• Published 28th Jun 2013
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The Return of Chaos - Pentrath

Dave is a normal guy, except for the fact that he's a close brony. But what happens when a plushy he ordered is not what was advertised?

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Chapter Ten: Harmony Returns part 2

‘’DISCORD’’! Dave and the others shouted as they looked up at their old foe.

‘’Did you miss me Twilight Sparkle because I certainly missed you’’ Discord said with a smirk on his face.

‘’ I should have known you were behind this’’ Twilight shouted at the draconequus.

‘’ Hahaha while I would love to take full credit I must give credit where credit is due’’ Discord smiled as he continued. ‘’ Dave my boy I would not have been able to do it without your contribution’’ he said with a grin.

‘’WHAT’’!!! The ponies shouted in unison, even Dave was shocked by what he had just heard.

‘’ No y-you lie I would never help you, I hate you’’ Dave shout.

Discord just laughed as he snap his claws causing a movie projector and screen to appear. ‘’Since you don’t remember then why don’t I remind you’’ Discord stated as he started the projector.


‘’ I am so freaking lost’’ Dave said aggravated. He felt that if he ran into on more dead ends he would explode. As he venture on, something in the distant caught his intention, the silhouette of a weird looking statue came into view. Dave began running toward the statue believing it to be Discord. Sure enough Dave found himself standing before the very creature he was looking for. Dave had a confused look on his face as he stared at the statue. Discord sat there with his arms stretched out and bore a look of horror on his face just as he had at the end of ‘’ Return of Harmony part 2’’

‘’ How can this be, I was positive he was free; how else could he have turn me into this?’’

Puzzled Dave slowly approached the statue and laid his paw on it. The statue was very cold and lifeless and seemed to appear as if it had been that way all this time. As Dave removes his paw something unexpected happened, Discord’s statue began to crack and crumble. Panic struck Dave as he witnessed the statue breaking and was frightened that he had just released the lord of chaos himself. But to his surprise the statue just crumbles down to a pile of broken stone as if it was hollow.

‘’You see I would have never been able to escape had you not touched my statue with your paw, your obsession with finding me lead to you releasing me from that extremely uncomfortable stone prison. Discord narrated ‘’ It was there I was able to exact part 2 of my plan’’ as he stated as the projector switched to another memory.

Dave awoke to find himself in a small dark cave; with the only light emitting was a blue glow deep within the cave. Curiosity compelled Dave to approach the source of the light, as he got nearer the light became brighter. As the source of the light came into view; Dave was astonished at what he saw, standing before him was a glowing blue tree with each branch possessing a pod that once held one of the Elements of Harmony. Dave found himself compelled to approach the wonderful tree and as he did the tree began to glisten as he reached out to touch the tree; still astonished by its beauty. As his talon touch the trees trunk his eyes began to glow white as he experience a flashback.

‘’ Once you touched the Tree of Harmony with your chaotic magic, your magic drained the tree of any remaining magic allowing my plunder seeds to grow and crush the tree with its vines. As the flashback ended the projector turned off and then vanished.

‘’So now do you see how much help you have been, I seriously could not have done it without you Muhahahahahahahaha.’’ Discord laughed.
The Mane 6 stood there shattered, as they started to have doubts in Dave after seeing the video. Dave however was the most broken as he just blankly stood there staring at what he caused. He broke out into tears as he fell to his knees crying.

''No but that last one was a dream, there is no way that was real'' Dave stated

''Oh but it was'' Discord laughed.

‘’What have I done’’ Dave stated sadly.

‘’Oh poor Dave’’ Discord said as he patted Dave on the head.

‘’ You are a monster Discord’’ Twilight said in anger. ‘’ And we will defeat you’’ as she said this her element as well as the others began to glow as they were pulled closer together. A majestic rainbow shot into the air and headed toward Discord, who was just standing there with a smile on his face as he filed his talon with a nail file. The rainbow hit Discord as a tornado began to form around him; the ponies were putting everything they had into maintaining the rainbow. As the tornado began to subside, the ponies were confident that Discord was reverted to stone until they saw him standing there giggling to himself.

‘’Are you quite finished’’ Discord said to the now shocked ponies.

‘’Don’t be too shocked, the Tree of Harmony is the source of the Elements power, if the tree is weakened so are they’’ Discord chuckled.

The ponies sat down devastated that their last hope did not work, just then 6 large vines burst out of the ground and snatched the ponies holding them in the air as the little pink filly is seen sliding down one of the vines.

‘’Now Screwball, what did I tell you about playing with the vines’’ Discord said nonchalantly as the vines began to squeeze the 6 ponies. Screwball held her head down low before bouncing away.

‘’LET THEM GO’’ Dave screamed with anger at Discord who just chuckled in response.

‘’ I don’t think I will’’ Discord said with a smirk.

Angered, Dave raises his talon and snaps his claw only to have nothing happen. He tries again but to no prevail. No matter how many times the white flash appears over the vines they still remain unharmed. Discord just laughs at Dave’s attempts to save his friends.

‘’Hahaha , oh you are so hilarious’’ Discord said. ‘’Did you really believe your magic would be able to disable mine’’

‘’Please let them go, I will do anything’’ Dave began to cry as he utter those words.

‘’ Anything’’ Discord said as he drummed his fingers together. ‘’ Alright I’ll let them go if you promise to become my apprentice’’ Discord said.

‘’ WHAT! No I would never join you’’ Dave said coldly to the draconequus.

‘’Well suit yourself’’ Discord said as he snapped his fingers causing 6 "Ponadentrens" to appear above the Mane 6. ‘’Dinner time’’ Discord said as the black plants opened their mandibles to attack.

‘’No wait….You-you win I will be your apprentice’’ Dave said holding his head down low.

‘’NO’’ the six ponies screamed toward Dave, but he was not listening.

‘’Excellent’’ Discord stated as he snapped his fingers; causing the Elements of Harmony to vanish off of the ponies and into his hands.

‘’As proof of our new found partnership, I want you to destroy the Elements of Harmony’’. Discord said with an evil grin.

‘’What, w-why me, can’t you do it.’’ Dave said, shocked at what he was expected to do.

‘’As much as I would love to get rid of these trinkets, my magic simply won’t work on them even in a weakened state.’’ Discord said as he handed Dave the elements.

‘’B-but my magic is the same as yours, it won’t work either.’’ Dave said hoping that Discord would give him another task.

‘’Only one with a pure heart could hope to damage them, even though you have my magic the elements won’t negate yours magic like they would mine… now take them’’ Discord said in a aggravated tone. Dave reluctantly took the elements and held them in his hands, he stared at them for what seemed like minutes before turning to look at the Tree of Harmony. The trees light was nearly depleted as the vines continued to strangle the tree. He then looked up to Twilight and the others who were shaking their heads for him not to do it. Finally he looked back at Discord who was giving him a hurrying gesture before he looked back down at the elements. So many thoughts started running through his mind but one thought caught his attention, it was a memory ‘’ YOU ARE NOT CHAOS’’. Snapping out of his stupor, he looked down in shame as he apologized for what he was about to do.

‘’I’m sorry’’ Dave said as his hand began to glow.

‘’NOOOOOOO’’ the ponies screamed but Dave did not listen.

With a flash the elements vanished leaving as small plume of smoke where they once were. The ponies were in tears as they saw the elements vanish believing all hope was now lost to them. Pleased with what has transpired, Discord began to gloat about the elements destruction. In a flash Discord vanished only to reappear by Twilight who was just as lost as the other ponies. Discord leaned in as he said ‘’ You’r precious elements are gone’’ Discord said while leaning back. ‘’I’m free forever hahaha’’ Discord laughed before snapping his claws causing the ponadentrens to continue their attack.

‘’ Hey we had a deal’’ Dave screamed in anger.

‘’ I am Discord, the master of chaos… I don’t do deals’’ Discord boasted but Dave just smirked.

‘’ Well then its fortunate for me that I don't make deals with monsters,but unfortunate for you I anticipated this’’ Dave said as he snapped his fingers causing the elements to reveal themselves from behind the tree. As the elements floated into view, their gem stones popped out of their metal casing and began to float toward the pods on the tree.

‘’NO’’ Discord yelled as each element was placed in to its corresponding pod. As soon as the Element of Magic clicked itself into place in the center of the star on the trunk the tree began to emit a brilliant light as the vines crushing it disintegrated. A large harmonic sonic wave shot out of the tree and toward Discord and the vines. As the wave hit the vines that held the Mane 6, both the vines and ponadentrens disintegrated as the wave continues to destroy the remaining vines. As soon as the wave hit Discord he stretched his arms out and looked away with his eye closed as he shouted’’ NOOOOOOO’’. Instantly Discord began to turn to stone as the rainbow wave engulfed his body and before long Discord was nothing more than a statue frozen in place. The wave continued on until it reached Ponyville and continued to destroy any remaining vines along the way. Before the wave subsided the wave blasted Dave causing him to fall to the ground unconscious. ‘’DAVE’’! Twilight and the others shouted after gathering themselves from the vines and ran to Dave’s side as Screwball began to cry that Discord was encased in stone before she ran off deep into the forest. Twilight and the others looked sad and frightened that Dave was hurt as they saw parts of his body glow. Suddenly two large piles of vines began to disintegrate as the Tree of Harmony calmed down. As the vines disappeared, they revealed both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna who were trapped in the vines.

‘’Princess Celestia and Luna’’ the ponies cried as they ran to their rulers.

‘’ I am so proud of all of you as it must have been a difficult decision to give up the element to save the Tree of Harmony as well as to defeat Discord’’ Celestia said.

‘’But princess, I did not do anything, Dave was the one that replaced the elements but he is not moving and parts of him are glowing.

‘’Oh’’ Princess said as she and the others move closer to Dave’s body. Suddenly the glowing body parts began to change. The deer antler Dave had changed into a blue goat’s antler, identical to his other one. His lions are changed into a griffon’s talon identic to the one on the right left side of his body. Finally his lizard leg changed into a cloven hoof which matched his other. After his parts stopped glowing, Dave began to come too. As he opened his eyes he was greeted by Twilight and the others who were standing around him.

‘’What happen’’ Dave asked as he sat up rubbing his head.

‘’ You did it’’ Twilight said gratefully. ‘’ You saved the Tree of Harmony and revered Discord back into stone. Twilight said.

‘’Yeah but it looks like the tree changed you’’ RainbowDash said.

Dave pupils went small upon hearing that as he looked down at his body. Staring back at him was a pair of griffon talons and two cloven hooves. As he looked behind him he noticed he no longer had a bat wing and two Pegasus wing, but instead he had two Pegasus wings.

‘’What happened to me’’ Dave asked in a panic.

‘’ It looks like the Tree of Harmony turned you into a Equinequus’’ Celestia said with joy.

‘’What’s a equinequus’’ Twilight asked.

‘’I believe I can answer that one’’ Luna said. ‘’Long ago before Equestria was founded, a race of "Equinequus" lived in harmony and peace. They were similar in looks to the Draconequus but their powers brought order and harmony to the land instead of chaos. Unfortunately a war broke out between the two species and sadly all of the Equinequuses were wiped out as well as most of the Draconequuses. Discord as far as we know is the last of his kind. But it seems the Tree of Harmony has restored the Equinequus through you.’’ Luna said with a smile.

‘’ That’s enough talking for now, as we need to get back to Canterlot , I have a very important announcement to make.’’ Celestia said.

Dave and the others agreed as they all headed out of the cave and back toward the entrance of the Everfree Forest.
Back in Canterlot, Dave and the others stood in the throne room as well as a bunch of other ponies as Princess Celestia prepared her announcement.

‘’Greetings my little ponies, I have wonderful news to share… I wish to thank my student Twilight Sparkle and her friends for venturing into the face of danger to save not only the Tree of Harmony but me and my sister as well, but mostly I wish to thank Dave who managed to defeat Discord as well as return the elements back to their rightful place.’’ Celestia said pointing at Dave and the others. The ponies in the crowd cheered to the ponies that saved them from the vines. ‘’ I also wish to announce that Dave will be the new protector of Equestria’’ Celestia said as she levitated a medal and placed it around Dave’s neck.

The crowd cheer louder that prompted Dave to smile. Twilight and the others couldn’t help but to smile to. As the crowds of ponies left Dave and the others stayed behind. Though he was happy and grateful about the thanks he receive he also could not help but to feel sad.

‘’What’s wrong Dave’’ Celestia asked.

‘’ I am grateful for everything that you have done for me but I miss my parents and my home… since Discord was defeated, I have been wondering why I haven't turned back to normal’’? Dave asked sadly.

‘’I am sorry Dave as I do not have that answer.. Whatever Discord did in order to change you into this form is irreversible as even the Tree of Harmony was unable to restore you to your original form.’’ Celestia said.

‘’ But what about my parents, I don’t want them to suffer because of me’’ Dave said.

‘’I might not know what is going on in your world but something tells me that they are alright.’’ Celestia said reassuringly.

‘’ Are you sure’’ Dave asked.

‘’ I am positive and I am also certain they would want you to be happy, not sad and miserable’’ the princess said.

‘’ Ok’’ Dave said as he look over at his new friends.

‘’ Listen we might not be able to undo the damage Discord cause but we can allow you to live here with us were you won’t be lonely anymore’’ Celestia said. Dave pondered for a moment before smiling and hugging Twilight which prompted the others to do the same.

‘’One thing however’’ Dave said

‘’What is it’’Celestia asked

‘’ If I am starting a new life here then I wish to change my name as it holds to many memories’’ Dave said.

‘’ Oh and what name did you have in mind’’ Celestia asked. Dave thought for a moment before answering the princess’s question.

‘’Concord’’ Dave finally said.

‘’ The opposite of Discord, that is a perfect name.’’ Celestia said. ‘’ As you wish, from now on your name is Concord’’ Celestia decreed.

Concord finally felt happy after all the grief he had to go through, but he deems it worth it do to all of the new friends he made as well as the adventures he got to explore as well as the ones he has yet to discover. Concord knew he was finally at peace.

The End

Author's Note:

And finally its done. I have enjoyed writing this story and I hope to make my future stories better. I know this was not the best story but it was my first attempt and I hope to do much better with my future projects.

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Comments ( 13 )

Don't know if there will be a sequel but I might come up with a prequel but it wont feature Dave, it will feature other characters.

3601035 I was hoping to see Sombra's reaction to Concord. And maybe Chrysalis's too.

The thing is that when I first started to write this story, its was only meant to serve two purposes.
1: It was my way of proving to myself that I would be dedicated enough to finish it.
2: It was meant to be a learning curve so that my future stories could become progressively better over time.
The possibility of a sequel isn't out of the question as there is a lot I could do with Concords character, but for now I want to try out other stories that aren't related to Return of Chaos. One of the stories I had in mind was a crossover with Gravity Falls, but I'll talk more about that on a later date.

3602313 Fair enough. I will be watching.

5490863 I corrected the error.

I still hope for a sequel.

you could say that your hope will never die

aaaaannnd you dont get the refrence

the song

you know


just look it up on youtube

Well that was anticlimactic I want see what screw ball would do

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