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The Return of Chaos - Pentrath

Dave is a normal guy, except for the fact that he's a close brony. But what happens when a plushy he ordered is not what was advertised?

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Chapter Six: Nightmares

A month had passed sense Dave had gone to live with Fluttershy in Ponyville, and things were not going well. The rest of the ponies still did not fully trust Dave, nor did any of the other ponies in Ponyville. To make matters worse, Dave was experiencing reoccurring nightmares, which haunted his dreams. The dreams would vary, and a lot of times Dave could not recall them the morning after, but he knew they were getting worse. and tonight was no exception.

"Ahhhhh!" Dave screamed as he awoke in the middle of the night.

Fluttershy, who was startled by the scream, ran to investigate the problem. Fluttershy found Dave sitting up in mid-air above the guest bed she set up in the living room. She could tell from the sweat on his face something was wrong.

"Oh my goodness, a-are you alright?" she squeaked in worry.

Dave, who had just come out of his shock, acknowledged Fluttershy and answered, "Yes, I'm fine, nothing to worry about... Sorry if I woke you up". Dave said in an embarrassed and saddened tone.

‘’Oh its ok I guess, I was just worried something bad happened’’. Fluttershy said with a sympathetic tone.

‘’Everything is just fine’’. Dave lied. ‘’You go back to bed’’. Dave said nonchalantly.

Fluttershy agreed though she could tell something was wrong from the expression on his face. When morning rose, Fluttershy awoke early so she could get started with the new day. As she headed out to feed her animals she heard Dave coming down from the guest room.

‘’Morning’’ Fluttershy said in a cheerful tone. Dave to said good morning but Fluttershy could tell something was wrong from the way he looked. Daves eyes were saggy and his voice croaked, as if he had not slept in a long time. Fluttershy new something was bothering him but felt it best to let him tell her on his own. Dave decided he was going to go to Twilights for more training, he was getting better but he still had trouble teleporting. Dave said his goodbyes to Fluttershy as he snapped his claw and vanished only to reappear under her sofa. Fluttershy could not help to to giggle at that. Dave decided to walk as he waved goodbye. As he walked through Ponyville, some of the residents would stare or try to avoid him, which depressed Dave, though he was still determined to prove he was not evil. Dave eventually made it to Golden Oaks Library where he was greeted by Twilight and a still sceptical Spike.

‘’Morning Dave… are you ready for you lesson today’’. Twilight asked in a cheerful tone.

‘’Yes’’ Dave said before sighing.

‘’ Is there something wrong’’ Twilight asked concernedly.

‘’I don’t want to talk about it’’ Dave said saddenly.

‘’I’m sorry , I did not mean to impose on your personal matters, but understand that me and the others are here for you if you feel like sharing ok’’ Twilight said in a soothing but worried tone.e

Dave smiled before walking into the library. As Dave finished his training for the day he decided he would try to help Twilights friends, in hopes they will come to trust him.

‘’Maybe I will go help AppleJack’’ Dave said before snapping his claw and vanishing. He appeared right outside of SweetApple Acres where he saw AppleJack and her family bucking apple trees and gathering the apples. As Dave headed toward AJ, an ominous figure watched from a distance, the only features visible was its misshaped eyes. As Dave approached AppleJack, he saw that she was hard a work bucking apples from the trees.

‘’Hi AppleJack’’ Dave said cheerfully from behind Aj. Nearly jumping out of her skin, AJ turns to greet Dave.

‘’Oh howdy there Dave, yall startled me’’ AJ said embarrassed.

‘’ I..I did not mean to startle you’’ Dave said with panic in his voice.

‘’ Oh it’s no problem…..So what brings yall here’’ AppleJack asked.

‘’ Oh I came to see if you needed any help’’ Dave said determinedly.

‘’ Oh well that’s mighty kind of ya, but I couldn’t trouble you like that’’ AppleJack said honestly.

‘’ Oh it’s no trouble, Twilight has been teaching me how to use my magic and I have really started to get the hang of it’’ Dave said as he snapped his talon before AJ could protest.
Suddenly all of the trees in the orchard came to life and started to vigorously shake, casing all of the apples to fall off and landed in their baskets. After all the baskets were full , Dave snapped his talon again and all of the trees went back to normal. AppleJack just stood there with her mouth wide open at what would have taken her hours to finish, only took Dave seconds. Coming out of her shock, AppleJack turned to Dave to thank him.

‘’That was mighty kind of yall..Thanks’’ AJ said ‘’Because of you I have saved hours of work’’ she said gratefully.

‘’Don’t mention it’’ Dave said.

‘’Now if you will excuse me I will be off to see if any of your other friends might need help’’ Dave said happily.

‘’Bye, and thanks again, yall are welcome to come back anytime’’ AJ said as she waved goodbye.

Dave couldn’t help but to smile before snapping his claws and vanishing in a bright white light.
After he left, AJ decided to start moving all the baskets to their storage area so they could be turned into that years cider, and other apple related pastries. But as AJ approached her first tree, something unexpected happened. All of a sudden a while light flash and the tree AJ was near came back to life only this time it bore a menacing face, that consisted of two mean looking eyes and a huge mouth with sharp wooden teeth. Instantly AppleJack backed up in horror as she watched the tree us its branches as arms and grab the basket of apple and devour all of them including the basket. As soon as it was finished, another flash of light brought the other trees to life and baring the same features, and they too began devouring all of the apples. When all of the apples were gone, another flash of light appeared and the trees returned to their normal, lifeless form. After a moment, AppleJack snapped herself out of her shock and instantly her fear turned to anger as all she could think about was bucking Dave all the way to Canterlot. Immediately, Applejack ran off to find Dave and give him a peace of her mind. As she left, the ominous figure vanished, with a grin on his face.

Dave reappeared outside of SugarCube Corner and entered accordingly.
‘’I wonder if Pinkie need and help’’ Dave pondered to himself.
Almost as if Pinkie had heard him she bounces out of a nearby bush and startles Dave.
‘’Ahhh… where did you come from’’? Dave asked while still shocked from the ordeal.

‘’Hehe, I came from the bush silly’’ Pinkie said, ‘’ A better question is, why are you here’’ Pinkie asked.

‘’Oh I was wondering if you needed some help around here’’ Dave said.

Pinkie thought for a moment before answering Dave.

‘’No, sorry I already made a dozen batches of cupcakes for the Cakes so my jobs are done for right now’’. Said Pinkie.

‘’Oh’’ frowned Dave.

‘’I was trying to do something nice for all of you so you guys would like me better’’. Dave said sadly.

‘’ Silly I already like you’’ Pinkie said, ‘’You don’t have to impress me’’.

‘’Thanks Pinkie’’ Dave said while smiling.

‘’ Ooo oo, but if you don’t mind you could make me one of those chocolate rain clouds’’ Pinkie said excitingly.

‘’ Ah Pinkie I am not sure I should do that, what if it goes crazy’’ Dave said with worry.

‘’ O please, O please, o please with sugar on top’’ Pinkie begged.

‘’ O fine’’ Dave said before snapping his talon.

With a flash of light a small pink rain cloud appeared just above Pinkie and started to rain chocolate milk as well as little dollops of wiped cream. Pinkie gasped with excitement before opening her mouth to drink the chocolate milk.

‘’ Thank you, thank you, thank you’’ Pinkie repeated before hugging Dave and returning to the rain cloud.

‘’Your welcome Pinkie’’ Dave said with a smile, ‘’If you will excuse me I will be off’’. He waved goodbye before snapping his talon and vanishing.

Moments after vanishing, AppleJack spots Pinkie outside of SugarCube Corner drinking chocolate milk from a rain cloud.

‘’O no, not yall too’’ AJ said angrily

‘’ What do you mean, AppleJack, Dave gave me this delicious chocolate rain cloud’’ Pinkie said before drinking another mouth full.

‘’That varmint brought my trees to life and made them eat all of ma apples’’ AJ said, ‘’And I have a feeling he will do the same thing to you’’.

‘’Don’t be silly AJ, Dave would never do something so mean’’ as Pinkie finished her sentence, a flash of light happened and the chocolate rain turned red. Not noticing, Pinkie opened her mouth to get another mouth full before a burning sensation hit her taste buds and her mouth caught on fire. Immediately panicking she rushed back into SugarCube Corner and upstairs to the bathroom and started to drink a gallon of water from the bathtub. After a while of drinking, her mouth stopped burning and she was able to leave the room relieved that her mouth was not burning anymore. When she got outside, she noticed AJ was fuming after what happened

‘’See I told yall, let’s go warn the others, before he does something to them as well’’ Aj said before her and Pinkie ran off to find the others.
As they ran, they pasted Carousel Boutique only to have all of Rarities clothes start dancing out of the boutique and headed toward the pond. Moments later they saw an enraged Rarity barge out with steam coming out of her ears.

‘’O when I get my hooves on him’’ Rarity said with anger.

‘’What happened’’ AppleJack asked.

‘’ Dave offered to help me make dresses and used his magic to make the needles and cloth come to life and sow themselves… all was going good until he vanished, then another flash of light happened and all of a sudden all my dresses got up and started to dance away, while doing so ruining some of my blue prints for future dresses’’ Rarity said sadly.

‘’This has gone too far’’ AJ said, we need to tell Twilight.

Fluttershy had just finished feeding her birds when Dave appeared in her living room.
A bit started a first, she calmed down after she saw who it was.

‘’So what did you do today’’ Fluttershy asked.

‘’ I decided to help all of your friends with chores, except Rainbow Dash because she still does not trust me’’ Dave huffed at that last part.

‘’Well that sounds nice, and don’t worry I am sure Twilight and the others will warm up to you in time’’ Fluttershy said.

‘’ Ah man I forgot about Twilight, I’m sure there is something I could help her with’’ Dave said panicked.

Fluttershy could not help but to laugh at Dave’s determination. ‘’ Its fine, I am sure you can find something to help her with tomorrow’’ Fluttershy said gleefully.

‘’Maybe your right… Just as Dave finish that sentence there was a knock on the door. Fluttershy went to answer the door curious as to how it might be. As she opens the door she is greeted by the angered looks of her friends as they stand just outside of her cottage.

‘’Where is Dave’’ Twilight asked annoyingly.

Confused as to why everypony is upset, Fluttershy calls for Dave to come outside. Complying with Fluttershy, Dave snaps his talon and vanishes, only to reappear outside.

‘’What’s going on’’ Dave asked puzzled.

‘’O I think you know what’s going on, Dipcord’’. Rainbow Dash said in annoyance.

‘’ You ruined my dresses and my boutique’’ Rarity whined

‘’ Your magic trees ate all ma apples’’ AJ said angrily

‘’ Yau burnt ma tonge’’ Pinkie mumbled, showing her burnt tongue.

Dave was astonished, he had just helped them, and they were accusing all of this bad stuff on him.

‘’What are you guys talking about’’ Dave said puzzled, ‘’I undid all of my spells before I left’’
AppleJack, I picked all your apples, they were in their baskets when I left, and Rarity when your dresses were completed, I even putt all of the supplies away Dave said pleadingly, ‘’ and Pinkie how could my rain cloud burn your tongue, it was raining chocolate milk’’.

‘’Don’t lie and act like yall had nothing to do with this, because of you we are going to be months behind in our harvesting’’ AJ said.

‘’And do you have any idea how long it will take me to redesign those dresses’’ Rarity hissed.

‘’ Oow ma tonge’’ Pinkie said while messaging her tongue with her hooves.

Dave began to panic as the angry mares began to approach him while still cursing him out for these crimes he did not commit. Suddenly Twilight is the one to break up the bickering.

‘’Quiet it everypony’’ Twilight yelled, ‘’I am sure there is a logical reason why all of this has happened’’.

‘’Dave… what happened when you went to help everypony’’. Twilight asked.

‘’I was just leaving your house...when I decided to go help AppleJack on her farm, hoping I could get everyone to trust me instead of just assuming I was Discord’’. ‘’When I got there, I used my magic to bring her trees alive so that they would shake the apples free, once they did that, I undid the spell and left. ‘’ Pinkie was the next pony I visited, but she had no job for me to do, but instead asked me to make her a chocolate rain cloud, and so I did. ‘’Rarity was next; all I had did was enchant her needles and fabric so that they would sow and stitch themselves, with guidance from Rarity. ‘’When the clothes were finished I undid the spell and left; I had only just got home when all of you knocked on Fluttershy’s door’’. Dave explained.

‘’I see’’ Twilight said, I may know what happened she began to explain.

‘’Dave is still new to his magic and a lot of the spells he used were very advanced, it is possible that he had the knowledge on how to do them but wasn’t entirely sure how to undo them, so when he tried, the spells backfired and went out of control’’ Twilight said.

‘’Well if that is true then why did Pinkies raincloud start raining hot sauce’’ AppleJack asked.

‘’I can answer that one’’ Dave said, when she asked for one I warned her that it might not be good idea to make one, they are random and probably started to rain anything after a while’’.

‘’I.. I’m sorry, about everything I did not mean for those outcomes, I thought I had enough control’’ Dave said as tears fell from his eyes, ‘’ I guess I can only mess things up’’ Dave said sadly before walking back into Fluttershys cottage leaving the others with a pain of guilt.

‘’You ponies should be ashamed of yourselves, making assumptions without getting all of the facts first’’. Fluttershy angrily said before going inside. Her friends gave each other a saddened look before returning to their homes. Unbeknownst to everypony, an ominous figure stood off in the distances with an angered expression on his face, before vanishing. Later that night, Dave was have trouble sleeping as he was experiencing another nightmare.

‘’NOOOOO’’ was all Dave was able to scream before a rainbow of colours, formed a tornado around him and he slowly started to feel his body harden as he was frozen in place. When the tornado vanished, Dave was left standing there, completely turned to stone, as his stoned eyes view six ponies standing in front of him, giving him menacing stares. Suddenly a tall dark figure appeared behind them. As its misshaped eyes viewed into his stoned ones, all he saw and heard was this figure start to laugh manically before vanishing. That laughter continued to haunt him as it was a laugh he was very familiar with.

‘’Ahhhh’’ Dave said as he woke from his slumber, this dream was worse than the last one, Dave thought to himself. Suddenly Fluttershy came in worried.

‘’Are y…you ok’’ she asked, ‘’was it another nightmare’’. Dave nodded but insured her it was nothing and that he would get over it. Reluctant, Fluttershy eventually went back to bed leaving Dave alone to think.

‘’ That dream, it was similar to my previous one, only he was not in it last time’’ Dave thought to himself before drifting back to sleep.

End of Chapter Six

Author's Note:

Well there you have it. Chapter six is finally done, sorry it took so long, I have just been finding it hard to get the inspiration to write. Hopefully I can get the next chapter out sooner, but I am not going to make any promises.

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