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finally I hear from you nice work btw

Renamon, eh? You mean this tough badass warrior that meets every challenge thrown at her?
Odd! It seems that in this fic her awesome kickass personality has been scrapped and replaced by a useless Fluttershyish cun$!:facehoof:


That's just it though, I didn't want THAT Renamon. Mine is more feminine and innocent than her. But I understand where your coming from. So don't worry, she'll still be badass, just not as much.:twilightblush:

3837900 Yeah I guess so. But it's just that the balance of her personality is screwed up. She acts like as I said "Fluttershy" who can fight but usually gets her ass handed to her and needs a man to save her. If you wanted a more feminine Renamon, you could've balanced her out by making her just as strong as your werewolf, badass yet compasionate and loving towards her friends and brother, not to mention into girly things like clothes from time to time. After all, no warrior can be innocent by nature since they've chosen the path of fighting.

Here's a perfect example of nicely balanced badass yet still girly heroine:
And here's the bio on her personality and abilities - Link

It's just my opinion. I'm into the cool warrior babes who are very assertive, don't take shit from no one, kick ass, and are like stronger than her oponents, no matter how many henchmen a villain might throw at them. As long as they're not too cold and untalkative.:ajsmug:

Well, think of it this way. She's been in the human world for a long while and being protected by a werewolf with a sister complex. She's bound to be rusty in fighting.
Don't worry though, she'll get back into it in no time.:pinkiehappy:

Being a Huge Rena fan this story is good so far in my opinion. I actually like the fact that you altered her personality. Can't wait for more. Hurry please.

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