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What started off as a great day for Rainbow turns into the worst day for everyone. What if you were never told that someone you know was very sick until it was too late? What would you do if you found out that everything you did made their life better?

With the help of Mushious I was able to rework this into something better than before.

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Oh god, the feels! they are too strong!

Why did Fluttershy call Rainbow Dash's father, Daddy? They aren't sisters unless there is an AU tag going to be placed on there.

Besides that your Rainbow Dash was semi spot on but that moment with her 'father' broke character, Also why does Rainbow Dash's dad know scootaloo?

Idk these things are turning me off, I won't leave a dislike because I haven't read it fully and I don't know if it will get better but I will not read this story because the father character was just too ... off.

Anyways good luck with your fictions and sorry if my words weren't the kindest. I just hate immersion breaking stuff. :pinkiecrazy:

3085965 I respect your opinion and honestly you find out that Rainbows dad is scootaloos uncle. just something i was toying around with. And I have like 5 mothers and 3 fathers of my own and thats not including my real mother and father. If someone is good friends they might end up calling their friends parents mom and dad.


In latin culture this is more true. Me being hispanic I could understand that. I guess what turned me the most off was how Rainbow Dash reacted to her father being all... not Dash. :rainbowhuh:

Either way I decided to read through a bit before you responded and saw that connection. I just don't think it would make sense for Rainbow Dash to not know scootaloo if her father (who in this fic) seems active in her life. :rainbowderp:

Still you had an idea and went with it. For that I commend you. :pinkiehappy:

So back to what I said I won't leave a dislike because the story isn't bad. I just couldn't get into it personally. :raritydespair:

3086081 thanks for taking the time to read it anyhow i'll keep what you said in mind for future projects.

This story is very touching and relatable. I was wondering, even if I did burst into tears, if I could do a dramatic reading of this and put it on YouTube.

3086118 I would be honored glad you like it. :scootangel:

3086147 Keep on writing. You have a wonderful gift and you should embrace it. This piece has been so wonderful to have the experience to read. When my great grandma was diognosed with cancer I wasn't told. When she was on her last legs, we went to visit her. I didn't go to her burial but I still had such a hard time a school after she had died that even my school councaler said I needed a mental health day. I relate to this story so well that I am still crying to this very moment. Keep writing, and I'll do dramatic readings of them.

3086188 one of my good friends is going through something similar. I think it comes from being an artist and being able to see what i am writing.......I'm just not the greatest at writing :P but now i have a good friend who is willing to help me out with my editing. :scootangel: glade you like it.

3086217 hey I am writing my own fan Fic (caution spoilers) about chrysalis reforming and developing a good relation with equestria but I need a charictar that contrasts chrysalis to take her in. Pleas if you could help me find a good contrasting charictar

3086279 Well all of the mane six have been done for sure. How about someone whacky like Lyra and Bon Bon? Or something a bit different, how about some harsh treatment from Gilda? If not, there's always Zecora.

3086298 maby Derpy or Forest Rain ( with his permission ) because they understand compleatly how it is to be very diferant from others?

3086337 could always do the CMC, I mean if any one could do it its them.

3086410 I think that might work to

I would cry but then my family would wake up :fluttercry::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad::fluttershysad::raritycry::raritydespair::scootangel::ajsleepy::applecry::heart:

"Let's listen to Let Her Go as I read this fic"
I have made a terrible mistake.

Don't fucking cry...:fluttershysad:

Don't fucking cry...:fluttercry:

Don't fucking cry...:applecry:


3086910 why ...just ...why it was hard enough to write now you want me to rem it with an appropriate song.....wanna real kick I have a song for ya. :trixieshiftright:

You sir, are the greatest.

3087566 I would say greatest it was a tough write. :twilightsheepish:

Well done. You had me shed liquid pride, bravo!

“Uhhh, what room is she in?”
Red Line chuckled, “1408.”

I see whut u did thar :pinkiecrazy:

Also, the part where Scoot talks about going back to her mum had her saying her parents got a chance to "raise an angle". You might want to change that, because it made me chuckle at a point where I was supposed to cry (I did tear up in other places).

3087666 was supposed to have give mixed feelings in regard to the angle thing honestly.

Honestly I was wondering if anyone would catch it ^^

3087692 So it was deliberate? :unsuresweetie: I'm not sure how I feel about that.

3087739 i'll admit it was something I just threw in to give it a little more.......something or other

3087749 It should be angel btw. Not angle. I totally missed that.

Ehh... It was a good story, don't get me wrong, but a bit more background, maybe.

Awesome writing :raritydespair:

I.... I.... uhhhhhh Wow, I was in tears the whole story, you are really good at writing and this reminds me so much of a dear friend who died in a hospital because he was sick. God you're good.

3192097 thanks it was a very tough write :scootangel:

I am kinda jealous, I wish I could write as good.

3196075 being an artist helps a bit lets me describe things a little better I think. but it's all in what you want to see that will make you hit peoples feels the hardest.

SO sad... Scootaloo is my favorite character (other than Cadence). You have my follow..
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:/5

3248750 Thanks:scootangel: and Scoots is my favorite as well next to Luna so I know how u feel.

ok...this had me tearing up...good job

3258049 I'm ganna be working on a prequel and a sequel so wish me luck with it. Glad u liked it though. :scootangel:

I will keep an eye out for them

I was looking for a Scootaloo adoption story and instead find this. :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry:

3271030 I'm sorry XD:applecry: my other one a painful past for a better future is a scootaloo adaption story. sad but it is one

I read this with a soap opera theme in mind

Sadness hurts my heart. :applecry:

3361941 a new victim falls prey to my sad story... sorry :scootangel:

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