• Published 2nd Sep 2013
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Assault on the Black Forest - Farseer

As the fight for Equestria goes on, General Applejack of the House Earthborn seeks to contain the Everfree Forest before it drives out the ponies on her land...

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As the company raiding parties went trough the tents for important spells, paperwork, et cetera, Big Macintosh stood up with his head high, looking at the forest around him. If it wasn't trying to kill him, it would be... peaceful. Braeburn sidled up next to him, acknowledging him with a short nod.

"We found Soulhammer's body."


"Charred almost to the bone. The tree fell on him when it split in half. We also found the pony- err- charred skeleton of the pony who blew apart the tree."

Yet more silence.

Braeburn shifted silently. "I was thinkin'... maybe we should head back. I mean, we struck back at them, yeah? Isn't this enough for a twenty-pony guard squad?"


"No?!?" Braeburn looked at him, a fire in his eyes. "We've lost over three hundred ponies. True, we reaped our fair share in return, but what do you expect? Some great crusade against the Everfree?"

Big Macintosh looked at him warily. "Listen here, cousin. I've lost legions of ponies to this accursed place. Friends, foes, family..." He sighed. "If we can hurt them enough... well, it would take months for them to recover."

"And it would take years for us to recover from the pain!" Braeburn shook his head. "Let's end this madness now while we still can. We've destroyed a camp numbering well over five hundred! Isn't your bloodlust sated?"

"It ain't about bloodlust."

"What? Then... then why are you fighting?"

Big Macintosh was silent for a while. "I don't think that you'd understand."

"Oh, very well. Keep your secrets." Braeburn poked Big Macintosh playfully, but stopped after looking at the glare we received in return. "I'm just saying, if you wanna drive to the other side of the Everfree... don'tcha think it's about time for a pit stop? If, for nothing else, to get resupplied, heal the wounded, and bury the dead? I mean, think of Apple Bloom... poor fella got her leg broken by the Wildings. Surely you want her healed more than battlefield triage?"


Big Macintosh paused, deep in thought, considering the outcomes. Finally, after about ten minutes, he sighed. "Very well. We will head back."

Braeburn smiled and nodded. "Thank you, Big Mac." He started to walk away, but before he did, he drew out three bags of bits. "If you could give these to the survivors of Soulhammer's squad? They did beat you and me to the Guardian Tree, after all..." He left, shaking his head.

Big Mac looked at the bits and put them in his saddlebags, resolute to give them the bonuses. He sighed and shook his head. If only he could talk to her again... he'd make her see reason. Maybe the Everfree and Ponykind could live in harmony... but all of his diplomatic plans would be for nothing if he got ritually eaten by a carnivorous pony. Hearing hoofsteps behind him, he turned around, revealing a beaten up and bleeding pony. "You should be in the medical tent." He offered quietly.

"No... time..." he panted. "Important... news..."

He gave the pony a look before gently placing the pony on his back. "Don't worry, I gotcha. Now what's this news?"

"Camp... attacked... Wildings..."

He widened his eyes. "The camp was attacked?"

"Yes... overran... raided... gone." He fainted, head lolling on Big Macintosh's shoulders.

And, suddenly, this just got fifty times worse.a

Author's Note:

Blocking them into hostile terrain is great! Now they have to fight their way out... Have fun with that!

And sorry for taking so long with the latest chapter...

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Comments ( 4 )

Anywho, if Macintosh is so determined to talk to Fluttershy, why doesn't he just drop his weapon and armor, and take a walk. I mean, if her ears and eyes are all over the forest, perhaps the idea of the most terrifying earth pony ever born going in alone and without protection would help drive the notion home that he's there to talk. I'm sure a pony as smart as he is, has come to that conclusion as their best shot.


But, like it was stated (albeit indirectly) how do you deal with the traps, the Death Blossoms, the mischievous spirits, the everything? And, even assuming she gets there... will she let him go? What if she has a romantic interest in him? If things go sour, then he's in the heart of the enemy, and the Everfree are too wild to merely let someone who they disagree with go to waste...

And no, they can't.

Although I wonder if I should get rid of this chapter and end the story here... I don't know.

I'll spend my whole life wondering how it would end!!!
I mean, if your tired with this story and want it to end, then it's your decision. But I need to know what happened between these two. If your done with the story, I'll accept it. But at least message me the background info please^^

3543024 I know it's way late, but...




When you're that deep into enemy territory? Not bloody likely.

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