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Alright everypony... I guess I need to edit my bio, eh? It's a WIP... check back in a bit.


In an Equestrian archaeological excavation several years ago, they found several scrolls, made out of a thinner version of the material that changelings use in construction. It took a few years before a professor by the name of Page Sheaf, through the interrogations made from captured changelings during the Royal Wedding, was able to fully translate it.

One of the scrolls featured a character named Princess Novo, a princess of the hive of the Grey Monarch, that lived several centuries previous.

Includes commentary and an introduction by Professor Page Sheaf.

Inspiration and permission by BlackWater. Read his other works as well, including the story Hive Alive, which is responsible for this idea.

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Thanks. Have a Spikestache! :pinkiehappy:


Talk about going mad with power. Damn, girl.

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