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You pretty much spoiler'd the intro to the story in the description... not quite sure how to feel about that.

This... I like this. ANOTHER!!!

a new PMD story... with possible sexy tiems in the future? im in!

watching and waiting and waiting and watching mein capitan!

*hides under a table, flank poking out the back and snout out the front*

YES! POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON! Anyway, nice start, but just so you know, it isn't "Agron", it's "Aggron".

3473875 Quite welcome! It's good to see some other Mystery Dungeon fans! Seriously, it has got to be my favorite game...oh god, the feels...::raritycry:

I usually name my charmander Blaze :twilightsmile:

I am Zander Slade, and i approve of this message.
I am already exited for the next chapter.


This story is DEAD!

You know what? If no one wants to, I'll take over this story

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