• Published 2nd Sep 2013
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Assault on the Black Forest - Farseer

As the fight for Equestria goes on, General Applejack of the House Earthborn seeks to contain the Everfree Forest before it drives out the ponies on her land...

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Guardians of the Forest

Sha'Sol'Koa growled at the troops as she continued to glare at the blade buried in the trees. It was obviously not of the House Everfree, which means the enemy was further in than she originally thought. Consoling the spirit as she continued to sob over her wound, she turned to the others. "Well?" she growled to Wilding Captain.

"I am sorry, milady. Whoever was here- and they definitely were here- We can't track them further than the next few yards."

"And why not?"

The captain flinched at her razor tone. "Well... you see... um..."

"Spit it out, why don't you?"

"Very well. Whoever was over here has about as much knowledge of stealth, staying undetected and covering their tracks as a Zebra Skirmisher. Unless we can get some of the spirits to cooperate..."

Sha'Sol cursed under her breath. "Continue searching. The trail may be slim."

"Yes ma'am."

She glided over to the tree and looked at the slightly transparent pony sobbing in the trees.

Be at rest, friend. We shall find who has hurt you, and vengeance shall be wrought.

I know. It just... it hurts. So much...

She sighed. Just hold on. We shall fix the wound as soon as they arrive.

Turning to the other Wildings, Sha'Sol scowled as she drifted through them. But her ears perked up as she heard something...

You certainly are cute...

Turning to the source of the sound, she dashed off.

She soon arrived at a small pond in a depression of the ground, a water spirit examining her water. Eventually, she looked up. Hello, there.

Hello, spirit. Might I inquire what you are doing?

She giggled. What I am doing? Well, you see, a pony fell into my pond. Almost on top of me, actually! He seemed grumpy and grumbly and no fun, so I decided to do something about that. She giggled again, sinking down into the water. No matter what the grumpy meanie-pants he was, he certainly is a refreshing patch of water. She went down under the surface, bubbling happily.

Sha'Sol sighed. Did this pony wear any clothes?

Yes, he did. A sergeant's outfit for the House Earthborn, yuck! I'm sure he's glad to be out of that now.

A sergeant? Did he do anything to a tree?

He did! How did you know? He chopped off of a leaf of one of the carnivorous plants and it landed in a tree nearby! She shuddered. But he says he's sorry. He never wanted to. And he's happy now, providing water for the plants here, and for me to have fun in!

That solves that problem. What about the others? Anyone else?

There was another meanie-pants names Thunder Lion who acted like he was the boss of everyone. He wanted to get his blade back and make the wound better, as well as save a friend from the plants, but he wouldn't let him. How mean! She sighed and shook her head, looking at her from under the water.

Sha'Sol sighed. Very well... thank you for your help.

The spirit giggled and sank deeper below the water.

Sha'Sol began gliding back towards the others, shaking her head. While informative, the water nymph thoroughly irritated her. And besides, bathing in the souls of other ponies was not something she enjoyed. Besides, you never know where the souls came from, anyways.

She arrived just as she saw a trio of ponies in green cloaks approach the trees, the Wildings bowing to them. Sha'Sol nodded to the ponies. "Hello, shamansss... I asssume you are here to asssist us?"

They put their hoods down, and suddenly, she found herself bowing to the mages. "Ah, yesss... the Flower Trio. How are you doing today?"

The Flower Trio- Rose, Daisy, and Lily- were three legendary shamans that served as botanists before Equestria was rent into pieces. Seeking refuge, they retreated to the forest well before the House was founded by Fluttershy, and, to activate the first Guardian Trees, they sacrificed themselves at the same time, their friendship rendering them inseparable. Yet, while one might merely become a tree-spirit, the three of their wills together allowed them to emerge from the Heart of the Everfree as an independent entity. They always act as one, yet the voice comes from Rose, so it is unsure whether the three ponies control their separate bodies, or all three of them control all three of their bodies, as their souls were mixed about by the process of becoming spirits. They quickly located Fluttershy and put themselves under her command, as an aspect of the forest was with her.

Two of them began singing softly, as the area around the blade rippled and the blade slowly began to back out of the wound. Rose- the one in the middle- smiled. We have been sent by the Lady to assist in the banishment of the House of the Earthborn from the blessed realm of the Everfree.

Reverting back the the language of spirits, she sighed. That is indeed good news, as we do not think we can do this without assistance from her.

Rose raised an eyebrow. Are you saying that the Iron Bulls provided by the Commander Iron Will have not been useful?

Indeed they have, yet, they treat all of us as if we are merely servants.

The blade landed silently onto the ground with a soft thump. She looked at it for a moment before turning back to Sha'Sol.

Did you honestly expect anything else out of a squad of minotaurs?

Sha'Sol smiled. I guess not.

Indeed. Where is Commander Sky Fire?

He is at the base, preparing defenses and organizing the few Wildings not in a flanking position.

That is good. Might you guide us back to the camp?

But of course... Sha'Sol's smile grew. If you will follow me...

The other two ceased singing as the wound in the tree shut. There was little proof of the cut even being there. The transparant spirits smiled, wiping the tears from her eyes. Thank you, shamans.

The three of them said in unison, You are welcome, spirit of the earth. Then Rose looked at her. Lead on, Guardian of the Forest..., she said, smiling slightly.

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