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Alright everypony... I guess I need to edit my bio, eh? It's a WIP... check back in a bit.


The Everfree Forest has long laid dormant since its cursed trees ever appeared in the slowly defrosting remains of Old Equestria. Yet, in recent years, the forest has almost doubled in size, slowly covering Equestria in its thorny grasp and endangering several settlements of the House Earthborn. General Applejack, suspecting the work of the House Everfree, sends a strike force, under the command of her own brother, Big Macintosh, or, "the Guardian" to his troops, to drive the forest back in a tide of flame. However, Mistress Fluttershy of the House Everfree feels offense at these movements, and begins to make a military movement of her own...

Equestria Divided Universe property of PoorYorickDA. Art was found on Derpibooru, so I have no idea who actually drew it. But credit to them, too.

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Please do update this soon^^


Will do. I'm actually working on another chapter right now, as well as five other stories with the other houses.

Although, I never took Macintosh for the military type, even if he clearly has the potential to be the best there ever was. I always thought of him as the kind to just make a farm out in the middle of nowhere, but again, he does have a family to protect. I'm anxious to see what he does in this story and how each faction's stories intertwine^^

3145872 Honestly, he doesn't want to. He's doing it to protect his family from the cruel and unusual persecutions HERESY! *BLAM* He is trying to protect a sworn enemy of the Arcchmagister, and therefore, his life is forfeit!

Yeah, and that too. Whatever. Go away, Inquisitor.

But, yes. You will get an in-depth look on the units and commanders of all of the houses. Honestly, I'm unsure whether to do a Griffon Kingdom one. I'm going to do one on changelings- because I love changelings- but I'm not sure sure how to portray King Featherface III. Soviet ruler or egomaniac? OR something else? Hmm...

Okay. . . Has Applejack gone as crazy as the others? She seems the most even headed and not phychotic. Although I don't agree with the Dehorning she's doing.
Also, I can't help but feel as though Macintosh and his troop are going to try diplomacy with Fluttershy first, and the few of those besides Macintosh. particularly Big Macintosh, being one who spent his entire life growing and tending to trees, (He certainly seems the type to "melt her butter") that Fluttershy doesn't butcher are going to find themselves unable to leave her kingdom peacefully at all. She just seems the type to keep the "worthy" in her "PARADISE" forever.
I can just see her screaming something along the lines of "ALL SHALL LOVE ME AND DESPAIR!"

The Grand Archmagister is the title that Twilight set herself up with. All the power of a queen without saying so, because she thinks that they are still around, after all.

And I might not say ALL SHALL LOVE ME AND DESPAIR, but I might tie in something around those lines.

Hotshot isn't the most stable pony, and I'm thinking about devoting a chapter to him and play him like Pyro from TF2.

hmm... so if i'm reading this right

house earthborn = dwarves
house moon and sun = high elves
house everfree = wood elves
house stormwing = avians?
house whitegold = humans
cult of laughter = eldritch cult
changelings = goblins?

I'm loving this story because it truly shows how war is. No one starts war for no reason. It shows all of the grey areas as opposed to how others say its just black and white

Sounds good^^
I think the story so far is great, and I can't wait for the next update!^^


I'm glad you enjoy the story.

Dear god. This is going to be awesome!!!!!!

and now of couarse thing as they must go from bad to worse


Thank you for those words of wisdom, Dark Bane. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Another great chapter^^


Thank you. Stick around for a while and I'll have posted another chapter of this tale.

I'm not quite sure who he is based off of^^'
And again, another wonderful chapter to the story!!!

Conflict is afoot!
Also, if the Earthborn are worried about the plants spreading too far, why don't they use the tactic that the ancient Spartans used and salt the ground around the treeline to keep it from advancing


Because if you salt the earth, if you do manage to push it back, what use will the salted earth be for growing? It's the same reason why the House of Moon and Star don't totally firebomb every town with a Cult of Laughter presence in it, unless the town has become irredeemable. Speaking of that, expect a story of those two to be popping up soon... I'll post the link at the end of an upcoming chapter.

That, and the magic of the Everfree might remove the salt, or negate it enough for plants to grow there anyways. Magic is magic, and a plant that grows because of magic is almost completely different from a natural plant.

[/endramble] :twilightblush:

Thank you, that explanation actually makes sense^^

You are welcome. Have a Spikestache for your inquisitive spirit! :moustache:



Darn it. No chapter today. I went and hit the brick wall called writers block. How unfortunate.

I'll go brainstorm and hopefully have something for you tomorrow...


There's your chapter. :)

This chapter was fucking awesome!!!!!!
But I'm having trouble reading the previous chapter. It says I need a password


Which previous chapter? Several of my chapters have been published early due to an accident. I keep trying to hit edit quickly. Humph.

I went ahead and published all of my chapters.

Hotshot is. . . Was fucking nuts!!!!
Was he inspired by the Pyro from Team Fortress 2?

Anywho, if Macintosh is so determined to talk to Fluttershy, why doesn't he just drop his weapon and armor, and take a walk. I mean, if her ears and eyes are all over the forest, perhaps the idea of the most terrifying earth pony ever born going in alone and without protection would help drive the notion home that he's there to talk. I'm sure a pony as smart as he is, has come to that conclusion as their best shot.


But, like it was stated (albeit indirectly) how do you deal with the traps, the Death Blossoms, the mischievous spirits, the everything? And, even assuming she gets there... will she let him go? What if she has a romantic interest in him? If things go sour, then he's in the heart of the enemy, and the Everfree are too wild to merely let someone who they disagree with go to waste...

And no, they can't.

Although I wonder if I should get rid of this chapter and end the story here... I don't know.

I'll spend my whole life wondering how it would end!!!
I mean, if your tired with this story and want it to end, then it's your decision. But I need to know what happened between these two. If your done with the story, I'll accept it. But at least message me the background info please^^

3543024 I know it's way late, but...




When you're that deep into enemy territory? Not bloody likely.

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