• Published 28th Jun 2013
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The Return of Chaos - Pentrath

Dave is a normal guy, except for the fact that he's a close brony. But what happens when a plushy he ordered is not what was advertised?

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Chapter Two: Unwanted Attention

The backyard's garden started to glow a brilliant white before Dave appeared drenched in sweat, as he had narrowly escaped death from his father.

"That was close, I could have died!" Dave said in a frazzled tone.

He quickly started to pace around the garden as he quietly thought to himself. He paced for a good hour before finally collapsing on the ground and starting to sob. As his tears hit the ground, he wondered to himself what he did to deserve this and how was he going to fix it.

"What do I do now? My mom and dad hate me and I have nowhere to live." Dave said with hurt in his voice.

After moments of laying on the ground his pain turned into rage as he got up and started to curse the one that did this to him, knowing it had to have been Discord himself that did this despite knowing he should not exist. Dave felt that he needed to find where Discord was as he was the only one that could truly undo this. Suddenly the thought occurred that this must be one of his plans gone wrong, and he would have no problem reversing it. As Dave was thinking this, however, an uneasy realization popped into his head.

"I'm not even sure where he is or if I can even get to him." Upon uttering this, Dave sat down depressed at the thought that he may be stuck like this forever. When all hope he had was gone and he was about to give up, a new thought appeared that lifted his spirits.

"If it's possible that Discord exists, then maybe Equestria exists too!" Dave smiled at this new thought, but how was he going to get there? He barely knew how to use Discord's chaotic magic. However, if he did not try then he would never find Discord.

Closing his eyes, Dave tried to imagine Equestria and Ponyville. After getting the image of Ponyville in his head, he raised his paw and snapped his fingers. Moments later a bright light engulfed the backyard as Dave vanished from view.


It was a bright day in Ponyville as a silver mare was just waking up. She made her way out of bed, then headed to the bathroom to take a bath before breakfast.

"I should have a quick bath before heading over to Sugarcube Corner for breakfast."

Just as she got in the tub, a blinding light engulfed the bathroom. After momentarily shielding her eyes, she removes her hooves from her face only to see a confused draconeques staring back at her.

After a moment of silence, the mare let out a scream of terror at the creature and started to throw whatever she could to make the creature go away.

"Ahhhh! Get out you pervert, get out!" she screamed as Dave fled the mare's bathroom and house with flushed cheeks. He bore a look of embarrassment and confusion as he ran through the back streets.

"That was the single most embarrassing thing I have ever witnessed." Dave said as he stopped to catch his breath.

After getting over the confusion of the event that he witnessed, Dave came to realize exactly where he was. Looking through the colorful streets of Ponyville and seeing the various ponies walk by continuing about their day without a care, Dave could not help but get a little excited to see the town he had only viewed through what little of the show he was able to watch. Looking up he saw several pegasi pushing clouds through the sky and preparing them for the day ahead.

Thinking to himself, Dave thought that maybe he could help them using his/Discord’s magic to help the pegasi. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

As he raised his paw, looking at the clouds he thought of them moving by themselves, then snapped his fingers. Immediately a yellow beam shot out of his claw and hit several of the clouds only to turn them pink and make then move away at incredible speeds, pulling any pegasi holding them. As the pink clouds dashed through the air, they started to produce chocolate rain that trickled down toward Ponyville.

"Oh no, this is not good, this is not what I wanted!" Dave cried trying to stop the out of control clouds. Nothing worked and things only got worse the more Dave used his powers as more chaos started to spread. Not wanting to cause more damage, Dave fled to the Everfree Forest in hopes that no one saw what he did. I'll need to stay low for now, but once I can get moving again, I'll definitely be heading to find Discord. And I have a good idea as to where he might be. Dave thought to thought to himself as he glanced at the far away kingdom resting on the side of a tall mountain.


"Is everything ready for Pinkie's party, Spike? I want it to be perfect so that we can show her how much we appreciate all the parties she throws us." The purple unicorn said to the baby dragon.

"Almost Twilight, the only thing left is to get a cake from Sugarcube Corner!" The baby dragon exclaimed, thinking of the delicious cake that awaited them.

"Good. Then let's hurry so we can gather the others for the party." Twilight said in a cheerful tone.

The two gathered what they need and headed out the door towards Ponyville. Just as Twilight and Spike went to exit, their home started to get rained on, soaking them in brown liquid.

"Hey! I thought it was supposed to be sunny today." Twilight said rather annoyed, as she had not known to bring an umbrella.

"Um, Twilight? Since when is rain brown?" The baby dragon asked confusedly.

"Brown rain?" Twilight held a hoof out and caught some of the rain and tasted it. To Twilight’s horror, the rain tasted like chocolate milk. Her eyes went wide as her pupils dilated.

"Twilight, are you all right? You look like you've seen a ghost." Spike said in a worried tone. The only answer he received was an order from Twilight.

"Spike take a letter. Tell the princess we need the Elements of Harmony," Was all the purple unicorn uttered before dashing off into Ponyville alone.

End Of Chapter Two

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