The Fox and the Wolf

by NightShadow76

First published

An old werewolf and a fox digital monster end up in Equestria.

A werewolf, enemy of vampires. A digital monster fox, innocent, but skilled combatant. Two completely different individuals, but both are given the same offer; go to a new world.

The result; a trip to the 21st century human world. One through time, the other through space, but both find they've turned into humans themselves.

For a year and a half, they've hidden themselves from the humans while a sibling bond grew between the two.

Now the same being that brought them to this world makes another offer, one that will turn them back to normal; 'Come to Equestria'.

There's a bit of human in this, but only in the beginning of the first chapter, so I'm not tagging that. Let me know what you think.


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A young man in a silver jacket and biker pants looks out a window, seeing the parking lot filled with S.W.A.T. vans. "Brother, I'm scared." He turns to the voice to see a young woman in a yellow and white dress, not much younger than him, shivering in fright.

"Don't worry Rena, they won't take you again. Not without taking me down." The young man looks back out the window. "If they want a fight, they'll get one."

"Oh, please. Must we be so dramatic?" The man and Rena spun around to see a man in a tuxedo with a top hat and a monical, holding a cane and wearing a crazed smile. "I mean, it's only a few S.W.A.T. Surely you can handle that, Okami?"

Okami moved Rena behind him and snarled at the man. "YOU!!! This is all your fault, Discord!! If you never showed up, we wouldn't be in this mess!!" He snarled even greater at the man known as Discord.

"Oh come now, you can't really blame me for that. You both wanted to see new worlds. You wanted a life free from vampires, Okami, and she wanted a life outside of the digital world." He mocked the pair. "You know, this is quite the paring, a werewolf and a digimon, becoming brother and sister. I never saw this coming." Discord chuckled, as if thinking of an old joke.

"Then I bet you didn't see this coming either." Faster than one could blink, Okami had Discord in his grip.

"Whoa now, no need to be hostile, I've come baring gifts." Okami raised an eyebrow at this. He relaxed his hold, but held tight just the same. "I'm a reformed god of chaos. I'm here to set things right. It just took me a little bit to remember where I left you two. I was trapped in stone for a spell." Okami chuckled this time.

"You? Reformed? That's like saying there's never chaos. It's a load of bullshit and you know it." The young wolf growled at the demi-god, more than willing to fight a being who can do whatever, whenever, and however he wanted.

"Why so serious?" Discord mocked. "But really, we both know that you'd get creamed if I were really trying." With a snap of his fingers, Discord disappeared in a flash of light, reappeared in a recliner, and summoned a glass of chocolate milk. "Now, as to why I'm here." He sipped the glass, drinking the glass instead of the milk. "I'm here to offer you both a new life, a real life, not the horror show I tricked you into before, but a real home." He finished the glass and threw the milk out the window. The milk blew up like a grenade and took out 3 vans. "I've already renforced the doors, so I'd say you've got 15 to 20 minutes before they reach here, no rush."

Okami looked out the window again to see the S.W.A.T. troops trying to break down the doors. He began to pace around the room, thinking of ways to escape from the police, but couldn't up with anything. Before he could continue, Rena stopped him in mid-stride. "I'm fine with whatever you choose, as long we're together."

Okami looked into her eyes and knew the answer. It was never a choice to begin with. He turned back to Discord. "Fine, we'll take it, but if you double-cross us..." He snarled threateningly.

"Not to worry, I'm done with that. Now though, I should warn you." 'And there's the catch.' Okami thought. "You will no longer be human, you'll be as you were before coming to this world." This sent a chill up Okami's spine. He remembered the mindless beast he used to be.

Now I know what you're thinking and no, you won't become mindless again. In fact, I'm feeling so good toda, I'll even give you the wonderful skill of talking!" Discord yelled gleefully.

"I'm to simply take your word for it, after everything you put us through?" Okami demanded, still ready to fight if need be.

Discord groaned. "Really now, are you STILL going on about that? I may be a god of chaos, but a lair, I am not!" He placed a hand over his chest in mock hurt.

Okami was quiet for the longest time. Finally he nodded to discord, held Rena's hand tightly, and let him work his magic. Discord snapped his fingers and in a flash of light, all three were gone.

Unknown Forest (But I think you all know where this is)

Okami awoke with a stir, groaning as he came to. His eyes fluttered open, clenching tight when the sun burned his sight. He blinked slowly in order to get them used to the light. Slowly, but surely, his vision returned, along with his other senses.

He could see trees overhead, feel grass underneath, and hear running water nearby. Rising from his prone position, he took in his surroundings.

A dark, thick forest cover all sides, but that wasn't what held his attention. No, what did was the prone body of a yellow fox about to be devoured by a lion with bat wings and a scorpion tail. When he caught the fox's scent, he knew who it was instantly, making his eyes widen in fear, then narrow in rage.

"GET YOUR FILTHY CLAWS OFF HER!!!!" Okami roared at the lion, shifting it's attention to him instead. It roared back in defiance, challenging Okami to come and take it's claim.


A challenge Okami was ready to destroy.

He bolted towards the beast, ready to tear out it's heart, when at the last second, it dodged within a hairs breath of being slashed across the face. It struck back with a tail swipe, landing a direct hit on Okami's chest, sending him flying into one of the many trees that made up the ring for the fight.

The impact was hard enough to break the tree off it's stump, but before it landed on him, he grabbed it with both of his arms wrapped around it. Due to it being so large and heavy, it took nearly all of his strength to throw it at the lion.

It was when the tree hit that Okami discovered that his arms were covered in a thick silverish-gray fur coat, ending in razor sharp topaz claws that extended out an inch each from the ends of five fingers. He then realized that, just as Discord said, he had been reverted back to his old self.

His thoughts were broken by the lions roar, bringing him back to the fight. When he looked up at the beast, he saw that more had come from the roar, outnumbering him 5-to-1. It wasn't an angered roar that it made, it was a call for help.

In order to finish this before it became too much for the werewolf, he charged at the group. They saw him coming, but with added numbers, they ran into each other before he was upon them.

He sank his right clawed hand into one on the far left, punching through the rib-cage and grabbing a lung. He tore it out, along with a few ribs, and ate the lung in one bite, ribs and all. Okami left the beast to die from blood loss and turned to the remaining four.

Two came at him this time, but while he was dodging their claw swipes and tail whips, he noticed that one more was circling around to catch him from behind. He waited till it charged at him and jumped when the two in front both attacked, one slashing with it's right claw and the other thrusting with it's stinger.

Instead of hitting Okami, they killed their ally.

It's face was barely recognizable from the claw swipe and the stinger had pierced it heart. So dumbfounded they were from the mix-up that they didn't notice the their skulls bleeding till it was too late.

Okami had landed on their backs, one foot-paw on each, and sank his claw into each of their heads. He could feel their brains turn to mush. Once they had slumped dead, he turned his attention one the last one; the one that started this fight.

Okami could see the fear in it's eyes, the overwhelming terror it was feeling from being dominated by a smaller creature. It believed that even with it's prey's strange strength, numbers would seize the day.

If the prey hadn't been a lycan it would have worked.

So locked up from fear, it didn't even notice Okami get off the corpses and walk over to it. It didn't even notice him standing in front of it.

Okami took note that the strange lion must have been at least 8 ft tall on all fours, making him around 7 1/2 ft. He reached up with one hand slowly and placed it on it's throat.

And in one swift and large effort of strength, he ripped it's head off.

Once he was certain that no more attacks were inbound, he rushed over to the still prone fox. He knelt down and took it's head in his hands and turned it towards him. He took in it's scent once more and discovered that this was indeed Rena, his little sister.

"Rena, can you hear me? Come on, don't do this to me. Wake up." He spoke softly so he wouldn't hurt her now, no doubt, enhanced hearing. When he spoke, he noticed that his new voice was still the same, but with a deep growl to it, making him almost sound like one lycan with the dark skin. What was his name? His king, Lucian, called him, Raze, Okami thought to himself.

His musings were cut off by a soft moan, causing him to look down. He saw that Rena was waking up, but would no doubt panic at the sight of a large wolf looming over her, so he covered her eyes. This got a reaction. "W-w-what?" She spoke in a fearful tone. Okami hated himself for doing this, but it was better that the alternative.

"Shhh, it's okay Rena. Your safe now." He assured her as best as he could as to not scare her more. He saw that along with her yellow fur, she had white three fingered hands, each one ending with black claws, a white tip at the ends of her long ears and tail, violet sleeves with a yin-yang symbol on each, violet markings under her eyes and on her thighs, and her chest and stomach were white with a tuft of fur right under her neck and draping over her chest where her breasts would be, almost making it look like a big and furry tank-top.

(Rena's looks for the unimaginative)

"Brother? Is that you? Where am I? Why are you covering my eyes" Okami noted that her voice sounded like that vampire elder, Amelia, but with her accent.

He took in a breath, calming himself from the rage that came with the memories of vampires. "There was a fight and I had to get messy. I don't you to see it. Can you keep your eyes closed till I say otherwise?" He almost pleaded with her, but she just nodded and he sighed in relief. He removed his hand to see her eyes still closed. Putting his hands underneath her, Okami picked up Rena with no trouble and ran down the river.

He found a spot far enough away from the fight sight and set her down, her eyes still closed. "I going to wash up now. Don't move and call me if you hear something." His own hearing would probably pick anything up before hers, but he decided not to let her think about it yet. As he was washing the blood out, he got a better look at himself.

(How Okami looks like)

He was a gray werewolf with a silverish tint to his fur. He was always different from the other werewolves, in that while they were dark colored, he was bright colored. His build had changed from what he remembered, chalking it up to his build before he was sent here, he made sure that just because he was a human again didn't mean he could slack off. But the one thing that held his attention the longest was his eyes. When he first turned, they were pitch black, just like all the other Lycans, but now they were like a normal wolf's, normal whites with yellow irises. He didn't think about it for too long though, protecting Rena came first.

After he was done washing, he turned to call out to Rena, but paused when he saw something on her back. Right where her arms connected to her shoulders were bits of fur that looked like spikes, three for each shoulder. After thinking for a few seconds Okami realized that this must be what her true form was before she became a human.

He walked up to her till he was five feet away and sat down, awkwardly crossing his legs out of habit from his time as a human. "Okay, now before you open your eyes, know that I'm not a human anymore. Discord turned us back to what we were before we meet him, so you look like a fox while I'm a large wolf. So don't be scared when you see me. Okay, you can open now." He waited as she sat there with her legs under her like those Japanese he'd seen from time to time.

Finally. after what seemed like a life time, but was only a few seconds, she slowly opened her eyes and Okami's breath was caught in his throat. Her irises were a beautiful crystal blue like a vampires, but held none of their cold or cruel nature and her whites were pure black, but weren't in any way frightening.

She looked at him in silence and he thought she would start screaming any second. But what she didn't next shocked him beyond anything he held experienced before.

In a blur of yellow fur, Okami was on his back with a fox bawling into his chest. He began rubbing her back and held her head, happy she wasn't scared of him. After a few minutes she finally calmed down enough to start speaking, but her grip on her adoptive brother didn't loosen. "W-when you said there was a fight, I was so w-worried you were hurt. I-I don't know what I would have done without you." Her crying soon stopped and she let the wolf get up.

"Well, you don't have to worry. I'm not going anywhere." He smiled at her and patted her head like a true sister. "Now, let's found out where we are, shall we?" She nodded and they bounded off to find a way out of the forest.


They finally broke out through the trees and found a wide green hilly field. Rena ran up and down the hills like an excited child, a big smile on her face. Okami smiled to himself, glad that she was having fun even after all that's happened. But that smile faded when he looked to his left and what he saw filled him with dread.

A village. And where there's a village, there's humans.

He called out to Rena in a hushed tone. When she looked to where he was pointing, her face paled and she ran back to Okami. He motioned for them to get low and got down to his belly, Rena doing the same, and crawled to the closest hill to the village. He peeked over and looked to see if he could spot any humans. But when a door open on the nearest house, what walked out wasn't a human.

It was a two legged horse. No, wait, it was a pony!

He saw several more ponies walking about and saw that while they walked like human and had hands like them, there was a BIG difference between the two. The ponies were naked from head to toe, er, hoof, or-WHATEVER!!!

Squinting his eyes to see better, he saw that what appeared to be females had the same body figure as a human woman, but their fur covered their breasts like a tight shirt. Seeing them like this gave him the impression that they were like Lycans, only pony instead of wolf.

He looked at Rena and saw the sparkle in her eyes that she gets when she see something she really wants to hug. Okami held her back and made hands motions, telling her to stay put and keep an eye out for anything. He got up and darted off to where he killed those lions, certain that even SHE couldn't get into trouble in the short time it'll take for him to get there and back.



After he left, Rena pouted a little. She really wanted to get a closer look at the ponies. They looked REALLY soft. She looked back to the village and saw something that filled her with confusion.

The ponies began running. And screaming.

After a few seconds she saw why. A large group of dogs came out of the ground and started attacking the ponies, taking them to what looked like the town square, tying them up, and throwing them into cages.

The sight made her blood boil in rage. So much so that she bolted towards the village to help when Okami's instructions came to mind and she slid to a halt. She looked back to the forest and then back to the village, trying to decide what to do.

Should she listen to her brother and ignore the screams? Or disobey, go to the village, and kick some mutt tail!

She ran for the village.


When she got there, it was worse than she thought. Almost all the ponies where in cages, the biggest and strongest of them wrapped in chains and in a cage by himself. He was the only one who caught her eye. With a thick red coat and a dirty blond mane, the stallion writhed in fury at his captors. It didn't take long for her to see why.

In a cage not far from his own, she saw three mares, an elder, a filly, and an adult not much younger than him. They were being threatened by adog with a spear and promises of violation.

Rena didn't wait for the dog to finish.

She lept into the air with her strong legs and crossed her arms on instinct and shouted.


Crystals formed in the air in front of herand when she swung her arms out, they launched at the dogs like a volley of arrows. Many dogs fell to the attack, but some were able to escape before they were struck down. Rena landed near the cages and started to work on breaking the locks, not even caring if her attack took her targets down or not. She went to the red stallion's cage first and with a hard kick barely managed to break it's lock, then went to break the chains.

The red stallion looked at her like she grew a second head. "W...who are you? Why are you helping me and not them?" He gestured towards the dogs, who were now coming out of hiding.

Without looking back at him or the dogs, Rena answered. "I don't like slavery, seen enough of that with an emperor. As to why I'm helping you specifically? Your muscles aren't for show right? If not, then you can help me break the others out." She finally broke the stubborn chain and went to free other ponies while 'Big Red' (what she'll call him for now, not knowing how close she is from his name) freed his family and anyone else.

But before she could continue to do so, a dozen dogs cut her off, all snarling with rage. She took a battle stance, knowing that this could take a while.


Okami had just gotten back from he killed those lions when he 'felt' a disturbance. When he looked around for Rena he saw why. Smoke coming from the village, along with screams.

He knew two things have happened; Rena saw an attack on the village and went to help and now she needs help.

He rushed towards where he could smell her, using every muscle in his body to make him go faster.


Rena was hurt, badly. She held out against the dogs well, but there was to many. Out of the corner of her eye she saw that the last cage had been opened by 'Big Red' and he was now breaking the bonds of the ponies. Glad she gave him the time he needed, she looked back at the dogs.

Although she wasn't going with out a fight, she didn't know how much longer she could hold out. Her left arm was dead weight, her right leg had a gash from a sword, and she was losing blood fast. She'd be lucky if she could last another twenty minutes.

A dog, smaller than the others, but better equiped, stepped out of the horde and addressed her. "Why are you helping the ponies?! You're a fox!! A loner!!" He demanded Rena. It was all she could do to stay up right, but she spoke back.

"Some of us don't like what you're doing, so I just went with what I was taught, 'Help others when they need it and never ignore evil in front of you.'" She breathed heavily, darkness clouding her vision. Before she could react, a paw grabbed her throat and slammed her to the ground. She looked up and saw the small dog bearing down on her, evil intentions glinting in his eyes.

He smile cruelly while looking her over. "You know, I was thinking about just putting you with the ponies and having you work in the mines, but now that look at you, I'd think you'd make a great bitch. Hope you like pups, cause you're going to be making a lot of them." Terror flooded through Rena's mind. She could see 'Big Red' trying to help her, but was being held back by the dogs, his face a look of pure hate.

But that hate turned to fear as he looked not at Rena, but past her. Suddenly, the paw and weight of the dog was ripped off of her and she heard a loud roar that promised pain and suffering beyond all thought. She turned and the sight filled her with glee.

Okami had come, and he was holding the dog by the throat four feet off the ground.



Rage, hate, anger, revenge.

This was all that was flowing in Okami's mind. When he arrived he expected Rena would need a little help, he would come in, help a little, and they would beat them before they could break a sweat.

That all changed when he heard what this mutt in his claws said. He was going to let the majority of them live, but not anymore. Now, they will all die.

And he will feed.

He threw the begging dog so hard, when he collided with a stone wall, blood splattered all over it. The dog was dead on impact.

Never had Okami been so enraged, but he never had this happen to his little sister either. He charged into the thick of the horde, receiving a few spears in his arms. He grabbed one by the head and crushed it, then took it's body and swung it like a club, hitting three more dogs. Swords and spears slashed and stabbed his body, but he did not yield.

He fought like William Corvinus himself, sparing no one from his onslaught. Some begged for their lives, some tried to run, others fought back.

None were spared.

A horn call was heard and all fighting stopped. The dogs parted and let a large dog through, this one almost the same height as Okami. He carried a battle axe on his shoulder and wore bronze armor, while the rest of the dogs wore steel or copper. He stopped seven feet away from the werewolf and looked him up and down. Then after a long period of silence, he spoke. "You the one giving my mutts trouble?" Okami nodded. "I see. So you helping these ponies? Or are you just getting payback for something we did?" Okami looked back at Rena, who being held up by a large red stallion. The dog must have thought he was looking at the ponies. "So that's your answer, huh? Well, the way I see it, there's two ways we can do this. One, you team up with us and we take this town and all the ponies and have gems up to our necks. Or two, you and me duke it out one-on-one, because let's face it, if I let these idiots keep fighting, there won't be any dogs left to take the ponies. So, what's it gonna be?"

Okami looked at the alpha, then to Rena and the ponies, then back again. "What will you do with them?"

The dog smirked. "Why they'll be put in the mines to dig for gems, of course. In other words, slaves." A loud crack was heard from behind the alpha and when he turned toward where the sound came from, a dog's head was half gone. He looked back to see Okami's leg raised like he just did a field goal, a grove in the ground from where a good sized rock used to be.

He stared at the dog with disgust. "If their one thing I despise more than backstabbers, it's slavery. You won't take a single innocent while I draw breath."


The alpha sighed, and slammed his axe into the ground, embedding it. "That's too bad." In a slit second, the dog was on Okami. He only had a heart-beat to react to the barrage from his opponent. Using the training he learned as a human, he barely managed to block or evade most of the blows, but a few hit home. One hit his broken ribs and he stiffled a scream of pain, but he stumbled, giving the alpha the opening he needed.

The dog leapt over Okami and attacked his back with such force that, combined with his broken ribs, forced a roar of agony. Okami stopped himself from falling and used the momentum to spin around and deliver a strong right hook to the dogs face. He ignored the pain and pressed the attack, striking any and all openings he could spot.

Through out the fight, Okami was impressed. Here was a mortal, neither a Lycan or vampire, yet it was keeping pace with him. Even though he was wounded, that shouldn't be possible, only an immortal could hold out against another immortal. But here he was, fighting a mortal and was being evenly matched. He knew that if he were fully healed this mutt wouldn't stand a chance, but he wasn't and he is.

The dog caught a fist and swung his own, only for it to be caught by Okami. The two began pushing each other back, bloodlust in both of their eyes. The alpha then pulled back, causing the werewolf to stumble over him and he placed his paws on Okami's stomach and kicked out, sending him flying in the air. He got back on his paws and shot himself at the falling wolf, colliding with him.

Okami retaliated and they began falling through the air, clawing, biting, punching, kicking, even head-butting each other till they came to the ground. The hit the dirt hard, sending up a cloud of dust. Rena and the ponies had watched the whole fight with hope. Rena, hoping her brother would win, and the ponies, hoping this wolf will save them. The dust cleared and what they saw made their hearts drop.

Okami was on his knees, being choked by the dog from behind in a sleeper hold.

Rena wanted to help, but her own injuries prevented that. Okami could see tears form in her eyes and a new burst of adrenaline and fury rushed through him. he grabbed the arm at his neck and sunk his claws deep into it, making the dog howl in pain and loosen his hold. Okami took this chance and threw him off and sent him flying about fifteen feet before he righted himself.

As soon as he touched the ground, the dog and Okami leapt in the air and grabbed each other's arms. They began spinning, trying to throw each other, but when they seperated at the same time they kicked off the others paws and back flipped, landing in the same positions before they jumped, but in opposite places. They were getting worn out, one from pain, the other exhaustion, but neither were planning to back down.

They charged each other again, but Okami's ribs pierced a lung and pain flooded his senses, making him stumble again. Seeing this, the alpha did a slidding kick and sent the werewolf into the air again, but half way on Okami's decent, the dog leapt and hit him so hard that he bounced off. Before he touched the ground, however, he vanished and appeared on the other side of Okami from where he hit him. He did this again, disappearing and reappearing in a different spot, hitting and bouncing off the werewolf like he was teleporting.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Okami finally hit the ground with a crash, the dog landing behind him. The alpha began walking to him, panting hard. "I gotta say, I've haven't had a fight like that in ages. You've brought a smile to my face. I am going to miss you." He was almost on top of him when Okami made his move.

When he hit the ground, Okami began to drag himself to stand up, but a glint caught his eye. He looked and saw a small piece of metal, thin and long. Not big enough to use as a weapon, but good enough for what he had in mind. He crawled to it as carefully as he dared, pain still racing though his veins. He could hear the dog talk, but could understand what he was say, the pain clouding his hearing. He just made it and grabbed the metal when his hearing cleared up enough to hear the dog say that he would miss him.

He swung his empty arm at the dog to get him off balanced, which worked. The dog was so surprised from the sneak attack that he didn't see the second. He felt a palm slam into his throat and he backed off to catch his breath.

Only he realized, he couldn't!!!

He felt his neck and felt something wet and when he pulled his hand back, he saw that it was covered in his blood and more kept pouring out of the wound. He tried to stop the bleeding, but he felt another problem. Something metal and sharp was embedded in his throat. His eyes widened in fear, his blood flowing out at an unstoppable pace. He fell to his knees, still clawing at his neck, and looked at Okami.

The werewolf was standing, barely awake through the pain and agony that wrecked his body. He saw that the dog wouldn't last much longer at this pace, so he did the only thing the was expected of him from an other werewolf.

He walked over and snapped the alpha's neck.

When the body hit the ground, everything went silent. The dogs didn't dare move, out of fear that the wolf's rage would be turned on them next. Okami look at the dogs, and despite the state his body was in, he spoke with power in his voice. "Your alpha is dead, many of your comrades are dead. You have two choices, you can either continue this pointless fight. Or, you accept me as your new alpha, and live under my command. What do you choose?" He wait for their answer.

Slowly, as if in reverence and not in fear, the dogs kneeled as if to a king. Okami let out a sigh of relief. "Now, my first order. You are to help the ponies in rebuilding their village, as well as protecting them from future attacks. Also, no more slavery. You will bring all slaves to me here, tomorrow at noon. I will then release them. You will dig for your own gems. Is this clear?" His voice seemed to boom with authority and power. His dogs rose and slammed their fists into their chests and bowed. Then they dug underground to carry out their orders.


Exhaustion started to claim Okami, making his shoulders slump and his head droop. He turned and walked over to Rena, who looked ready to burst into tears. He noticed the red stallion holding her up and he saw the look in his eyes. It was a look that said 'I don't know this girl, but if you try anything, I'll kill you'. Okami smiled. He knew that if any dogs had attacked Rena during the fight, this stallion would've kept her safe. He turned to Rena again, now only one foot away.

He raised his right hand and stroked her furred cheek. She leaned into it while keeping her eyes open. Then, in a raspy voice, he spoke. "You''m....sorry....I should' here.....sooner." Then darkness closed in on his vision with a vengence.

But before he hit the ground, he heard the stallion in front of him cry out. "Somepony get these two to the hospital, NOW!!!!"