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The combined imagination of all of us has painted a beautiful picture of meeting another Kind, ready to welcome them in peace and happiness.
Only, that not how it goes. It rarely is.

In the basement of a backwards criminal hideout in the backwaters of Pennsylvania, two men find something that could save or end their careers. Neither could comprehend the chain of events that they set in motion, while the creature in their care struggles to find herself amidst an alien world.

Here is the story of how we first met one of them, and where the story really started, long before anyone broke out the welcome banners and champagne.

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Given that Hasbro had a toy for its Romper Room range called "My Pretty Pony" in 1981, I should think that at some point, one of the 'friends' she met was Bonnie Zecherle......
Also, it's good to see that this isn't a dead fic. (I remember the beta on FF.net and thought, well, it had been dropped or something.)

4086482 Trying not to spoil my own centerpiece, and you have a scary general knowledge on MLP. Bravo. And no, it is not dead! Got eight chapters actually, just need to edit and run through everything again. Hope you enjoy it~

Glad to see this posted, quite a fun read!

Liked and Faved. Going to read the shit outta this tonight, and possibly do some group adds.

Well, we know that she survives.....the problem is wondering how it all shakes out before MOTHER :trollestia: comes looking for justice...(pronounced "comprehensive asskicking.")

Hmm. This will be a big help when she's back home and has to interact with the Apples.....
and their dog....

In any case, I do like this story. It seems that Ditzy has an extraordinary healing factor. Maybe that removes all scars as well? Regarding the feather, I surmise you say a pegasus feather is reducing the weight of its user. Which makes the book floating. Not sure why the book floated, but not the bandages. Plot hole or is there an actual explanation?

4132728 There is an explanation, actually: MAGIC, NYAH

Seriously though: The feather is meant to have variable properties, representing the random, magical nature Ditzy has. In a way it is a metaphor for Ditzy herself, who despite herself manages to do things in her state that she could not do in perfect health by sheer power of Will according to my understanding of Magic overall. That's all.


Ditzy/Derpy is a super saiyan with magic.

'Nuff said.

If you look at the data I made up.
Your lack of a cover picture coralates with the lack of up votes.
Plus. You do have a very low number of down to.
I do like it. So keep positive.
Very original on my opinion.

4137685 You don't see the cover art? That's a shame, Kaitou.42 did a really good job with it! And I'm glad you're enjoying it, though. I just seem to be unfoundedly underviewed for some reason. But I still have a few chapters left to write for this before I can move back into comedy, never fear.


The stupidity in my comment is depressing.
Idk why. I like this story a lot tho.

And with your little note.
The commun.... Sorry. Liberals. brainwashing goes a little further.

I just read your story and though I know it'll never be finished i wanted to thank you for this interesting perspective.

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