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Discord, having reached the apex of boredom and in desperate need of a vacation, decides that the world he inhabits is far too boring to properly relax him, and instead locates a world with a large amount of chaos for him to soak in. He plans on just kicking back, staying out of trouble, and letting the turbulent nature of the world's concentrated chaos sooth his boredom. Suffice it to say, Discord sucks at sticking to his plans.

What begins as a simple spirit of chaos and disharmony trying to get a little 'peace and quiet' quickly spirals into an adventure across the most chaotic ocean in the multiverse, collecting treasure, fighting against the domination of the World Government, and causing chaos wherever he goes, regardless of intention.

So, come join our devilishly handsome protagonist as he regales you with his adventures on the Grand Line!

Oh, and Celestia is there too, I guess.

This is a My Little Pony x One Piece crossover idea that's been boiling around in my head ever since I stumbled across the story War Criminals by Dirty Bit and I found myself really enjoying CP9's interactions with Discord. So I thought, 'How would things play out if he went into the One Piece world?' This fanfic is the result. Cross your fingers and pray that this one doesn't fall into hiatus hell like his did.

The beautiful cover art is the work of the exceedingly talented grievousfan, who has not given me permission to use it because I didn't ask. Let's hope she doesn't mind.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyright of Hasbro
One Piece is copyright of Eiichiro Oda/ Toei Animation

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Quite a start contrast

- stark

love the story so far. i was kinda wishing it wasn't first person discord but I got into it by the end. More!

Ah, thanks for that. Not sure how I managed to miss a mistake in the first damn line, but whatever. I don't plan on having it all done in Discord's perspective, or even entirely in first person. It'll depend on the situation and how much I want to convey Discord's thoughts during any events, but I know that I want to do the same for other characters. I hope to have another chapter out soon, thanks for the support!

this is so cool!!! i love it contuine please XD

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