• Published 2nd Sep 2013
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Assault on the Black Forest - Farseer

As the fight for Equestria goes on, General Applejack of the House Earthborn seeks to contain the Everfree Forest before it drives out the ponies on her land...

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Deus shivered as he watched their forces get pushed back, while the Flower Trio slowly manipulated nature around them, picking off ponies one at a time, occasionally shooting a beam into the masses. Their targets would be turned into living flower gardens, becoming part of the forest while remaining sentient. Of course, they would accept their new form, perhaps even joyfully, but it removed some of the larger threats, such as the behemoths in full metal armor that were traipsing around, smashing the Wildings to bits. Rose turned to her as the others continued their chanting. Deus...

Yes, Mistress?

This camp is lost to us. We have dealt the enemy great harm, yet they keep coming in more numbers then we can stop. She sighed. Quickly, make your way to Mistress Fluttershy. She must be warned of the enemies coming her way. Send word to the hidden Wildings as well- they will know what to do.

But, Rose... what about yourselves?

Do not worry about us. We will be fine.

As Soulhammer struggled his way us the steep steps that lead up to the abode above him, he could see a pony dash up into the nearby treetops, then leaping- gliding?- to another, and continued deeper into the forest. He sighed and continued forwards.

He was amazed that the tree could withstand his massive weight. five hundred pounds was no easy feat, even for a tree of this size and magnitude. As he reached the top of the stairs, he found himself looking at the backs of the three ponies. They had an unearthly aura around them. He grabbed his hammer. Dishonorable as it was, he needed to finish this quickly.

Wrong move, earth pony.

Soulhammer felt a force slam into his body. His mind was ringing... and he had heard a voice in it. He let out a growl and said, "I am Captain Trajan Soulhammer of the House Earthborn. Give me the honor of letting me know who I face before I run out of patience and your heads become like grapes."

Silence... then laughter.

You sound more like a Diamond Dog then you do a pony, captain. Let us hope that your words carry more honor than your actions.

His face became set in a scowl.

A different voice sounded in his mind. I am Rose...

And I, Lily...

And I, Daisy.

The voices then sounded in unison. We are the head shamans of the House Everfree, and you shall soon know how folly it was for you to challenge us to battle.

Upon hearing this, he took a fighting stance, as the three ponies turned around, all with their eyes aglow. Two of them looked like twins, while the one in the center has different with her paler coat and red and pink hair.

The one in the center smiled. You have the look of a powerful warrior, captain. I shall enjoy seeing what your inner blossoms are...

He dove to the side as a beam of energy shot from the middle one, scorching the tree. He rolled to the side as another one fired, and ducked to avoid a third blast. He jumped up and began strafing, changing directions suddenly to dodge their attacks.

You certainly are agile for one in such a thick suit of metal, captain, commented Lily. You know, if you come with us, we can give you protection and even enjoyment. A coven of ponies all your own... you would like that, wouldn't you?

"I already have ponies under my command- good ponies who trust me and I trust them." he snarled.

Absolute dedication? No wavering of cause? said Daisy, a smile forming on her face. Think for a moment, captain. What if you stopped working with the House and take up a cloak of wood? You could be a prince in the kingdom of nature. Lesser spirits, dedicated to your cause? Servants and pleasures without end?

Soulhammer continued his circling. "You seem to think I am some gullible Nighthoof."

So this is your answer? responded Rose.


Very well. You will be made part of the forest anyways. Not all warriors can last forever. Eventually, we will have you as part of our collection.

And with that, the tree shook and half of it split open. A keening sound- the spirit's death keel- sounded in the air, and the shamans screamed. Soulhammer took advantage of this time, slamming his hammer into the back of one of them. Her pulverized body hit the ground and promptly exploded into flower blossoms. Now the middle one- Rose- screamed in rage as she saw her sister fall. She turned to Soulhammer.

You... you...

Soulhammer dove to the side and rolled to avoid the sudden burst of magic. It flew out to the side and blew up the cannon of the Beastbuster that was approaching. He took a blade from his belt and threw it out at Rose, who dodged to the side. Yet this distraction was enough for him to slam his hammer into the other sister to Rose's left. She, too, exploded into blossoms.

Then a force blew into him, knocking him off of the tree as it slowly began to shake and continued to burn. His mind felt... slower. He tried to make for his hammer, but he knew he could not reach it in time.

I told you, pony. Do not go against the will of the forest. He looked up to see Rose, whose face was enshrouded with shadow, with her two sisters, looking like spirits, besides her. All the ponies here will face Fluttershy's wrath. One way or another. Soulhammer felt his mind slowing, peace entering into them. He closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable...

And he felt his hammer against his hoof.

Without thinking, he brought it down onto the head of the pony in front of him.

He didn't even remain conscious enough to hear her death cry.

And the Guardian Tree collapsed into a pile of flaming lumber, with Soulhammer underneath of it.

Bear Tooth Tribe, Camp Assault.
Casualties: 247
Wounded: 194
Victor: House Earthborn

Author's Note:

No, the Flower Ponies are not dead. They are spirits, correct?

And now I go on break. Enjoy.

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