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Perfection? I don't want that, because that would mean stopping, standing still, instead of improving.


Allen Keller has turned his life around thanks to a certain show his mother made him watch. Season Three has ended and everyone is awaiting the promised fourth. The problem is that one night he went to sleep and when he woke up the next morning he found himself in the body of a pony. A certain villain that almost no one likes in the first place. Life just got more interesting again.

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Will read 4 food.:trollestia:
I'll get to reading it tomorrow. I go.:coolphoto:
Goodnight, and good luck with your new story.:ajsmug:

This thing sounds... vaguely familiar.
Though, I'm not sure why. :unsuresweetie:

Lots of people are doing stories about people becoming ponies.
All of them seem to involve Discord in some way.



Huh? I don't follow...


3268160 rule the world with discord and his human army

OH. Interesting idea. Enjoying the story so far?

Mhuhahahahaha! Oh father, you make me so proud!

OH SNAP! lunar republic! FTW

For killing that guard, I bow before you, milord.Long live the King!

Aye. Long live the King. And it was Sombra's pleasure.
(Wish I had a Sombra emote for this)

Me thinks Nightmare's gone crazy :pinkiecrazy:

Be very careful Discord, the New Lunar Republic is coming for you.

Sombra's here to inflict his icy rule on Seattle.
Things have gotten all that more interesting.

Hahahaha. No one, and I mean NO ONE, insults King Sombra and gets away with it.

That guard had it coming. I salute you Sombra.
Long live the King of Darkness.

NOOOOO. Bad Tirek. Give Sombra his magic back and return to your prison.
Poor Sombra :pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2:


pony of a pony

~Have a good one.

5190884 ...you beat me to it. :ajbemused:

5190884 I cannot believe that I never noticed that error. Thank you for pointing that out to me. :pinkiehappy:

Commenting because I can't add it to my read it later.

Never mind, it's fixed.

Ponified bleach battle!

Getto settei 8no hoshi, tsumino nai tamashiino purotekutaa, issho ni shuushuushi, gai kara muryokuhinan sho!
Hogo no shouhekidai sanni, Mujitsuno Tate.

The incantation written as they would in Bleach.

Wait a minute everypony...does the ending mean that everybody who changed into a pony was arrested?
Or was it just the ones who turned into the villains?

Either way, the story was good.

You are kidding me, is this how it ends?
This. Needs. A. Sequel.

5198806 I'm thinking of the possibility. The only way for it to continue would be to use Shimmering's adventure.
Let me ask you; interested in such an idea?

I highly doubt people with a high magic level could be arrested.

5199482 I can see a sequel happening. Why not have a short story about what happened to Twilight, Candence, and Shining. Also About where Apple jack & The real Pinkie pie? (Unsure if it was a changling) was doing. It could be a cool side story if you are up for it. And it helps cover some plot holes because there are quite a bit & you're an amazing writer. A story this good should be void of that.

5212372 The Pinkie in Seattle was a changeling, but the real one was someone in Las Vegas following Discord. And I completely forgot that I even added Twilight, Cadence, and Shining into the story. Maybe they, Applejack, and the real Pinkie will get a side story before I work on a direct sequel that involves Shimmering. If you see anymore plot holes feel free to tell me about them and I'll see to it that I somehow resolve them in the side story.

Um author, did the humans that got turned into villans get arrested?

5375366 Yes, Allen and the rest of the people who turned into villains got arrested.
Allen was the focus of the story, so I only thought of showing his arrest.

how does a being with that magical power get arrested?

Haven't read this yet sadly, comments section kind of made me disappointed on how that would happen and why.

5383759 Happens in the end of the story. Long story short Humans -> ponies -> humans.
Most stories have characters becoming ponies and staying that way, but my ending ends in reversing that.
I just hope you'll give the story a chance.

ok, um, (not in a bad way) that makes no sense (not the good sense) for them turning back...I mean really, once you have that magic in you, you can't just, go back...permanently at least.

I guess I will, my list is huge atm.

5383991 Well, from what I can gather from the story, the humans changing back seems like a withdrawal from magic.
And your right, it doesn't make sense for them to lose all that magical energy they had.
The story is good in my opinion, if you can overlook some of the faults it has.

how did they have magic withdrawal?

And still doesn't make sense, a transformation like this cannot be reversed like this, you would need to take away thier magic then transform them to human.

5384423 Well...Tirek was involved in the ending and some sort of power similar to his.
Somehow the concept of a reverse transformation made sense to the author.
And I'm trying to answer questions without ruining the story, to which I apologize for not directly answering you.

well, thanks then.

But yeah, a transformation like this on a living creature, it's impossible to turn back so easily.

5384586 And I completely agree with you. Somehow it made sense to the author and he (or she for that matter) wrote it into the story.

(Sorry for the spam, I guess)
I hope he/she makes an alternative ending or something, as this one doesn't give propor closure, just the character losing so much.

5384729 Yeah, maybe show us the other would be villains and what happened to them.
Maybe tell us how all that magic suddenly got sucked out of everyone it had entered.
Or, maybe, the other members of the mane six that never made it to the story or something.

5198806 I was just poking around the author's profile and spotted a story called 'Insanity' that the author posted earlier today.
Apparently its the side story that involves the missing characters from this one.
The Author promised us a side story and we've got a side story!

Try to listen this on Text to speech software, really funny how buck is said aloud so many times and other mannerisms, good start

The randomness is pure gold

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