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Written for the TwiShy group contest, which fell apart because no one writes anything. HINT HINT.
Prompt: Music.

It was just another Thursday night at The Teapot. It was just another Poetry Night at our favorite teashop. Oh, but it was so much more than that...

Cover art by SilverBlaze. Go give him some love.

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im attempting to remain a man after reading this so forgive my explitives.
THAT was fucking beautiful.
i.... it....... just..
damnit. it was lovely,there happy now.

I couldn't keep myself from smiling. I think you may be making TwiShy my favorite pairing.

Holy shit that was so touching, good job on this story man

That, was just lovely.

2972477 2972528 2972558 2972590
I have succeeded in my task, then.

<3 DarqFox

I think you should do more TwiShy stories, I would most defiantly read them :D

Check out my other stories. I write almost nothing but TwiShy.

<3 DarqFox

Really? Holy crap I'm so checking them out right now :D, btw, this story was one of the best TwiShy stories I have ever read! Being completely honest with ya :D

I would have joint but the theme was difficult for me! :twilightsheepish:

This is really good, love the way that Fluttershy propose to her.
And that song is realy nice.

2972799 I already loved the pairing, but I have a soft spot for Luna so Luna x whoever is typically great for me. That being said, man this DarqFox guy can write some good stuff.

... Darq... Lars approves... I approve so fucking much...

2972814 I have to agree! :pinkiehappy:
Just remember, TwiShy... TwiShy!

Oh... oh... oh...! That was so beautiful, Thank you! So many lovely tears on my face.... So much love! :yay: :twilightsmile:

Now to pore through your other works, that I might cry some more :heart:

Light and laughter,

Oh you my friend did a great job I nearly cried it was that good keep up the good work and I have to say that's my favorite Fluttershy Twilight shipping fic well done

I believe the ship name you're looking for is: TwiShy :trollestia:

Anyway, before you go saying this is your favorite TwiShy fic, go read my proudest work, The Frozen North.

<3 DarqFox

Just. . . .wow. . . too many emotions . . .
Male Pride. . . Will not cry . . . DAAAMN!

:pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile: / 5

A very nice piece to be sure. My only problem is that they are these short installments of their relationship. I want to know what goes on in the intervening years.

Looking forward to more.

You do know what "defiantly" means, right? Don´t you mean "definitely"?

2973914 sorry didn't know that, was a bit tired when I said that so yeah

Ahh okay, thats understandable, I wasn´t trying to be mean or anything.

That was just so touching.
I'm glad no one else is home to see this dopey smile that still remains on my face.
I already knew exactly what was going to happen by the end of the first paragraph though. Don't know how I knew, I just knew.

Anyway, I can always expect this kind of quality from you Darq. Good job.

2974459 ik ik but thanks for finding that mistake for me


Not bad. There is a small ribbon in a thread at the group that you can post in the long description if you wish.

"We walked slowly, as old couples did."

That confused me, as it made it sound like THEY were an elderly couple. Maybe I just read too fast and missed the "asked me out four years ago" line

Alright, done with complaining.

Even by TwiShy standards, this was ADORABLE. I kind of had a feeling where Fluttershy was going and what the surprise was, but by no means was that a bad thing, quite the opposite in fact. Unlike in the Last Roundup (I predicted the outcome of THAT episode before the opening theme rolled :facehoof: ) it made me look forward to the big revelation. Having 'Shy be the one to propose for a change was definitely an interesting touch, and the reactions from the rest of their friends were perfect! I also enjoyed the implications that there WERE in fact ponies in the know regarding Fluttershy's plan.

I'm not that interested in poetry, but Fluttershy's poem was just beautiful, I was grinning shamelessly the whole way through.

You aimed to make a beautiful, adorable story, and by Celestia you succeeded.



Finaly got to read this, this was beautiful! :raritycry:
I really didn't know whart was going on until I reas

She proposed

I am THAT slow sometimes :derpyderp1:
Because I never expected Fluttershy being the one to propose! :rainbowhuh:

Too good sir. This was phenomenal! A true work of art! Great job!!

That was... :ajsmug: awesome! Never stop writing, Darq, alright?

I don't plan on it.

<3 DarqFox

... okay, I've seen a lot of assorted pairings among the Mane Six, but I think this is the first time I've seen Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy being shipped together!

DarqFox, this was pretty much the best possible thing ever! :yay::twilightsmile:

I believe the Ship name you're looking for is: TwiShy

Now. This was just a one-shot. You want real adorableness, go read The Frozen North.

<3 DarqFox

You color-coded the shipping name. Amazing! :pinkiegasp:

Might just go ahead and look up The Frozen North later. Tired puppy right now. :yay:

Poem was great, Setting was AWESOME. Keep up the amazing work!

Loved it! I don't get the feather thing, but this was cute nonetheless.

WOW that was... Just beutifull
All that is needed now is a telented female singer to preform this song.
Rating should be relativity easy but i have to be fair.
A 4.9/5 not perfect but extremely close, the only problem i have is my previous statement. It's dificult to write a fic that has a song in it. OK that you give us the melody (and what a great choise you made) but it's dificult to know when a line starts or how long a line is. Now that is just a minor nitpick but that's my comment.
As a side note we need more TwiShy out there just saying :twilightsmile: :heart: :yay:

This story was so cute adorable and beautiful I loved every bit of it!

Have a 100th like. :twilightsmile:

Whoever disliked this had to have been drunk and seeing double.

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