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This was to be my second fic, but I've put it on the back burner long enough. Still working on my technique, but I'm getting there. The other tag is for the fact that the hell hound is not my work, but the name is. I own nothing, but the story and the name.

Riddick was being threaten, and the hellhound had to help his new friend. He killed the merc., but at the cost of his own life. As he bleed out, Riddick looked at his now dying friend with anger, regret, and sorrow in his shining eyes, and covered the hound in a tarp, to protect him somewhat from Crematoria's sun. The hellhound wakes to find, not the empty blackness that many think they would see in death, but a sunlit forest.

Crossover with Chronicles of Riddick, incase you didn't get the memo, watch the deleted scenes if you have the DVD.

All charaters belong to their respective owners.

The sex tag is a maybe, don't expect to much if at all.

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