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Alright everypony... I guess I need to edit my bio, eh? It's a WIP... check back in a bit.


What am I?

I am a friend of a pony named Lemon Hearts, a well-known unicorn. But her rivals are out for her, and for me... can I help her through?

Equestria Divided Universe belongs to PoorYorick.

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Comments ( 16 )

Hey man nice story loving it so far.

Really great idea and a nice way of portraying one of the newer units.

I see great potential in this one. I like how you use multiple POVs, and how we perceive the world through Mockingbird's eyes; being able to hear her thoughts, which is necessary to have a better characterization of Mockingbird. All the ponies she's made of... the memories, and how she's altered beyond nature. The essence lies in the memories, the visions of multiple minds, merged as one. I'm eager to see how it shapes her.


First off, Mockingbird's a girl. :twilightangry2:

Second, I thank you for your positive opinion. My next chapter will be out momentarily.

2585375 Me and my assumptions... :facehoof:
I should've paid more attention to the mane brushing scene, where she brushes her mane; a typical characteristic of a female. Otherwise, it was really hard to tell, given the fact that she hasn't been addressed as a "she" yet, only "it" in the beginning.

I have to admit that I read this very late at night, before posting my comment the day after. But hey, all is good. I'll be reading the next chapter now. Keep up the great work! :pinkiehappy:




Late night reader? *raises hand*

2585659 This one I'll read in the evening. My mind should be more clear now. :raritywink:

Edit: Still liking it so far. I wonder how things will turn out at the Council, should Lemon present her work; and what tough decisions needs to be made.

As openings go this is pretty interesting. Although as alicorn mockeries are a regular unit it probably gives away some of the ending.


Does it? You don't know that.

Interesting chapter. Staying tuned for more. :raritywink:

2589777 Alright. Next chapters out tomorrowish.

Nice chapter. Added more to the plot. ^Take your time.

I will wait at the end of this adventurous cliff for the next chapter! I am so nervacited! :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiehappy:

So this is an Equestria Divided fic, then? Gotcha.
Seems interesting so far. Let's see where it's going. :trixieshiftright:

Ice Darkness appeared to change pronouns halfway through the chapter ("she" to "he").

Otherwise, great work! Inter-faction tension is always something I've wanted to see more of in works.

This was a fantastic chapter. Great job creating tension and painting a scene.

You may want to look over your formatting and perspectives. There seemed to be a few parts where I was confused who was talking, since the formatting was consistent elsewhere.

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