• Published 28th Jun 2013
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The Return of Chaos - Pentrath

Dave is a normal guy, except for the fact that he's a close brony. But what happens when a plushy he ordered is not what was advertised?

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Chapter Five: Decisions

After what seemed like hours, Dave, Celestia and the others finally exited the Royal Garden, just as their protection spell began to wear off. ‘’O wee it sure is nice to finally be out of that maze’’ Apple Jack said with great relief.

‘’You said it… I feel like I could sleep for a week’’ Rainbow dash joked.

‘’We are almost to the entrance gate, my little ponies… there will be plenty of time to talk when we get inside’’ Celestia said to in order to keep the mood quiet.

As the eight of them approached the entrance of the gate leading to the castle, there stood two Pegasi guarding the entrance. As everyone got closer the two guards raised their hooves in salute before bowing to the princess. ‘’Good afternoon Princess’’ the two guards said in unison before stepping aside to allow the princess and her guests to pass. As the ponies pass the guards , their attention is immediately catch as Dave tries to pass , which causes them to raise their spears blocking his entrance.

‘’What do you think you are doing here monster’’ one of the guards called out.

‘’Why are you following the princess’’ the other guard said with just as much force.

Dave started to sweat as both guard pointed their spears closer to him, ‘’Um…’’ was all he could say before the princess intervened.

‘’Both of you stand down, this draconequus is with me’’ the princess said with a stern voice.

‘’ But Princess…’’ the guards said before they were interrupted by a annoyed look Celestia gave them.

‘’Y..yes princess… sorry princess’’ the two guards said nervously as they lowered their spears.

After finally lowing their weapons, Dave was able to pass and all eight of them headed toward the castle. When they finally got inside, Celestia guided everyone to her throne room where they can speak in private.

As Celestia took a seat in her throne, everyone including Dave bowed before her.

Celestia was the first to speak as she called Dave before the group and started to ask him question. The other ponies remained quiet as she spoke.

‘’I want you to know, Dave that I do believe you are not Discord… However I still need to be sure you are not a treat to my ponies or Equestria…So I need you to answer a few questions I have’’ the princess said in a calm voice. ‘’ One of my concerns is, if you are not Discord, then who are you?’’ Celestia calmly asked.

‘’ Dave thought long and hard on how to answer her until he decided to tell her the truth (or as much of it as he could without sounding crazy).

‘’I am not a draconequus…. I am a human’’ Dave said nervously. ‘’ I am still uncertain on how it happened, but I was a human when I went to bed and the next morning I was Discord. I came here by accident’’. Dave half lied.

All of the ponies were shocked by this, as they did not realize he was also an alien. Even the princess showed some surprise to this answer.

‘’ O ooooo, so that means you are an alien. I’ve always wanted to throw a welcome party for an alien’’ Pinkie said jumping up with glee.

‘’Now just hold on there a sec.’’ AppleJack said. ‘’ I am going to call horse feathers as that is honestly the silliest story I have ever heard’’.

‘’AJ’s right Dave/ Dipcord, or whatever your name is…. How are we to believe that you aren’t just making this up.’’ Rainbow said with some annoyance.

‘’Please settle down my little ponies, as I do believe ‘Dave’ here is telling the truth.’’ Celestia said in a understanding tone’’. ‘’Now if you could would you please be kind enough to answer more of my questions. Celestia asked.

‘’I will do my best to tell you everything you wish to know, your highness’’. Dave said as he bowed.

Celestia smiled at this as she continued on with her questions. ‘’Now I wish to know why you were snooping around my garden’’ she said in a more serious tone.

Dave became nervous because he did not know how exactly to answer her. He knew he could not tell her that she and the rest of the ponies were nothing more than a cartoon that he used to watch; they would think he was insane. Quickly Dave thought up a lie and hoped Celestia and the others would buy it.

‘’ When I first came here, I had accidently spawned myself into another ponies cottage, and as I embarrassingly fled…. I heard her scream the name ‘Discord’’. Dave half lied before continuing.

‘’As I fled through the town I had heard other ponies call me Discord and some even asked how I escaped the Royal Gardens as they ran’’. Dave lied again.

‘’I saw the castle from a distance and figured the garden they were talking about must be there and I also figure this Discord may have answers as to how I became like this… It was some time after this havoc that I ran into Twilight and the others’’. Dave said with confidence and a little uncertainty.

Celestia was quiet for a while which made Dave a little unsettled, before she finally began to speak with a smile on her face.

'' I completely understand and thank you Dave, I have confidence that you are not Discord and do not pose a serious threat to my student or any of my little ponies… however I do wish to speak with my student alone for a moment if that is ok with everypony’’. Celestia said calmly.

‘’Sure’’ everypony said as they began to exit the throne room. ‘’Dave’’ Celestia said immediately.

‘’Yes princess’’ Dave asked nervously. ‘’My student Twilight found this piece of your horn on the ground, I only wish to reattach it for you’’.

Calming down, Dave began to feel his horns before sure enough he felt the one that was damaged.

‘’T..thhthank you’’. He said as he approached Celestia.

Celestia’s horn began to glow as she levitated the piece of horn up to the damaged area and melded it back on. When she was finished Dave bowed before exiting with the others into the hallway.

‘’What is it you wanted to talk to me about princess… huh was he lying because if he was then we will surely turn him back to stone’’. Twilight angrily said.

‘’That won’t be necessary as I do not believe he wishes any harm on you or your friends… however I am going to be leaving the elements with you just encase’’.

‘’You can count on me princess’’. Twilight said with a solute. Celestia smiled at her student, before continuing to speak.

‘’Twilight though I wish for you to be cautious, I do not want you to make Dave feel uncomfortable… You and your friends may still believe he is Discord, but I believe him when he says he isn’t and I want you to try to find some way of changing him back and undoing whatever it is Discord did’’. Celestia said. ‘’I will keep a look out for the real Discord and alert you and your friends if he shows up. .. I also encourage you to help train Dave, as his magic may become useful if we do have to face off against Discord’’.

Twilight thought for a moment before looking up to her mentor with a serious face. ‘’I won’t let you down princess’’ Twilight said before bowing .

Celestia smiled before replying ‘’I know you won’t’’.

‘’Twilight until we can find a way to change him back and send him home, he is going to have to live with one of your friends, who he stays with I will let them decide… And I also want you to help him fit in in Ponyville’’.

Upon hearing this, Twilight gave one final bow before joining her friends.

As they arrived back a Twilights treehouse, Twilight began telling them about what her an Celestia talked about and that he was going to be staying with one of you guy.

‘’WHAT’’ the others yell in unison at that last part you can't be serious they all said.

‘’There is no way I am sharing a house with Dipcord’’. Rainbow said annoyed.

‘’I agree, he would likely mess up my ensemble with that chocolate rain of his’’ Rarity said with a huff.

‘’He made a liar out of me, Discord or not I’m not risking ma family or farm for him’’ AJ said pointing to Dave.

Upon hearing all of this negativity, Dave began to feel depressed as well as hurt that he is being blamed for something he did not do.

‘’I..I understand’’ Dave said sadly with some tears beginning to form. ‘’I will just go find some tree to live in the Everfree’’. Dave began walking toward the forest slowly leaving the other ponies with a hint of guilt with what they just said.

‘’You ponies should be ashamed of yourselves’’. Fluttershy said angrily.

‘’Sure Discord did some awful things to us in the past, but I believe Celestia when she says he is not Discord’’. And with that Fluttershy rushes over to Dave to ask him not to leave.

‘’Please do not leave’’ Fluttershy pleaded. My friends just need some time to get to know you is all.

‘’I don’t think they will ever trust me Fluttershy’’. Dave said between sniffs. ‘’Also I have nowhere to go, I was kicked out of my own home because of how I look’’. Dave said with more tears forming.

Upon hearing this, Fluttershy heart almost shattered. To think that such a horrible fate would come to anyone was just unthinkable.

‘’You can stay with me…I mean if you want to’’Fluttershy immediately said.

‘’Are you sure, I wouldn't want to impose and what would your friends say’’. Dave asked as began to rub his eyes.

‘’Off course I’m sure, and it is no bother’’Fluttershy said happily. ‘’Don’t worry about my friends, I am sure they will lighten up once they get to know the really you.

Dave smiled as he reached over and hugged Fluttershy. This surprised her but she returned the hug and smiled.

‘’Let’s go to my cottage… there I can introduce you to all my animal friends’’. Fluttershy said joyfully.

‘’That sounds nice’’ Dave said as he and Fluttershy head off toward hurt cottage, leaving the others to think about what they said.

End of Chapter Five

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