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Pinkie Pie wants to know why everyone is feeling so down and has a feeling it revolves around Scootaloo. She drags Rainbow Dash along to try and figure out why the filly is being so distant to everypony. A troubling past leads to a better future.

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omg good fic you made me cry :fluttercry:

twas a decent read.:rainbowdetermined2:

3180049 Thanks for reading it. :twilightsmile:

My goodness. Liquid pride was shed today. :fluttercry:

3180185 I'm glad u liked it :scootangel:

I decree this story to be awesome! :trollestia:

Okay, you already made me cry once, not gonna



buck it, you got me again.

I'm not gonna cry

Not gonna...

Oh buck it you got my feels! This is too good man hats of to you!

3610735 thanks glad you liked it....:twilightsmile:

Something must gotta in my eyes. They are watering.

5146157 It's ok... this isn't even my worst story :scootangel:

I was literally in tears by the part where scootaloo was singing to herself

6179097 that was the point... i sowwy :fluttercry:

6195205 don't fret about I liked even though I was in tears

Rainbow Dash took Scootaloo from Applejack and held her up, “you are the bravest pony I know Scoots, from now on I’ll be your wings.”


I am not crying...

Its just....sniff....allergies...sniff...or something...not...

OH DARN IT!!!!!! :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

Loved this story. Excuse me, gotta go and replace my now empty kleenex box....sniff!

And the story claims another victim :pinkiehappy:

Just don't read the real sad ones... they are much more... emotional

But thanks... im glad you liked it

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