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James Douglas, or JD for short, has a pretty bad life. He fails at most things he attempts to do, he's incapable of keeping friends for any significant period of time, and the only place he could find work at is a dingy little café getting paid less than minimum wage. Oh, and he hears voices in his head.

So how will he cope with getting tossed into Equestria, having to hide his insanity whilst trying to avoid forming friendships that are, according to him, doomed to fail? Poorly. He copes poorly.

(I finally figured out why I couldn't upload the image I wanted to originally. Who the hell put a 1 mb upload limit on images?)

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First. And this is interesting, very. I must make a request for, say, 80 new chapters? Nah, just kidding. But I still want more. It's always refreshing seeing a new idea :moustache:

Interesting concept. Moar please.


You shall get more. To be honest the hardest part for me is deciding on what to call each chapter. The next one is called Three's Company, Nine's a Crowd.

First. :derpytongue2: And this is still interesting. Nice A/N by the way. :pinkiesmile:

Well this story is getting better. To state again Moar please

This story is amazing. I love how you incorporated the alternate personalities. Keep up the good work! :raritywink:

I'm concerned for the next chapter



This is an awesome story. Good on ya, mate! :trollestia:
H ave a star and a green thumb, you deserve 'em!

Maybe we get to see what wrath does in a fight now.

There. Now your heritage has been insulted. As for the story, I love it so far. I just can't wait till JD yells at one of his voices while in a conversation, and accidentally say his thought out loud. It would be funny to see AJ's reaction to being told something along the lines of 'Shut the fuck up now or I will punt your ass into next week.'

Sweet! There's gonna be actio- Goddamnit. I hate you in the good kind of way. :moustache:

This is a hell of a drug... /)030(\

I'm a multiple myself, so when I saw this I went on guard. Going to give it a hesitant shot anyway, as I really need something to read.

Just making sure you know he's not actually schizophrenic. There are stark differences between schizophrenia and Disassociative Identity Disorder, which JD does actually have.

Now, the whole diagnosis system is flawed, and rightly so. But it's all we've got. It's not a huge deal, unless he becomes schizophrenic later. It would be about the right time for him to be diagnosed as such. The most interesting element, in my opinion, is the trauma he must have suffered to have developed multiple personalities. Ooh, pray tell!

Well, I've now read the first chapter. I was really hesitant at first but so far this seems to be a really entertaining look at a system who by all accounts should seriously not be functional, and yet manages anyway. Just want to make sure: you're aware that plurality and schizophrenia are different, right? The headmates ("alternate personalities", as you called them) that are associated with plurality are totally different manifestations to schizophrenic voices. They also don't necessarily represent a part of the "core", but some do.

I hope I'm not coming off as meta-:twilightsmile:/a total know-all who wants to spoil your fic here. I just wanna make sure you're not spreading total bullshit...:scootangel:

Man, Wrath is only one who makes sense.

That is one cool ass headspace, mine's just a house.

heyheyhEyHEYHEY! being a schizophrenic psychopath with multiple personalities is my schitck! get your own!

after i read this story...

Me and Ataxia have the same problem.:rainbowlaugh: In any case I like the course you is giving to story.

Please, say me that other odd things and not just Houndoom will appear in Equestria too. :pinkiehappy:

With schizophrenia, you always have someone to talk to. If you're schizophrenic and take offense to that you can both fuck off.

Lilo and Stitch is a good movie.

She looked at Twilight with a smile as she ran towards her, but her face dropped into shock when she focussed on me. Before Twilight even reached her, she was gone in a bright yellow flash, appearing right in front of me, facing away, with her rear legs raised.
'Well, this'll be fun.'
I couldn't disagree more as I felt her surprisingly strong hooves connect with my chest, hurtling me back against a wall, where I slumped down. The princess teleported again, this time re-appearing with her horn against my throat. I looked up her and blinked.

:facehoof: Really Tia really?

Well this went stupid. Fast.

Aw, now I want a Federation starship too. All I get is locked inside an airliner cockpit with no airliner.

JD is not a schizophrenic but someone with Dissociative Identity disorder. Schizophrenics have either traits that aren't normally there with the inclusion of an acute, unnecessary and off the ball paranoia like "Aliens are out to get me" or none of the normal traits. Or this guy's just thinking he crazy and he really isn't. But then again he doesn't suffer from the memory loss. So yeah. Not a schizophrenic or else he'd need meds. He nearly passes.


Some also do things like wander off from the subject mid-sentence to spout nonsense. One I met told me he couldn't do something "because the nurses will think I'm Jesus and throw me out the window." And in some cases the sentence structure will be bizarre to the point of incoherence, resulting in gibberish.

And so on.

So, agreed. This isn't schizophrenia.

(I'd also debate why he's not a psychopath either, but I'm not interested in that right now.)


Quite so. Some people fail to realize how bad having schizophrenia is, some it's literally debilitating. And he's neither psychopath/sociopath (they're the same thing) because of noticeable traits aren't as existent as they could be to support the fact. However, him having Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), is more likely but with a very interesting case if he does perhaps have DID because most suffering from DID don't know of or much of or even recall events pertaining to a different identity. Good to meet someone who understands these things more than, forgive my rudeness, the common rabble. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, DID usually has memory loss as a diagnostic criteria (though therapists who have actually worked with multiples much without being total dicks about it understand there's more than one possible setup for a multiple).

Bla bla, I could go full Twilight on the subject but I won't. :twilightblush:
p.s. Rabble rabble rabble

p.p.s. Sorry, certain words just seem funny to me sometimes.

Same here. I may not be an expert but I'm above the common people in knowledge.


Care to elaborate? I like criticism, but it's a bit more helpful when constructive.

2993110 The whole humans killing alicorns ting, and every bodies reactions.

"Uh,,,guys? I think Applejack might be in trouble." We looked at Spike who was pointing at the farm in the distance, which had smoke rising from flames that were spreading all over the orchard.

He should have said, "should we come back later?":unsuresweetie:


.... you are now my editor. I shall send you my Unpublished password shortly.

If humans are immune to magic wouldn't that mean that Celestia or any other unicorn could do jack shit against him?


5000+ years is a long time to learn new magic.

I was delicious

That is probably the best line in a story ever. It's also the most random sentence I have ever read that was not said by or related to Pinkie

2935918 He seems like a nice guy.
(((Fuck you too, pissant!)))

3065847 Hey Third Voice, are you mad cuz I said both and not all? If that's the case, Fuck all o' ya! Feel better?

This story makes me laugh my ass off. Keep up the awesome work! :rainbowlaugh:

What. The. Fuck?

That came out of fucking nowhere!

That looked like it hurt! Should I call for back up!

Damn, I thought this would be schizophrenic Twilight when I saw the cover pic.

Damn he is my hero, btw it's Jewelry, not Jewellry. :twilightsmile:

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