora lo es aun mas y rainbow sin duda me dejo atonito nunca pense que fuera alguien tan tierna y encantadora, sin duda espero ver un episodio donde este fantastico fic sea plasmado en ese episodio, viva Discord y Rainbow:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

I like it :) Thumbed and faved.

I can't stop singing Why Can't We Be Friends in my head now.
But I can't use mind bleach to get rid of it.
You know why?
It would remove this awesome story aswell.
All the thumbs up for you.


discord dashie and pinkie go on a pranking spree omg were all dead!!!:pinkiecrazy::rainbowwild:

Discord AND Scootalove? A perfect fanfic, this is. Full props ;)

It could use more detail toward the end, say replacing that big time skip with two shorter time skips and something else in between, but the story is well done.

It doesn't matter who got there first man.
It's not a competition.
Why can't we just be friends?

I'm not saying it was, I'm just saying that I almost was able to put in that reference..

I understood what you meant.
I was trying to have a joke with the last comment I made.
I'm obviously terrible at humour :twilightsmile:

While the premise is nice and the development was pretty solid until the clubhouse part, the rest is far too rushed for me to like this story. :ajsleepy:
Better luck next time, holmes.

Jack Kellar is right. The second half of this is rather awkwardly written. One line that particularly irked me: "You're my little sis." Even if Dash felt that way about Scoots, I doubt she'd word it like that. It's too sappy, as she'd say.

Spelling and grammar could use a bit of tweaking as well. It's not as bad as in some fics, but it's just enough to be a little distracting.

2012398 :twilightblush: I've always assumed Scootaloo was an orphan and Lauren Faust had answered a question someone had online about her wings, saying that she would never be able to fly for some reason due to her wing development or something like that.

And I also believe at the time of writing this that Rainbow Dash was abused as filly, which is why we've never seen or heard of her parents, and that she would sympathize with Scootaloo.

Plus, there was nopony else around at the time she said it-so she knew her reputation was safe.

And yes, it was a little rushed and I don't trust others with my work so I didn't have anyone look it over before submitting it-which is why there are so many grammar errors that I plan on fixing.

But, thank you for pointing out that wasn't clear enough. :scootangel:

2011433 Yes, the ending was rushed-and I'm sorry you didn't like it. Would a :moustache: make you feel better?

2013793 Not quite what I meant. Regardless of her background, Dash doesn't like saying things that are deep and emotional. Saying Scoots is like a sister to her is deep and emotional. Therefore, it's not something she'd say. At least, not like that. She'd try to phrase it in a "cool" way.

Your voice is pretty cool...I guess.

So... the best thing Rainbow Dash can say is... "John de Lancie is awesome?"

I approve of this.

2013796 an expansion/edit to develop it more would be better, please??? :duck:

2014028 I plan to, but what parts do you think need expanding on specifically? Because if I just guess expand everything it'll begin to feel seriously watered down.

2013796 Sorry, but offer rejected. The only thing that will improve the situation is an expansion on the final parts you glossed over. Describe, for example, how exactly Rainbow Dash and Discord started to get along, what happened for that to come to fruition, really, since Dash was definitely not convinced enough to give him a free pass, and the initial outcome of this bond forming.
That will "make me feel better".

2014287 Okay, I extended the scene where they're both at Fluttershy's.

This was pretty good, if only the second half was as developed as the first :l but other than that, take my thumb (b^-^)b

Totally heard this is Discords voice, all the way through :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I've eaten a few good books lately.

Oh no! Q is becoming Worf!

you know after reading this I can't help but feel like I want to see scootaloo be adopted by discord... not like that other one thats out its good but i mean the reformed discord

Discord+Rainbow as prank buddies... that idea has some serious potential! Has anyone come across a fic about that?


Sorry, I should have realized that.

I think I let my sensitivity get the better of me when writing her, after finishing the stories that I've already been working on-I won't stuff like that with her anymore.

Hi! I just wanted to let you know I recently did a reading of your story. :) hope you enjoy it!


I'm very flattered and you did a fantastic job on the reading!

Have you seen the movie Bridge To Terabithia? Has dat song and good movie. :3


Yeah, after reading the book in the fifth grade I was kind of curious when it came out.

I'm afraid I don't remember too much of the soundtrack, though.


I only watched the movie. It was sad when Jess found out thet Leslie died.:fluttercry:

It's nice to see a good story that could work in canon.

"Now...I know that I promised to only use my powers for good, but I never said anything about pranking, did I?" he asked, quietly as a mischievous grin spread across the Pegasus' face.

That's when a horrific thought occurred to Fluttershy, now not instead just Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash's typical gags Ponyville would have to deal with their schemes being fuelled by Discord's magic as well?

Oh lord...just what Equestria needed: another prankster, and one with choas based magic to boot.

Yeah...I don't see this ending badly at all....:applejackconfused:

"...I know." she replied, quietly.

oof! damn!

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