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Alright everypony... I guess I need to edit my bio, eh? It's a WIP... check back in a bit.


In an Equestrian archaeological excavation several years ago, they found several scrolls, made out of a thinner version of the material that changelings use in construction. It took a few years before a professor by the name of Page Sheaf, through the interrogations made from captured changelings during the Royal Wedding, was able to fully translate it.

One of the scrolls featured a character named Princess Novo, a princess of the hive of the Grey Monarch, that lived several centuries previous.

Includes commentary and an introduction by Professor Page Sheaf.

Inspiration and permission by BlackWater. Read his other works as well, including the story Hive Alive, which is responsible for this idea.

Chapters (2)

An assassination attempt, the none-too-soft revelation of my life- or, rather, unlife- and my friend revealing her history...

But in the wake of these events, Colgate has decided to push the case of my existence- my sapience- in front of the council, and I'm not so sure Lemon can take the massive amounts of pressure.

What can I do?

Welcome, everyone, to the sequel to A Mockery Of Life. I suggest you go read that first, but, of course, if you are feeling rebellious, go ahead and dive in.

Chapters (2)

The Everfree Forest has long laid dormant since its cursed trees ever appeared in the slowly defrosting remains of Old Equestria. Yet, in recent years, the forest has almost doubled in size, slowly covering Equestria in its thorny grasp and endangering several settlements of the House Earthborn. General Applejack, suspecting the work of the House Everfree, sends a strike force, under the command of her own brother, Big Macintosh, or, "the Guardian" to his troops, to drive the forest back in a tide of flame. However, Mistress Fluttershy of the House Everfree feels offense at these movements, and begins to make a military movement of her own...

Equestria Divided Universe property of PoorYorickDA. Art was found on Derpibooru, so I have no idea who actually drew it. But credit to them, too.

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Shining Armor certainly lives up to his name when it comes to protecting his younger sister. She's become a prime target for a small pack of bullies, jealous that she has become Celestia's personal apprentice. However, the bullies have gotten a new target now- Shining Armor. When it starts to get more physical, he's become accustomed to even having to use magic to put up with it. As he arrives home one day injured from the barrage, help comes from an unexpected direction.

Hello, all! I figured that this would be a nice change of pace from the grimdark stories that I have been working on. The story idea is credit to DoctorWhoAreYouvian. I hope you enjoy!

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What am I?

I am a friend of a pony named Lemon Hearts, a well-known unicorn. But her rivals are out for her, and for me... can I help her through?

Equestria Divided Universe belongs to PoorYorick.

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